Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 48

Well, it was quite a week.  And, if I’m going to be completely honest, a very trunky one. Or in non-missionary terms… a week of thinking about home. For that reason it was a great week, but also very hard.

I’ll start with Monday. So on Monday soccer once again fell through, so we just made plans with Elder Anderson again. Of course I’m not going to complain about that. All we really did was go to lunch and then cybered. We ate lunch at a Quiznos, which although not the same as the States, it was really good.  Probably the best thing about it was the lack of oil and fat. I’ve eaten ridiculously unhealthy for the last year, and it was nice to not have to for at least one meal.

Then we went to the cyber to figure out the Skype situation with our families. So I got it all figured out with my family, but my sister was home so I decided to do a practice run with her. Good thing too, as I found out that the computer’s microphone didn’t work so she couldn’t hear me. But like a great sister, she sat there and looked at me for awhile as I tried to fix it. In the end it was unfixable, but Elder Anderson passed me his personal microphone and webcam so I could talk with my sister for a little bit. It was awesome!  We talked about a lot. A lot of pointless stuff but some real stuff too. Probably the most important thing we talked about was her upcoming college decision. It was really cool to be able to talk with her and help her think about things she hadn’t and to understand what she was thinking. On Skype it is way easier than over emails. I feel like I was able to help her a lot, especially considering that I’ve already gone to college for 2 years. So we talked for a bit and then I gave the stuff back to him and headed out with Elder Stopper to an FHE.

Well, a visit we thought we had. We showed up, and they thought it was nice of us and wanted to take a Christmas picture with us. All good, but what was apparently lost in translation was that we wanted to do a visit as well. They had plans, so we did the picture and then headed out.

So the next morning was my actual Skype time with my family and, oh man, was it awesome and well worth the wait and anticipation that I had building up to it. I’ve discussed this a couple times with my dad and maybe in the blog before but I’m still not sure if I’d rather just have a phone call. It is awesome to see everybody’s faces and your house and the snow.  I miss snow -- how weird is that?  Anyway, but it is sooo hard to leave. I am gonna say it is worth the pain though. The Skype calls are by far my favorite days of the year. I took my family for granted a lot before the mission and now that I’m a little wiser I love my family so much more. I can’t wait to be home with them again. Again, we basically talked about nothing and everything. It’s weird how you can’t remember what happened in the call and you always feel like there is something you wanted to say but didn’t but you still feel amazing after.  I hope my family feels the same way; I think they do.

So after that, we went home and showered and took care of some other stuff and then got ready to go to the bishop’s house for a Christmas Eve dinner.

Paraguayan Christmas is different than the States. First of all, Christmas Eve is celebrated far more than actual Christmas day. And the big difference for me was the fireworks.  Everyone has fireworks and sets them off all day and night.  Big ones, small ones, quiet ones, loud ones.  But mostly loud ones.  Like really loud ones!  Also, people shoot guns up in the air.  It’s crazy. I couldn’t imagine being out when the actual partying happens. We were in bed and asleep way before the partying actually started in Paraguay.

Anyway, we went to the bishop’s house for a dinner since they invited us. It was a good meal. Just fun to be with a family around Christmas more than anything. The next day was Christmas. 

Although, to be honest, it didn’t feel like Christmas at all and was probably the worst Christmas I can remember in my life. I just was really homesick and missed my family, and it was really hot and, I don’t know -- it was just rough. I will never have a Christmas without my family again if I can help it. I opened my presents from my grandma and parents, and that was really cool.  I didn’t expect to open anything.  I also got a lot of stuff I really appreciate and am excited about. That part was far more than anything I ever expected in the mission.


After that we went and played soccer with the members in the chapel, and that was a lot of fun.  We had a lot of less-actives there, and we used that to meet a lot of them.  Hopefully that will lay some groundwork for future visits. I also had quite the little sequence of events in one game, as I scored an own goal off my butt only to score the equalizer as the buzzer sounded.  Then I scored in the penalty shootout as the last shooter before my team finally won.  It was crazy!  I was glad I could make up for the own goal though. Ha ha.

After that, we showered and then visited some families. In all honesty, the day wasn’t that bad.  It was just that I couldn’t not think of home. So ya, for that it sucked. The next day we did a Christmas BBQ with some other elders. That was a lot of fun! We borrowed a grill, and my companion grilled some bomb pork and made some Ecuadorian side dishes and we ate and laughed and had a really good day. It’s one of those days that I will never forget from the mission.

The next day we had a homecoming for a guy in our ward -- talk about homesickness. It was good to see that missionaries do eventually come home though. It was also really cool to see and hear his experiences and how people received him. I had to bear my testimony at that, and I basically just told him I’m jealous, but to not forget what he learned on his mission and that if he’s trying to get better every day then he is doing the right thing. That’s something I’ve learned out here is that it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, and that nobody's perfect but if we are trying to get there we are on the right track.

Then we got our changes news, and I’m going to be with Elder Stopper for another 6 weeks. SO for those of you who know about my last change with him and for those of you who don’t, please pray for me.  That was not exactly the news I wanted to get.  But the Lord must have a reason, so I’m gonna do my best and do what I can.

Today is my birthday. SO hopefully y’all remembered and said so. If not, it’s all good.  I accept happy late birthdays as well. Ha ha.  I love you guys and can’t wait to see you.


Take care of yourselves and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Be safe.


Elder Frost


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 47

Elder Stopper & Elder Frost
So not gonna lie, I’m a little distracted this week.  Tomorrow I’m Skyping with my family.  That may… or may not have been on my mind all week. Luckily for me we had a lot of stuff happen this week so it wasn’t too distracting.

It started off with the best p-day I’ve had in months. So we tried to play soccer.  I mean we called everybody to come and play – but it was a no go. So we decided to meet up with Elder Anderson and his companion Elder Bailon and Elder Anderl and Elder Meija (his comp) and go hang out in Luque.  The plan was to go eat, then go to a soccer museum. Well some of that happened… some of it didn’t. First Elder Anderl never made it.  He was really lazy and late so he didn’t show up. Ha ha. Then we find out the soccer museum is closed on Mondays so that fell through too.  But we met up with Anderson and it was way good to hang out with him again - even if we just rode buses, ate went to the cyber, and talked.

So we decided there was nothing in Luque so we jumped on a bus and went to McDonalds.  Not great and not like the states.  But chicken nuggets and a McFlurry always hit the spot! Ha ha. Oh, and I got a free Christmas cup for my purchase.  That was tight.  They say the best things in life are free! Ha ha.

Then we just kinda kicked it before decided to go get pizza for dinner. Not bad for 5 bucks - we got a slice of pizza and for the first time in my mission a refillable drink.  So nice! Then we went our ways.  But all-in-all a good day.  Elder Anderson is my boy, and it was a lot of fun to kick it again.

Then nothing really happened Tuesday, but Wednesday was the Christmas dinner for the ward.

That was definitely an experience.  It is nothing like prepping for something in the states. The bishop basically had to do everything and we helped a little.  We ate sandwiches and drank pop while we waited for the stuff to get there.  Then helped set up tables and chairs and a karaoke activity.   Then we filled some giant barrels with water to cool the pop down and helped the bishop get grills and some other items that he needed.  Then we went home and showered and went back.  It was pretty fun.  There was a little program with some little girls dancing, some Christmas carols sang, and then two skit things - one religious one about Nephi breaking his bow and the other was a funny one.  Then we got to eat.  We ate chicken and some salad and rice and stuff not what we would have in the states, but good.  It was a really cool night as some investigators came and participated in the skits and a lot of menos activos (Less Active) came too!  So that was a good chance to talk with them.

Then Thursday, we planned a service project in the morning to paint our landlords house.  Well, we show up at 8:00 and he’s still asleep.  So we came back at 10:00 and ended up leaving at 8 o’clock that night.  Long story short, we canceled painting outside and only painted one room.  But the real problem was they wanted to paint a white wall over a pink one.  And…they put water in the paint to make more of it. Ya, it didn’t work.  So we spent almost all afternoon doing that.  We did get one wall painted green though, so it wasn’t a complete failure. Also it was funny to hear American music on their radio station.

Then Friday was our Christmas choir thing.  In true Paraguayan fashion, it did start an hour late but besides that, it went really well. They took my music back, so I’m a liar since I told you that I would tell you this week what songs we sang.  I still don’t know what songs I sang but they were Christmasy.  Ha ha.  I hope that’s a good enough answer. It was fun.  But you know I’m not much of a choir guy. This is about all I can write as I gotta go.  But all-in-all it, was a good week and I’m super excited to Skype.


Love you guys and I’ll see you in a year or on Skype tomorrow.

Take care.


Elder Frost


Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 46


So first of all, sorry about the blog last week. It was hot and the cyber sucked so I just kinda didn’t have it in me to write anything.  And even if I did… I couldn’t have, because of the aforementioned fact that the cyber sucked. I thought about getting in my time machine and grabbing my dial up computer from 2nd grade - that woulda been faster.

But luckily for you guys this week was much better.  It started off Tuesday night with a delicious BBQ. We had talked about doing a BBQ with the bishop and his family the week before and made it a time and place that his kids could bring their friends as well and we could teach a little lesson. So Tuesday we made a run to the store and bought some pork. The bishop and his wife provided some sides and a drink. The bishop’s wife did this rub or seasoning with an orange and it was way good. It was a very good night and one investigator did come so we were able to talk with him and hopefully start something there.

Wednesday didn’t feature much of anything exciting as Tuesday, but it still had its moments. Mostly in the morning we helped a less active family out with some service. I got to put to use my ability with a shovel.  A shout out to the Pearson’s for that one.  Although, sadly my muscles have deteriorated so bad that I can no longer rotate it. We had to shovel dirt into a wheelbarrow and put it in their yard as the rain had basically put a pond where their yard used to be. No problem.  Except for its really hot out here and my comp isn’t exactly used to doing physical labor.  So it turned into me doing all the shoveling and him pushing the wheelbarrow. By the end of the day I was dead.  My back hurt and my arms and shoulders hurt as I pushed the wheel barrow at the end as well. All-in-all, a sad day for the state of my body.

The next day we were supposed to do a division, but my comp was sick.  So that got canceled.  I found out later that my companion being “sick” meant - holy crap my body hurts from working yesterday.  But oh well, I’m not gonna lose sleep over canceling a division.  I hate those things.

That next night we had a sick FHE planned again at the bishops house with some of his son’s friends.  It’s pretty cool being able to use members like this.  It is definitely a blessing.  So Elder Stopper had a movie he wanted to show, ironically it turned out to be about an American football coach who was having a really hard time in life but put his trust and faith in the lord and he received blessings. It was a chance for me to teach about American football but also and probably more importantly showed a story of how to put faith in action. So we talked about that with the 2 kids and they both seemed to enjoy it and we planned more visits with them. One of them has expressed interest in being baptized before, so hopefully Elder Stopper and I can push him over the edge.  

But of course any family home evening is not complete without some food so we did another BBQ.  This time, my comp also made something out of lentels - which was surprisingly good and more marinated pork.  I’m gonna get fat eating here.  Luckily, I sweat it all out, as it is way hot here. It was a very good night though and I’m looking at it as a definite positive in the week.  I’m trying to be more positive. Ha ha.

Then Friday night, we had our ward activity night, Since there was no power on Wednesday night. So we played soccer like usual. I played a great first 5 minutes with a goal and an assist. After that I played the worst game I have played in years. I actually walked off the court I was playing so bad. My touch really has gotten terrible. I’m gonna start practicing though.  I love playing! I really have missed it since high school ended. I understand now why professional athletes retire and then un-retire.  Although I will never forgive Michael Jordan for those years as a wizard. Just wrong!

Then we had a good hard work day Saturday.  We took the bishop’s son around with us on visits.  It was really cool to do work with someone prepping for a mission.  It’s something I should have done.  Although to be honest…I wouldn’t have. Ha ha.  

We also ran around Saturday telling people to come to church on Sunday so they could get the details about the ward Christmas dinner this week.  which I am really looking forward to.  I mean its free food!  It should also be a good night as they want to do a karaoke night and a dance as well.  So that should make it better and different than every other Christmas dinner where you eat and then leave.

We also unfortunately had another singing practice Sunday after church.  Apparently it is for this service choir thing.  We are singing this Friday in a plaza in the middle of town.  Yup, sounds like me, right!  Ha ha.  We are singing 4 songs.  I don’t know the names in English, though.  So, I’ll get on that for next week. I’m slowly but surely going to be able to tell you guys what songs we are singing.  Anyway that should be well…exciting isn’t the right word, but neither is fun.  But it’s something.

Also next week is Christmas.  So that’s freaking awesome!  I get to Skype with my family.  And…ya that’s basically all I can think about right now.  Not gonna lie! Ha ha. It’s been a long time since Mother’s day.

I also put up my Christmas decorations and am sending some pictures so hopefully you guys get an idea of what it’s like. Sadly I couldn’t think of a way to email 115 degrees and humid and smelly mission clothes to you guys but you’ll probably thank me for that.  

I just like I want to thank my Grandma and Grandpa Hadley for sending me some Christmas ornaments that smell nice.  Like Elder Anderson said today, I can’t wait to have a women’s touch in my life again and things can look and smell better.  Ha ha.   

Love you guys.  I wish you all luck if your still taking finals.  I am not sure if I’m jealous of you or not.  Also enjoy your Christmas break - if your already done.

Be safe and take care.


Elder Frost


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 45

I don’t know what to write anymore.  To tell the truth, there is always new stuff going on the mission and each week is different, but at the same time pretty much the same. This week fits that category.

We played soccer on Monday, and it was great to play again.  It had been awhile since I’d played in a competitive game. I spent most of the day playing defense on one of Elder Stopper or Elder Herrera -- both who know how to play. I did make some nice runs though.  Anyway, that was the start of the best day of this change so far.

After soccer we went and ate at some buffet style place where they weigh your food and all the elders were talking about how good it was.  Man, they need to go to PJC.  The food is way better out there.  But it was pretty solid.

Then that night we had a Noche de Hogar or Family Home Evening with a less active family and an investigator.  The investigator is a good friend of one of the daughters, maybe a boyfriend, I’m not sure, people have told us different things.  Anyway, the night was set up by Cristian, a recently returned missionary in our ward.  Come to find out he’d met this guy in his mission in Buenos Aires and he was now living in Anahi.  His name is Mario, and he seems pretty legit. It was also really cool to be part of a returned missionary’s FHE.  You could definitely see the mission come through in his lesson.  We watched the restoration video and then talked about it.  Then he opened up time for Mario to ask me and Elder Stopper questions.  It was really well done.

Then, more soccer on Wednesday. The old guys challenged the younger guys and the elders to soccer at ward night.  The young guys came out on top, and I did score 2 goals to help the team out. Ha ha.

Also we are planning a sick Christmas activity with the ward for the 18th. It sounds like we are going to do a dinner and celebrate Christmas a little and then have singing and dancing and like a party. It should be pretty legit and is a great chance to invite investigators and less-actives to a less scary environment than a 3-hour session of church on Sunday.

Also, as a mission we are doing acts of service for Christmas. So our zone has decided that we will be singing Christmas hymns. Ya, you guys can judge whether having to listen to me sing is an act of service or not. Ha ha. So we are singing a couple hymns -- I don’t remember which ones to be honest, but I will update you guys on that next week. 

It’s beginning to look and feel like Christmas around here.  Well, if any place that is over 100 degrees and humid can look like Christmas. Ha ha.  People are starting to put up lights and there are even fake trees being sold. I got my Christmas packages from my family last week with stuff to put up in the house.  Next week I should have pictures of what a Christmas in the mission in Paraguay looks like.

We also had a conference this week with Elder Zaballos of the Seventy.  That was pretty cool. I really liked the parts about repentance and the atonement, as that is a huge part of life and something that everyone needs to appreciate and use, as without that there is no hope for salvation for me or you or anybody. It was really cool to hear him speak.  But maybe not as cool as it was for me to hang out and talk with Elder Anderson and Elder Anderl again.  Good times. I’m gonna miss those 2 for sure when they leave in January.

Well, like I said, I don’t know what to say, and I’m about sick of this cyber café -- I’m about to start throwing stuff.  It is beyond slow and is really frustrating.

I love you guys and hope all is well. I’ll write more next week.

See ya next week,


Elder Frost

Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 44 (Thanksgiving)

So nothing really happened this week. In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m just gonna to make an email of the things I’m thankful for…mixed with an Oscar acceptance speech. Ha ha. I love doing this every year with my family, and I figured just because I’m in Paraguay doesn’t mean I can’t do it still I’m gonna start with some missionary related ones and then some spiritual stuff and then whatever else comes to mind. Ha ha.   So, here we go.

I’m thankful for the church giving me window and aisle seats on my flight to Argentina. Nothing is worse than being stuck in the middle on a long flight.

I want to thank the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport for having free iPads for making a layover more enjoyable and the ATL airport for giving me a good last meal in Panda Express.

I want to thank the airline for providing free movies, especially for having Pitch Perfect - which introduced me to Anna Kendrick and is a great movie. Ha ha.

I’m thankful for the random old lady who helped me through customs.

I’m thankful for the senior couple missionaries who found me in the Buenos Aires airport and stopped me on my path to buy a ticket back to the States.

I’m thankful for Elder Diotaiuti, my MTC comp. He helped me level out and accept I was in this thing for the long haul.  He was there to stop me when I tried to fight…well just about everybody in the MTC. Also we had fun. Good times. Thank you, man!

I also wanna thank President Openshaw for understanding and being compassionate in a time when he didn’t have to be.

I wanna thank the majority of the Latins in my MTC travelling group for helping me, somehow, someway, get on the plane to Paraguay and not be lost  - cuz I was completely over my head.

I wanna again thank the church for a plane ticket as I rode first class.

I also wanna thank everybody in first class for not freaking out when me and the other missionaries started a party and sang and danced to flo rida.

Next up is Elder Anderson. I could write a whole blog just about him and how much he’s done for me. He was how a trainer should be. Taught me how to work and be a good missionary, but keeping things light and fun as well. He singlehandedly kept me in the mission countless times.  And he gave me proof that if he can make it, I can make it. I wanna thank him for all the good times we had in PJC and for being my best friend and brother out here. Best times of my mission and maybe my life were with that kid.  Thanks, man. I owe you one.

PJC. What to say about PJC... thanks PJC for everything.  I lived there longer than I have lived in the house I’m going home to. It has been a huge part of my life physically and spiritually. I wanna thank PJC for not killing me, for mohawks and for chains and for belt buckles. For a sick 4th of  July, Brazilian BBQ and gelato. For boxing and for a house that only kind of sucked. Ok it sucked, but I’m trying to be positive. Ha ha.

I wanna thank a lot of people in that city but especially Hermana Selva for saving my life and always being there for me.  The Familia Arguello for all the good times we’ve had and showing me some results of my work.  The Familia Bogado for a lot of food and chipa and good times as well.  And Mercedes Duarte for fun nights of eating, having fun, and learning about the gospel, and for not laughing uncontrollably so many times.

I wanna thank the mission in general for the things I’ve learned and the ways I’ve changed.  For making me a better person. For teaching me patience and what I want out of life, and what truly is important in life. 

The importance of the church and of family things I didn’t appreciate before.

For learning if you’re not going forward, you’re going backward.  And to not do that.

For teaching me about my past and how seriously mixed up I was for awhile.

For teaching me a joy of learning about the gospel and the scriptures.

For giving me a testimony of more than I almost died but didn’t.

For helping me realize I still need to change and get better.

For teaching me I don’t really wanna be a doctor, and for helping me find a new career.

I’m thankful for letters. Every trip to the office is exciting because of them.

For packages - even more exciting for those.

For the people back home who send those to me and truly care, and for the people who have made it this far in my blog and for even reading my blog in the first place. Ha ha.

I’m thankful for military issue boots that keep my feet dry.

For ac.

For in more or less 1 year I will be home and seeing you guys face to face.

For how time has flown on the mission.

I wanna thank Jesus. He saved my life. He died for me that I may live. Nothing we can say or do is enough thanks for what he truly did.  

I wanna thank my heavenly father for the plan that I can actually live with him again one day with my family forever.

For inventing a way that I can still do that despite my faults and my errors.

For the atonement that washes those away and for being infinite -- I need it.

I’m thankful for 2nd chances and 3rd and 4th and, well, I’m probably in the hundreds by now and will need thousands more.

I’m thankful for my life.  I don’t believe in mistakes.  If my life didn’t go the way it did, I wouldn’t be here right now.

I’m thankful for my family for never giving up on me.  Even when I was a jerk.

For my dad  - hockey, hunting, fishing and waiting in line for a Pokemon movie. For my mom - countless hours helping me on papers and making me take pride in my work and strive to be a better person and for making me send in my mission papers again, cuz I wasn’t going to.  For my sister who has taken way more abuse from me than she should have but keeps loving me anyway. Love ya, sis! She’s amazing -- any person who tries for years to give me a style sense deserves the best in the world – that’s you. Find it. I’m thankful for their support. Without it I coulda turned all Darth Vader and stuff.

And on that note I’m thankful for Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, and the Mighty Ducks for helping make my childhood freaking awesome! Never forget those days.

For best friends and for friends you will never forget.

For teaching me how fast a baseball pitch actually is and waterballooning couples on Valentine’s Day. For LOTS of hours of FIFA and Entourage Freshman year and being awesome.

For starting a friendship with a late night punch to the face.

For an unforgettable Cali trip and watching you freak out about your car.  The cammit. Ha ha.

For black Friday shopping in high school.

For pool parties and park football.

For letting me live in your house a couple summers and getting ID’d 3 times for the same movie I went to and never got carded. Ha ha. Baby face.

For being a part of the biggest choke ever in baseball video game history and ruining my no hitter and beating me and your obsession with Utah State.

For Blastoise and not buying a monkey for our apartment.

For including me and making me a part of the baseball team even though I’m terrible.

For making me workout and push myself.

For the HOWL and trying to find "Leonardo". Ha ha

For Nelly for teaching me I need 2 pairs and to never step on a Mans Js. For Taylor Swift for teaching me what the mind of a 15-year-old girl is like over and over and over again. For R Kelly for having a sick voice and creating the best mood music ever. For Rihanna for well being Rihanna.  For Kid Cudi for  showing me the pursuit of happiness. For Sammy Adams for teaching me what college is all about. For 50 Cent teaching me that nothing should keep you down or from your dreams. Dude’s bulletproof!

For America and everything I took for granted before, like cars and dogs.

I’m thankful for food. For the 5 dollar footlong, hot and readys, chronic burgers, beefy 5 layers, frosties, pandas orange chicken, memphis bbq burger, dinner boxes, IHOP, free grand slams, chipotle burgers, frostys, pbj and mac and cheese and all other foods of my childhood, for Cinnabon and the girls you take there.

I’m thankful for girls. For the girl who gave me the best date of my life and made me buy Cinnabon to make it count. For the girl who ate lunch with me all the time in college. Miss those.

For tennis in Fairfield.

For going to the wrong theater in a blizzard.

For ice cream runs all day everyday.

For being a part of the PBJ challenge and taking care of me when I almost died and made me go ice skating anyway.

For making out in a freezer at the fair.

For making work a fun place and for making the best gelato.

For being my Skype buddy and inviting me to Florida.

For comps’ gorgeous sisters who keep me company when all I have is a Latin to talk to all day everyday.

For the older lady who stopped me from walking off a soccer field when I told her she couldn’t coach.

For putting confetti in my car that is probably still in there somewhere.

To my future GF for putting up with me. Ya, I’m thankful for that in advance - I know I’m hard to love. Ha ha

For soccer for teaching me about teamwork, never giving up, and how to win and lose . Ok I still hate losing.

For hockey for being the best sport ever to watch live!

For my athlete idols who helped shape me. For T.O. and Chad Johnson for teaching me how to celebrate. For Jamarcus Russell for providing the greatest Madden play ever and teaching me how to not waste potential. For Steve Yzerman for being classy til the end, and how to be loyal and a leader. For Sean Avery for teaching me how to run my mouth and Darren McCarty for how to back up my mouth and how you can’t run from a cheap shot. For Allen Iverson for teaching me about practice and how no all star players come off the bench. For Kobe for showing heart and how to play through injuries; for 81, and teaching me how to not give a crap what people say or think about you. For Nate Robinson for flying and proving even little guys can ball. For Reggie Bush and the most electrifying college football season I’ve seen. For Pat Tillman for teaching me that some things are bigger than sports. For Manny Ramirez for being Manny and teaching me to swing at everything. For rally monkeys and the beauty of sports. For Beckham teaching me how to market and become an icon. For coach Josh for teaching me it’s ok to get a yellow -- keep playing your game. For Pete Carroll for teaching me how to win forever. For Ernie Randolfi for taking a bunch of boys and making them a team and teaching us more life lessons than sports and for being one of the best men I have ever known. The world misses you, Ernie.

And for Ari Gold and Jerry Maguire for teaching me about my new career. And how to be successful.

I’m thankful for fantasy football and the ability to win even from 10,000 miles away.

For California and my memories there.

For Disney for being awesome.

For the military who do their jobs without thanks and without them I couldn’t have this list.

For chick flicks. It’s more gay to not watch them. Trust me on this one. For movies and everything they have taught me.

For Entourage and how life should be with your friends.

For you guys for making it through this email and all the support you’ve given me throughout this process. I owe you guys the world. Believe it or not, you saved my life.

I’m thankful for the blessings in my life -- a list too long to write down here.  But for being me -- smart, funny, attractive, the whole package -- I’m even humble. Ha ha.  Again for my family and their role in making me this awesome person here before you.

But most of all I’m thankful for being alive. I’ve had one heck of a life up to this point and hope it continues for many more years, but life is short and one thing I’ve learned is it’s not fair, and we never know when we will be called away.

Love and live your lives. Be thankful for all that you have. I love and miss you guys. Take care.


Elder Frost


Monday, November 25, 2013

Latest photos

On a "bridge" in Anahi

Anthony's new house in Anahi, Capiata, Paraguay
Anthony's new room in Anahi - yea...he needs to clean it!

A going away present - a Paraguay hat
The boyz at Burger King

Saying goodbye to the Selva family

Saying goodbye and getting a crocodile chipa

Saying goodbye to the Arguellos

Week 43

So like I said last week, I finally got changes. That change has been to Anahi 1st Ward . It’s part of Capiata district or kind of close to Asuncion, the capital, and the Argentine border.  I basically traded one border for another.

And my new comp is Elder Stopper from Ecuador. He just finished his training from Elder Fernandez. Elder Fernandez was one of my best friends from the MTC, so that should be pretty cool.

We got the news of the change last Monday as we were waiting for some people to show up for our soccer game. Not gonna lie, my emotions were pretty all over the place. I basically knew I was leaving Pedro Juan - one way or another.  Either the pres was going to move me or I would go completely off the reservation and move into Brazil, buy a house and a car, and get a job at a BBQ place -  since I was never going to leave.  

Also, there were a lot of rumors going around that I was going into the office to become the new Financiero or Financial Clerk.  And…it’s not really a secret that going into the office was something I wanted to do.  So I was secretly pretty jacked for changes.  Well, I didn’t go into the office as you now know.  So I was pretty bummed about that and some other stuff made me pretty upset actually. 

Anyway, we played soccer; it sucked.  Then I made one last run to the shopping China Food court. I got a bomb chicken parmesan, a strawberry banana juice, and one last thing of gelato.  I’m seriously addicted to that stuff. Then off to the cyber café.

On our way there we stopped to buy something to drink as it is really hot here. Well surprise, surprise, this place had Pepsi. I hadn’t seen or drank one since I left the States, so naturally I bought 2 and drank them both.  It was so worth it.  My Grandma Frost would be proud! That basically wrapped up my p-day.  We bought some burgers as part of the tradition of leaving Pedro Juan and then home and I packed.

It’s weird how nothing fits in my bags anymore.  Ok, not weird - 2 hammocks take up a lot of space.  It just made packing more of a hassle than I wanted. 

Anyway, the next day was weird as I was saying goodbyes. I hate goodbyes.  And they never seem real until after the fact.  I just hate them.  Anyway, I started the day off strong with the Familia Arguello.  Digna lost it.  She even bought me a tie. Ha ha.  It’s weird saying goodbye to people that have had such a big impact on your life and you’ve had on theirs.  After them, we went into town for lunch, which was awesome!  She made milanesa and her patented sauce, which I decided to go for broke and ask for the recipes.  Got them.  Heck ya!

Then it was off to the terminal to buy tickets.  It still didn’t feel real.  Then I tried to buy some stuff for Elder Anderl, but that fell through.  So then it was back to goodbyes.  Next up was Selva, and yes she did cry.  She also talked about all we’ve been through together and a lot about the day I almost died in the hospital.  Apparently it was worse than I thought. I guess my lips turned blue and I started convulsing.  The doctor told her she couldn’t leave the room and had to change my towels every so often or I would die more or less. Ha ha.  She said she was scared I’d get sick again and die.  Well, isn’t that lovely.  I’m like one of those athletes with an injury risk tag, except mine says sick and die. Ha ha.  Anyway, she cried and I gave her a tie and some pics she wanted.  And then we went our way.  I visited a lot of people. Unfortunately a lot of people weren’t home, so I missed a lot too.  I did have dinner with Blandina, which was pretty good.  I gave Lucia crap about not getting me my Paraguayan flag which I ordered like 2 months ago.  But they gave me some cool gifts and then off I went again.  Then we ran to Hermana Benitez’s house and said bye there before running back to the house, loading up Hermano Miguel’s van and going to the terminal. 

It was just me and Elder Worsham going on the bus as Elder Menchaca and Elder Wall are staying together in PJC.  We loaded up our stuff, and I fell asleep.  It still did not feel like I was leaving forever.  It finally felt real when I dropped my bags off outside the office and everyone else started showing up.  I waited a long time as my companion was one of the last ones to show up, and then we had to wait for the other elders in Anahi to get out of their training meeting to show them their house. 

So I had a good chance to get to know my new comp.  He’s pretty legit.  His name is Elder Stopper from Ecuador, and he played on Ecaudor’s U20 National Soccer team as a goalie.  He’s super funny, and we get along great.  So it’s gonna be a fun 6 weeks, if not more, together. We hung out for awhile in the office.  I got my copy of Miracle of Forgiveness from President McMullin.  And then off we went.

There were way too many suitcases and 4 elders in one car.  Finally we got there, and first thing I noticed about my new house is that it has AC.  Second, I have a place for my hammock.  It’s gonna be a good time.  Also, I received a package while in the office.  And like I promised, any time I get mail or a package, I’ll give you a shout out.  So thanks Brontay and Hilary for the package.  You guys are amazing!  I owe you one.  The Halloween candy was amazing!  It was the highlight of the month.  

So far, after only a couple days here, I love Anahi.  It might just be a high from being something different, but the people are awesome here.  They all want to help us, and the ward is great.  And yes, it is a ward and works like one which is so nice after basically doing everything myself in Pedro Juan Caballero.  I’m really excited about the area, and I know I have to work hard as there are no investigators right now.  But I’ll make it happen, cap’n. I’m sure I’ll have more to tell about Anahi next week.  But for right now, I love it.

And one last thing, if you all could pray for a couple of people that I am close to that would be awesome. First is my Grandma Hadley.  She has breast cancer.  The second one is Brontay Dickson - one of my best friends from college.  Unfortunately, her life is in complete meltdown right now.  Her boyfriend was in an accident and has since lost his leg.  AND, she was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and had to go to the E.R.. I love both of these people a lot, so all the prayers you guys can give would be great. Get better you two!

Take care of yourselves. 

Love you all,

Elder Frost


Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 42

So I promised to talk about Elder Christofferson, so that’s what you guys will get… eventually.

So anyway, we got to Asuncion early Monday morning.  Basically we were completely out of it as it’s dang near impossible to sleep on those big buses. So I decide, heck with getting on a street bus, crazy packed and really un-fun, so we grab a taxi.  No big deal right... well he took us on the longest way possible and then tried to drop us off at the Catholic church.  Yay nice try buddy.  Finally we get there but it’s a little - ok a lot - more than we were expecting.  Luckily we had suitcases and therefore could get it reimbursed.  So that was nice.

Then as always we had to wait outside the office as it was locked.  So we talked and tried to kill time. Eventually we went to a gas station and got breakfast.  Nothing like a hot dog out of a gas station for breakfast.  I did buy a Paraguayan brand sports drink, and it was surprisingly delicious.  Who knew?  After that, back to the office for more waiting for the office elders to arrive.  

As we were doing so, the President decided it was a good time to lecture us all on using our time better. Talk to me when you were on a bus for 7 hours, didn’t sleep, and it’s P-day. Ok, I’m a little grouchy in the mornings, haha.  But he had a good point. So we went and studied for awhile, then the office elders came and we took care of business. Then it was off to the city of Capiata to see some families of Elder Menchaca’s.

Well Capiata is like an hour away on a bus, so no big deal.  Except for when you take the wrong bus... Elder Menchaca didn’t remember the buses to take, so we bus hopped for a while.  But we finally made it.  He had some really cool families and converts in that area.  Every visit we did was awesome.  It was even cooler to see him in and around his old area and how he changed.  He got super happy and you could see and feel the love between him and his old families.  Pretty cool.  He showed me around; we visited people.  Then it was back on a bus to Asuncion. 

Once there, we grabbed some dinner at Burger King.  Chicken nuggets have never tasted so good.  And then it was off to the Hermana Fuller’s house to sleep. So ya, 20 dudes in one house is always gonna be rough. Luckily I took my bed last, so I got a room to myself even if I slept in the kitchen.  The bad news was I got kicked and stepped on anytime anybody went to the bathroom for the night. Oh well.  Finally I woke up and successfully dodged morning yoga, again a bunch of dudes in their underwear stretching, not for me. Haha. We got ready and then back to the office for studies and such.  Eventually we got free and went to lunch.  We went to Burger King again. Gotta get it when you can.  And who should happen to be there... well  Elder Anderson and Anderl and their comps.  What a kawinkydink. ;)  So that was legit, seeing everybody by chance like that.  We had a good time there.

Then we walked across the street to the temple and the conference. We had to sit in our chairs forever, but it finally began.  Then we all got up and were able to shake his hand, and he read our nametags.  It was pretty cool.  Then the actual conference began.  There were some really good talks and then Elder Christofferson.  That is one funny man.  He made lots of jokes and shared a good message while also opening up for questions and telling us about blessings we will receive for being here. Always good to get that locked down as I figure the word of an apostle has to mean something. Haha.  After that, we had some lunch, but it was not good. Then it was off to the office for practices before going to the bus terminal.  We had a really funny practice as Elder Valladares came in and pretended to be Elder Wall’s wife.  Hahaha.

 Ok, so after that we took a bus to the terminal and then a bus back out to my home in PJC. 

So Wednesday night, there was a baptism for a grandson in the ward.  So naturally, we had to set it all up.  And of course in keeping with my lousy tradition… out goes the water.   It is always something bad on a baptism night.   But they made snacks, and they were heavenly.

Thursday I did a division with Elder Worsham.  During the division, we looked for menos active (less active) people.   Well the records are bad, or really old, since we didn’t find a single one.   Basically we knocked on doors all day looking for people who don’t exist.  We did visit some insane old ladies.  Like literally insane.

Then Friday there was nothing big to report , except we made pizzas for a fundraiser, as well as for my stomach, with the Hermana Benitez.  It was soooo good!

Then nothing exciting until Sunday night when we got hassled by some drunks.  We were just sitting outside Hermana Blandina’s house chatting after a visit when some drunks came.  No problem.  Talked about the church for awhile, and then they left.  As we got up to leave, they came back with an old lady who started going off about us being in Paraguay to trick people into giving us money and that we are possessed by devils.  Ya…they were pretty hammered.  So we explained.  Then she got angry and next thing we know the dudes start throwing punches.  Luckily Hermana Blandina stepped in and broke it up.  Then she took us back inside to her house.  It turns out the lady was her sister and is just a mean lady.  So that was exciting.

Finally I got changes news today.  I am finally leaving Pedro Juan Caballero.  It feels weird.  I’ve lived in this house, in this city longer than I have lived in the house in Fairfield I will go home to.  It still hasn’t quite hit me.  I’ll never walk these streets or see these people again.  It’s gonna be strange. I’ll give you guys a full rundown on my new comp and area next week.  But for right now, I’m going to Anahi which is a part of the city of Capiata.  Capiata is pretty close to Asuncion.  So ya, there ya go.  I gotta go pack and start getting ready to say goodbye to people tomorrow.  So weird.  Well that’s my life -- take it or leave it. Take care of yourselves.

Love you all and miss you.  Email me.


Elder Frost

Note:  Anthony's new program is in the City of CapiatáCapiatá is a city in Central Department, Paraguay. It is the only city in Central that borders seven cities: Aregua, Itaugua, Juan Augusto Saldívar, Luque, Ñemby, San Lorenzo and Ypane.

It is about an hour southeast of Asuncion.  It is also located near the border with Argentina (the Rio Paraguay separates the 2 countries).

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