Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 92

So the beginning of the week was interesting as we decided to skip our zone activity only to go to somebody else’s.  But I guess I’d better start at the beginning.


On Sunday I got a call from the zone leaders, and they informed me about the zone activity.  But the way in which they did so made sure I wasn’t going.  They asked me what I wanted to do on Monday – soccer. Then told me “Awesome -- you can’t because we have a zone activity.” So I exercised my free agency and skipped it.  But since everybody had zone activities, we didn’t have enough to play soccer ourselves so we went to Menendez’s zone activity since friends like him and Elder Alves would be there. Once there, we played some basketball and some capture the flag that got heated as nobody could decide the rules and everybody accused everybody of cheating then some soccer.  Which was fun until a kid kicked the ball into the street and it got run over by a bus, my ball.  So that sucked.  Rest in peace, ball, you were good to me and to the missionaries here. 


Then KFC was supposed to be open, so we all headed out to shopping pinedo to eat.  Well, we get there and in the entrance there is a giant inflatable KFC bucket with chicken pieces and KFC footprints on the floor.  We are ecstatic.  Then we got there, and it was closed.  Apparently it was the opening day, and it wouldn’t open until 7 at night.  Soooo dumb.  Luckily, we found a McDonalds promotion of 2 quarter pounders for the price of one, so we did that. 


At night we had an FHE, which went really well.  We talked about the Holy Ghost.  I liked it. 


I also got razzed by two Hermanas for being a liar about going to lunch as I asked to renew our lunch visits with them.  So no lying, and we are going to go now. Ha ha. 


Then on Tuesday we had a district meeting, which was my first one to be in charge.  It went well.  I brought some breakfast pastry things, then everybody shared the real reason they are on the mission.  It was really cool to hear. 


Then I found out the gayness that is the ovejas list. Basically, I have to report on all the investigators of the district.  Ok, it’s not terrible except they didn’t send me the form so I had to wait hours for it.  It sucked. 


Then off to Nueva Asuncion to show Elder Turley some houses.  It was cool to be back there.


Then our first ward mission meeting in months and finally home. 


Then we went back to the Lugos’ for lunch for the first time in months as well and did a joint lunch with Elders Turley and Garner.  It was cool, especially when Abdon came and we were able to share a lesson with him.


Our house also had a major ant problem this week.  We used up almost our whole bottle of poison trying to keep them out.  But in the end we won.  For now, ha ha. 


Then on Friday we did service for the same Hermana as last time, moving more bricks.  It was still pointless but good to help her out and get my hands dirty.


Then for Halloween we played Monopoly.  Not scary at all, but they don’t really celebrate it down here and our options are definitely limited as missionaries.


Then we did some blessings, which is always a cool experience. 


Then Sunday was the primary program, which was interesting -- definitely not organized like in the States but still a fun meeting.  Then lunch with an Elder that came back to pick up a girl -- always weird when they do that. In my opinion anyway.  And another week bites the dust.  I’m getting close to the end now, and that’s exciting.


Hope you guys all had a good week and take care.


Elder Frost 

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