Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 77

So I don’t have a whole lot to say this week, since to be completely and brutally honest, we didn’t do a whole lot.   But that’s what happens when the nurse tells you to spend 72 hours in the house icing and elevating your foot.

Well I guess I had better start at the beginning. Last Monday we went to Aregua to play soccer at the playa.  Which is funny, since Paraguay is landlocked, and therefore there are no beaches.  But it’s by this huge lake and there is a little sand, so I guess technically they can call it a beach.  Well they had a couple grass fields and that was the original plan.  But those fields were pretty wet and muddy.  So I proposed playing on the sand soccer court they had set up since I had so much fun in Italy doing it.  It was a huge hit.  Everyone had fun.  And it wore us out.  The running joke was that you could only play if you’d been doing your morning workouts.  Well my blister wasn’t quite completely healed so I ended up taking my shoes off to play.  Yes… not the best idea and the nurse would probably have a fit due to pique and other things.  (NOTE:  Pique is an inflammatory skin disease caused by infection by a flea found in the tropical parts of South America.  It is the smallest flea in the world, measuring 1 mm across.)  But Latin’s play all the time barefoot and haven’t lost their feet.  Well I didn’t get any weird infections or anything, but I did hurt my foot.   I ran up to take a shot and I hit it with everything I had.  Elder Gunther hit the ball at the same time, but I still had enough power on it to drive him back and put the ball in the water like 50 yards away.   The only problem…he had shoes and I did not… and I lost.  My foot was red within seconds and I couldn’t put any pressure on it at all.  Effectively ending my day playing soccer.  So I played goalie and was terrible.  But after an hour or so, my foot didn’t really hurt anymore and the adrenaline of playing took away the pain and allowed me to come up with some huge saves, Cameron Icenoggle woulda been proud. 

Well then I put on my real shoes and walked to the bus and then sat for 40 minutes.  Then it swelled up and went cold and it hurt to walk.  So we did some cyber and that was it.  Well that night when we got home, I was barely walking and when I took off my shoe my foot was huge and purple and red and hurt.  So we iced it and wrapped it and I took some ibprofen.  The next day was even worse, so another day in the house only doing the visits we had to and our district meeting. 

Then Wednesday a couple visits as well before calling it a night.  At this point I’m worried so I call the nurse and she tells me to shut it down and ice it.  So we hung out in the house we cooked made some really good chili.  Although we ditched this insanely hot red chili we found.  It burned.  So we ate and talked and slept and I caught up on my journal and we did visits that were important, but that was about it.  Well my foot still hurts so I have to call the nurse and I’ll probably have an x-ray this week.  She thinks I’ve got a fracture on one of those little bones on my arch, but I think it’s just a bone bruise.  Either way it hurts, so our week was pretty uneventful.

Although Elder Jimenez did go home, and Elder Rodriguez replaced him.  We found out that they are closing an area here, so only 6 missionaries will be here instead of 8.  And I got a haircut.  That’s about it.  Sorry to disappoint.  Hopefully next week is better.

Love you guys and have a great week.

Elder Frost

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