Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 74

It’s officially winter.  I think I’ve said that a couple times here on the blog, but then a new week comes and I remember how much rainier and colder it gets.  This week was one of those weeks.


Monday was an interesting pday for once as even after 2 changes here I still don’t really know Luque and Elder McClelland wanted to get to know it.  So we spent almost the entire day walking around Luque and seeing what there is … and isn’t.  It’s a cool city, but not much to do or too many great shops. So we will see what souvenirs  I take home from here. 


Then at night, we had a Noche de Hogar with the Familia Acosta.   It turned out to be one of the most awkward visits  I’ve been apart of.  It’s the first one that the family has been in charge of the lesson and the Hermana decided to just go off on her husband and family literally ripping into them the entire lesson and used us as support for her taking our words out of context and everything. I turned it into a marriage counseling session to try and save the visit but it was pretty ugly.  Then a dinner with them and finally home to sleep for the next day.


Then more family drama as Valdeer, one of my favorite people in the area, was found living at his moms house after a fight with his wife and her family.  So we talked about that. It was especially important since we are trying to teach his brother and sister-in-law and both have interest in the church.  So we need his help.


Wednesday was a full day, as I finally finished showing McClelland the area.  We met with some of our old investigators.  I have a really good feeling about a couple of them this time around, so hopefully we can make something of it.


We also did a really fun family home evening with Valdeer and his family later in the week where we used a dart board and darts to talk about the church, Christ and how we can make it easier or harder on ourselves to achieve our goals.  It went really cool. 


Then the rain came down and it got really cold for the rest of the week making it extremely difficult to work effectively especially since we are focusing on Nueva Asuncion and with 3 days of rain it becomes impossible to get out there.  It didn’t help our case when we got a little sick after working in the cold and rain for a couple days, so we had to take it easy. 


Also we did not plan out our meals well at all, resulting in a lot of rice being eaten this week.  I did make some amazing fajitas though. 


Also we kept the progress of our 2 young people going and they are going to be baptized this Sunday, so that’s gonna be awesome.   They are the grandchildren of one of the best members in the area and come to church every week so it’s about time they get baptized.  We are really excited. 


Also exciting, or rather crazy news, it’s that they are going to be combining the ward and branch into one mega ward in 2 weeks.  That means 8 missionaries in one ward.  It’s gonna be strange.  We are going to have a crazy week this week;  a FHE tonight, US v Belgium tomorrow, Elder Jimenez’ goodbye party Wednesday, Thursday working the swamp, Friday 4th of July, Saturday baptism prep. 


I’m sure I’ll have lots to say and pictures next week, but for this week this is the end. 


Love and miss you guys.   Take care. 


Elder Frost


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