Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 47

Elder Stopper & Elder Frost
So not gonna lie, I’m a little distracted this week.  Tomorrow I’m Skyping with my family.  That may… or may not have been on my mind all week. Luckily for me we had a lot of stuff happen this week so it wasn’t too distracting.

It started off with the best p-day I’ve had in months. So we tried to play soccer.  I mean we called everybody to come and play – but it was a no go. So we decided to meet up with Elder Anderson and his companion Elder Bailon and Elder Anderl and Elder Meija (his comp) and go hang out in Luque.  The plan was to go eat, then go to a soccer museum. Well some of that happened… some of it didn’t. First Elder Anderl never made it.  He was really lazy and late so he didn’t show up. Ha ha. Then we find out the soccer museum is closed on Mondays so that fell through too.  But we met up with Anderson and it was way good to hang out with him again - even if we just rode buses, ate went to the cyber, and talked.

So we decided there was nothing in Luque so we jumped on a bus and went to McDonalds.  Not great and not like the states.  But chicken nuggets and a McFlurry always hit the spot! Ha ha. Oh, and I got a free Christmas cup for my purchase.  That was tight.  They say the best things in life are free! Ha ha.

Then we just kinda kicked it before decided to go get pizza for dinner. Not bad for 5 bucks - we got a slice of pizza and for the first time in my mission a refillable drink.  So nice! Then we went our ways.  But all-in-all a good day.  Elder Anderson is my boy, and it was a lot of fun to kick it again.

Then nothing really happened Tuesday, but Wednesday was the Christmas dinner for the ward.

That was definitely an experience.  It is nothing like prepping for something in the states. The bishop basically had to do everything and we helped a little.  We ate sandwiches and drank pop while we waited for the stuff to get there.  Then helped set up tables and chairs and a karaoke activity.   Then we filled some giant barrels with water to cool the pop down and helped the bishop get grills and some other items that he needed.  Then we went home and showered and went back.  It was pretty fun.  There was a little program with some little girls dancing, some Christmas carols sang, and then two skit things - one religious one about Nephi breaking his bow and the other was a funny one.  Then we got to eat.  We ate chicken and some salad and rice and stuff not what we would have in the states, but good.  It was a really cool night as some investigators came and participated in the skits and a lot of menos activos (Less Active) came too!  So that was a good chance to talk with them.

Then Thursday, we planned a service project in the morning to paint our landlords house.  Well, we show up at 8:00 and he’s still asleep.  So we came back at 10:00 and ended up leaving at 8 o’clock that night.  Long story short, we canceled painting outside and only painted one room.  But the real problem was they wanted to paint a white wall over a pink one.  And…they put water in the paint to make more of it. Ya, it didn’t work.  So we spent almost all afternoon doing that.  We did get one wall painted green though, so it wasn’t a complete failure. Also it was funny to hear American music on their radio station.

Then Friday was our Christmas choir thing.  In true Paraguayan fashion, it did start an hour late but besides that, it went really well. They took my music back, so I’m a liar since I told you that I would tell you this week what songs we sang.  I still don’t know what songs I sang but they were Christmasy.  Ha ha.  I hope that’s a good enough answer. It was fun.  But you know I’m not much of a choir guy. This is about all I can write as I gotta go.  But all-in-all it, was a good week and I’m super excited to Skype.


Love you guys and I’ll see you in a year or on Skype tomorrow.

Take care.


Elder Frost


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  1. Hey so my name is Jon Turley and I am going to be heading to the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission in about 6 days and I just wanna say thank you for blogging about your mission. It has really got me excited to come join you in the field, hopefully I will get to meet you cause you have been an inspiration to me over the past little while. Thank you again

    Elder Turley