Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 78

So, sorry about that foot scare last week.  It turns out the foot took a turn for the better in the middle of the week and I didn’t go get x-rays.  I didn’t go to the doctor mainly cuz I don’t wanna wear one of those stupid walking boots.  But also cuz it did stop hurting.  It still hurts in certain circumstances, but I’m pretty sure it was just a deep bone bruise and never broken.


This week wasn’t too exciting.  Still, anything was better than the sitting in the house of last week.  After stupidly playing soccer last Monday and probably slowing down my rehab, we got back on track doing visits during the week.  Those are all pretty normal at this point for me and I’m sure for you too.  So I’m going to only highlight the interesting points of the week. 


The first one came on Thursday.  After weeks of trying, we finally did a division with our zone leaders.  For one reason or another, this division just hasn’t happened.  But Elder Neifert, our zone leader, is going home on Wednesday and wanted to say some goodbyes so we did it.  He came to my area with me and we basically just said goodbyes to some people.  We saw the Hermana Adriana, the nices,t most humblest person I know.  And even though she’s dead broke, she made us some “arroz con leche” which was really good.


Then we went to Melissa’s house to help her with her English homework and for him to say goodbye.  It turned into us basically doing her homework for her, but I’m sure it helped in one way or another.  It was interesting though since we translated the homework into Spanish for her.   Elder Neifert and I read the same thing in English and translated it differently in Spanish.  I don’t know how anybody ever comes to a conclusion on this stuff. 


Then one of the funnier moments of my mission happened during the closing prayer.  As Elder Neifert was giving the prayer, one of the family members newborn baby burps, causing a little laughter.  The next thing we know, the baby throws up all over and you can just hear it hit the cement floors.  Then the laughs just start flowing.  But we are supposed to be doing a prayer, so we all manage to stifle them until Neifert finishes and then we all let them loose all over again.


Then we ended the night saying goodbye to the Lopez family, and then teaching Shirley and Rodrigo a little about celestial marriage. I can’t be happier for them.  When I got here, they were inactive.  And now they are preparing to go through the temple in October or November.  I really hope I get to go.  It would be legit.


After the division, nothing noteworthy happened until Saturday when we ended up doing service for basically the whole day.  So that house we were working on months ago.., we finally finished it.  But, not without some work.  It started in the morning when we thought we missed the dump track, but we didn’t.  So then wegot on and rode in the back of a dump trunk, over the bumpy roads.  Elder Cantero got drilled with a branch.  It was funny.  I also ripped my pants as I climbed up the side of the truck.  So, either my pants are soo old it was easy or  I’m that un-flexible these days.  Probably a combo of both.  So we had to knock down the old roof and dig a bunch of trenches so the water has a place to go and won’t pool up and enter her house.  Well I did none of that. I got stuck shoveling dirt the whole day.  I didn’t mind it, but my back kills – still!   Spencer and Bill are gonna have no use for me if I can’t get my shoveling skills back up to par.  It is so sad what the mission does to your body. 



It was a fun time and the house looks so much better now.   And, it is always nice to get your hands dirty in the mission.


Then on Sunday, we had the pizza disaster, slash miracle, slash invention.  So we decided we wanted to make pizza.  I had a pizza recipe I got from an Hermana in PJC.  I had cheese to put in the crust, salami and cheese on top and I made a homemade pizza sauce.  There was only one problem.  The dough was just not becoming un-sticky.  I used up all of our flour and it still wasn’t enough.  And it was Sunday, so no buying more.  So we resorted to our last option.  We used our premeasured and mixed…waffle mix.  So it had flour baking soda sugar and well everything you need to make waffles.  In the end, we had a usable dough.  We made our pizzas and then realized we had no way of cooking them.  So we oiled them up and put them on a frying pan. so we made waffle pizza on a frying pan and then microwaved them to melt the cheese. Only in the mission In Paraguay.   But it was very good. 




We also blew up a glass bottle of pop since we forgot to remove it from the freezer the night before.  Yup… good times.


 We got changes today and I am staying with Elder McClelland in a revised area.  They took out 2 of the missionaries in this area.  We gave up Nueva Asuncion, but gained the whole area that the missionaries vacated.  It’s gonna be huge, and a lot of work, and it means we have to move houses.  So that’s a pain.  But I’m super excited to still be here with Elder McClelland.  It’s gonna be a blast!


Love you guys and take care.


Elder Frost