Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 76

We had a pretty enjoyable week this week.  Although  I’m still battling this sickness and I hurt my foot today playing soccer, it was a good week.


Started off good last Monday as I said I bought new shoes.  And at the risk of sounding incredibly girly, I do love buying new shoes.  Then we played soccer, which was fun, as it’s been awhile. But I am fat and out of shape and my lungs wanted to die.  My new shoes also gave me a blister that was very annoying during the week.

Then on Tuesday we didn’t have district meeting, since we had a zone meeting on Wednesday.  I know you are all probably tired of hearing about them, cuz I know I’m tired of going to them.  This one wasn’t the worst I have had, but it still was a waste of a good part of my life. We talked about goals and attendance and looked at statistics and our president got mad at us for not planning perfectly in our planners.  So, all-in-all, it was rather pointless.  I don’t know anybody that left feeling as if they learned something. It was an interesting one for me though, as I spoke and offered advice.  Some people asked me questions for really the first time.  Normally my - don’t bother me I’m tired and don’t want to be here scowl - is enough to keep people away.  But recently I’m becoming one of the senior citizens of the mission and I have had a decent amount of success in the mission so people now want to hear what I have to say. Apparently, I have a reputation as a great missionary going around. Who knew?  It’s definitely been a change for me and I try to lead through example and share my wisdom when I can.


Then we had some choir madness this week as well. We were trying to put a choir together for this past Sunday since it was the first Sunday of the branch and ward being combined.  So we wanted to make a good impression. Well Wednesday, it rained so it got canceled and the aforementioned rain made me even sicker and my cough even worse, so it’s a good thing we didn’t have to sing til Sunday.


Then on Friday we went to the Arguellos to make donuts with Elder Jimenez as a goodbye for him.  Well we got there on time, but  Elder Jimenez didn’t.  So after waiting around for 30 minutes, we find out these donuts aren’t going to be done for like 3 hours, due to their need to sit and rise.  Sooo… we left.  Which ended up being a good thing, as we had a really good visit with one of our investigator families.  We felt we had a breakthrough, but they still didn’t come to church.  So we will try again this week.


Then Saturday, we had choir practice.  The missionaries were the only guys there.  I still wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t sing all out, pedal-to-the-metal, but I was singing loud and better than the girls.  Until one girl got up in my face and asked me to help them out by actually singing.  I’m a lot more patient than before, but that still set me off.  So we finished choir, but I was kind of in a mood.  Which apparently turned scandalous, since I left without saying goodbye.  But I had good reason to. 


After the choir, we were supposed to do this big family home evening with Valdeer, his family, our two investigators and Elder Gunther, since he knows them.  Well nobody was answering me.  No big deal.  Until one time when the phone gets picked up.  It sounded like it was picked up by accident, because all I hear is “you’re so bad”, and it sounds like a fight. OK, fights happen.   Except this is a family  is where I’ve acted like a marriage counselor several times.  Just recently the husband moved back in.  So in a tizzy, we took off to find out if the FHE was gonna happen and what the issue was. It turns out her phone was busted and he was still at work.  But the one investigator couldn’t come so Elder Gunther stayed in his area.  We taught the other investigator without problems and had a good lesson.  He committed to come to church, and said he wants to listen to us.  Good signs.  The bad thing is, he was going to get a ride with Valdeer and his wife, except they didn’t come to church either.  So that was a downer.


Also on Sunday, to finish out the choir drama, we were like a minute late and the choir was singing the prelude.  So we didn’t go up.  Then the choir got axed from the program altogether - so it was just a mess.  Also a mess happened after Sacrament.  Since this was the first Sunday where the ward and branch were combined, nobody discussed when and where the other classes would happen.  Well nobody planned it.  So we scrambled, but in the end, we had all 3 classes and nobody got hurt. 


Then a funny thing happened on our walk to lunch.  My comp Elder McClelland had some things we needed for brownies in his bag, since after lunch we were making brownies with a family.  One of the ingredients is oil. Yep, the oil bottle opened up and drenched his pants in oil.  Poor kid.  But I laughed.  He borrowed some pants from Brother Arguello, we ate lunch, and then off again for the visit and the brownies.  That got pushed about 2 hours since the world cup final started and she’s Argentine, so there was no way she was missing any of the game. You shoulda seen her face and reaction when Germany scored.  It was awesome.


Then another visit and we ate brownies. It was a good day.  Congrats to Germany.


I love you guys and take care.  We will talk more next week.


Elder Frost


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