Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 75

We had a very busy, very good week this week, just like I told you guys we would.  Weeks like this go flying by, as every day has something to be done rather than just walk around.  I’ve learned I can’t do the same exact thing, every minute of every day, or I go crazy.  So a week like this one is a good change of pace.


It started on Monday as we continued our streak of doing FHE with the Acostas and also teaching the grandchildren Ivan and Nahomi. We had to teach them lesson 3 or the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So -- faith repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and preservering to the end.  So we taught the lesson and then to make it a little funner we did an activity of blindfolding the little kids, spinning them around, and then telling them to walk across the room to the grandma.  It was really funny.  They loved it! We even set up obstacles and stuff to act as temptation and pit falls and had the grandpa’s voice be the Holy Ghost and guide them through it. Dang, I’m a good missionary.


On Tuesday, I had my hopes dashed as the US choked against Belgium.  I will never forgive Wondo for choking on that shot.  That’s a rec league shot!  A drunk 3-year-old could make it.  Ugh.  Oh well, I’ve never been so excited for the future of the U.S. soccer program as Yedlin and Green are studs.  If anybody wants to buy me a Yedlin jersey, I’d love you forever.


On Wednesday, we had a ward goodbye party for Elder Jimenez.  He is going home and ending his mission in a week, so we decided to celebrate.  Ok wish him goodbye, ha ha.  It was really good.  We had a karaoke thing and played Pictionary, ate and did all sorts of fun stuff.  The only problem was we forgot the speakers, which lead to us spending most of the time walking to and from our house.  We did get coerced into singing Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” which we decided is way too high for me to be singing.  I’ve missed karaoke actually.  It was a good time, and Elder Jimenez definitely went out with a bang.


We also taught Nahomi a little bit more.  Ivan had his interview with the bishop and passed with flying colors, so that was a relief.  Later on in the week, we had the 4th of July.  Not nearly as big a deal here as it is in the States – obviously, but everyone was really nice and wished us a happy fourth.  We just did a BBQ and had fun at night, nothing major.  But it was still fun to celebrate something.


On Saturday, we had a crazy day as went to our baptism interview for Nahomi, which went surprisingly well.  That was a pain to do, as the mom wanted the interview to happen in Aregua, a good hour and a half from our area.  So we had to convince her to get the kids on a bus and send them for the interview.  She did, and it worked.  But it was stressful. 


Then after the interview and lunch with a very stressed out Argentine Hermana, as Argentina was playing Belgium. Then it was back to the church to fill the font and choir practice.  Unfortunately, I’ve got another sinus throat infection thing and don’t really have a voice so I didn’t sing. 


Then we were going to go to a San Juan party and see fire soccer and walk on coals and stuff.  But it rained a little, so we didn’t go and changed our plans.  Also we didn’t have brownie stuff and the stores didn’t have the stuff we needed, so we made Jell-o for the baptism. 


Then it stormed at night and everyone kept calling to ask if the baptism was still going to happen.  Duh.... it’s only a little rain.  But the buses weren’t going because of the rain.  So we walked and started late - but it happened.  The water wasn’t even that cold for a change.  I baptized Ivan and Jimenez baptized Nahomi.  I had a little problem remembering how to do the baptism, as I haven’t gotten in the water in forever.  But the words were no problem.  They ate the Jell-o, even though it was Fast Sunday. 


Then we had our meetings on Sunday.  Lunch turned into another goodbye party for Elder Jimenez, but it was still fun.  Then some more visits, and now we are here.


I bought new soccer shoes today and then immediately played in them, so I’ve got a blister. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some stuff, but it was a hectic week.


Love you guys and can’t wait to talk face to face.  Take care. 


Elder Frost

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