Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 99 - Almost home

The last one of these I will write from a packed Paraguayan cyber with a keyboard that doesn’t work and slow internet and computers that crash. It’s a great feeling. Ha ha. I am very excited to be going home on Friday night, so that will probably come through in this email.  But all-in-all, I’m doing good, and I wish the same for all of you.


This past week had some goodbye-this-is-the-end moments, and it really kind of hit home that it’s coming to a close.  It’s weird since this place, Paraguay, is all I really remember. The States seems more like a dream, and the more I think about it the more it doesn’t seem real.  Strange stuff. 


Anyway, it started on Monday.  We got up and headed to the office. I had my final interview with President McMullin.  It went well. He gave me some questions to fill out, and we talked about them for like a second then we talked about how I can continue to improve and how to make sure I don’t slide backwards.  It was all good advice.  He also told me to work on my emotions some more, and, ya, it went good.  We wrapped it up talking about my sister’s engagement before ending.  It wasn’t nearly as climatic as I imagined, but I liked it, and it went well.


After that, I had my Lion King circle of life moment as we went back to where it all began, God’s Pan.  Now for those of you who don’t remember, and I’m assuming that’s basically everyone, God’s Pan is a restaurant where you order food and they weigh it out and you pay.  But more significant than that, it is the location of my real first welcome to the mission moment, Elder Staker’s goodbye party.  So it seemed only fitting to have my own goodbye party there. It went really well.  Everyone that I would have wanted to come was able to come, except for Elder Luke.  That poor guy was stuck out in Filadelphia and couldn’t make it. But there were friends from all parts of my mission.  It was a really great time.  We ate and then spent most of the afternoon just sitting and talking and messing around.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  And then I passed out my parting gifts.


To Elder Turley I passed down the tie that has gone several generations now.  To Elder McClelland I gave the other one of my boxing gloves.  And everyone there got a tie.  They seemed to enjoy it.  It was one of the best days of my mission. I was happy.


Then we did a normal rest of a p-day until the night when we went to a FHE.  That went well, but it was annoying at the same time.  It was with the Fernandez family who should be baptized and married.  But due to a fight aren’t.  So all we did was talk about love.  It went really well.  The annoying part was the Hermana who refuses to accept she was in the wrong and is playing it up for her friends.  When we arrived she was her smiley happy self and I asked her about her relationship with her husband and she said it was good and almost back to normal.  Ok, sweet.  Well, then her friends got there and she broke down in tears and went on and on and on about her husband not loving her.  It was tough to watch and quite frankly annoyed me.  So we talked some more about priorities and love and patience and basically everything you can think of.  Here’s to hoping it works (they did both come to church Sunday, so there is a chance).


Then on Tuesday we had a district meeting. I planned it out to talk about lesson 3 or the Gospel of Christ.  It went really well, and I feel like I helped them out and that they can teach the lesson better now.  There was a funny moment when in the practice I stumped the whole district and that threw them for a loop.  So we broke that down as well.  Then we took pictures with a little Christmas tree and that was that.


On Wednesday, it rained and rained and rained.  So ya, that was fun. It’s even funner in our house since every time it rains, we lose power.  Which isn’t terrible, except it means the fans are gone and our house gets hot.


Then we did some service Saturday morning helping remove rocks from an older lady’s house.  Then lunch at Pizza Hut.  And then the ward Christmas party.  We had chicken and rice salad. It was pretty decent; although, they made tons way more than needed.  Then we watched some skits and jokes.  All in all, we had a good time. Then we also watched Elder Christofferson’s talk from the Christmas devotional. I liked it.  One funny moment from that was when everybody was wrapping up eating, Hermano Arguello came around with a bag and collected everyone’s scraps for his dog.  It was highly amusing.


On Sunday, we had a normal day, and I taught Gospel Principles.  Then I realized it was probably my last time teaching that in Spanish.  Like I said, lots of weird this-is-the-end moments.  Well, that’s about it for the week.  


I want to give a shout out - best of luck and congratulations to my sister and to Kolton Mahoney who both got engaged this past week. I wish you the best and future happiness.


Love all you guys.  It’s been quite a ride.  Thanks for sticking with me. Take care.

Elder Frost 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 98

Wow, another week down and another closer to the end.  I don’t have a ton to say this week as Paraguay is refusing to let me go quietly and promptly made me sicker than I have been since the beginning of my mission.  We couldn’t even really leave the house from Monday night til Saturday.  It was bad. 


The start of the week was quite an adventure though as Monday was the Virgin of Caacupes birthday. What this means is basically the entire country shuts down.  Grocery stores, restaurants normal businesses, everything.  All the catholic people do a trek of sorts to Caacupe to worship the virgin there.  It’s nuts.  It’s also quite a pain when you are trying to have a normal day.  In fact we couldn’t find anything open or anything to do in Luque.  So we got together with a couple other missionaries and played some basketball.  It was fun but we are all terrible.  Apparently the ability to shoot a ball is one of the first things to go.  We started shooting threes but no go.  Then free throws.  Not better.  Finally we just chose teams.  It was fun but quite sad to watch I’m sure.  After thoroughly wiping yourselves out, we decided to go eat. 


The only place we could think to eat that would be open was shopping Pinedo so off we went. It was pretty packed since it literally was like the only place open.  But we ate and it was good.  I got a sandwich at Quiznos and fries. I enjoyed it.  I’m so ready for states food all the time. 


After we ate we sat and just hung out for awhile and then we started wandering around the mall since there was nothing better to do that day.  We found some cool shops and checked out the new additions they had done.  And we had a funny moment as our group got split up into two groups.  And only one group had cell phones.  So we each wandered around looking for the other for awhile.  It got to the point where I stopped by the grocery store and asked the checker lady if she had seen a group of gringos like us.  She said yes and everybody laughed and pointed us in the right direction.  Eventually we found them did some last minute stuff before heading out. We went back to Luque and managed to find an open cyber and that was about it. 


Our FHE got canceled which was probably a good thing since we had some drama getting home. It turns out Elder Singer had left the keys to our house at the basketball court so we were screwed.  We called the elders over there and they found our keys but it’s was too late to go get them.  So we had a problem.  Our dueno (Note:  a “dueno” is translated as the “owner”) managed to create a makeshift key out of an allen wrench.  It was impressive and also kinda sketchy to see just how easy someone could get into our house.


After that we played poker and called it a night. 


We had a zone meeting on Thursday and I had to get our keys so we canceled district meeting and went and got our keys.  It was such a relief to have them again. 


Then like I said we were super sick so we just alternated trips to the bathroom and tried to survive when the electricity and therefore fans went out every so often. 


On Thursday we managed to pull ourselves together to go to the zone meeting where we talked a lot about obedience.  Then a surprise - a new way of doing numbers starting in January. It’s a change I’ve been wanting my whole mission, so it figures it would start right after I leave.  Basically what happens is now we only report the church attendance how many recent converts are still active and how many people we are reactivating.  It gives more freedom to work how you want as long as you get the results for those numbers. I love the idea.  I think it’s going to help a lot. 


Then some recovery days before priesthood conference on  Saturday.  It was good.  Nothing too fancy.  There was a big focus on missionary work.  Then on Sunday we had testimony meeting, since we didn’t the week before.  They called the new bishopric as well.  I bore my testimony as well since I figured it would be my last time in Paraguay.  It went good and all the members congratulated me on going home.  What part of 2 weeks is a long time didn’t they get, ha ha.  But I hope it does go fast.


I’m ready to be home and see all of you again.  Love you and take care.


Elder Frost



Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 97

Well, it’s now official.

  1. I am in my last change.
  2. I will end my mission with 3 areas.

That’s right.  This past week we had changes, and we got the news that I am staying here in Yuquyry for a 7th change. I got here in March.  I will also stay district leader, and Elder Singer will be my comp. Elder Turley and Elder Garner are staying as well.   In fact, only Elder Martinez left the district, and he was replaced by Elder Smith.

Monday was an interesting day as well.  I got both my flight plans and my final interview packet.  One of those is more exciting than the other.  I’ll let you guys guess which, ha ha.  I like my flight plans; although, the long layover in Miami will suck.  It means more time for me to eat Cubans, yum.  (Note:  A Cuban is a sandwich made with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread).   And then I just hope I can get out of Minnesota with good weather.  Keep your fingers crossed.  The packet is pretty standard stuff. 

Then we had a bit of a recuerdo buying day.  We went shopping in Asuncion where we bought a whole personal pizza for 25 mil or like 5 bucks.  The best deal I’ve seen for pizza since the States.  Then we found a shop that sells like all the arts and craft stuff I’ve been looking for my whole mission.  Another thing I’ve come to realize is I didn’t budget enough money for my souvenirs, and I should have spread it out over my whole mission instead of mass buying at the end.  Lessons for the future I suppose.  That just means I’ll have to make that return Peru/Paraguay trip with my dad. 

Then we wandered around Asuncion looking at stuff.  We found a shop with a drawbridge (it was sweet), a legit Mexican restaurant that we might go to for my goodbye party, and then my gelato place from PJC.  It was soooo good.  I’ve missed gelato.

The next day was changes.  The zone leaders asked us district leaders to speak for 15 minutes on a topic then they’d talk and then they would finally give us changes news.  Well, I was complaining about how nobody actually pays attention, since they just want to hear changes news.  So I joked that I was just going to go up there, say a couple sentences, and sit down.  Well, Elder Luke heard me and called me on it.  And you all know Elder Frost isn’t gonna back down from a challenge or a bet, Ha ha.   So I went up, told them that the zone leaders wanted me to talk about doing visits with members but nobody was gonna pay attention anyway, so I’d keep it short.  I told them doing those visits will help.   I wished them luck about changes and then sat down.  Not my finest moment, but I drove a couple points home and the look on Elder Luke’s face was worth it, especially since when changes did come Elder Luke got the death penalty.  In other words, he got sent out to Filadelfia.  Now, I wouldn’t mind visiting Filly, but to go there as a missionary, in the middle of summer, is brutal.  So everyone offered him their condolences.  Then we ate a final meal with him at the patio.  Then we said goodbye and realized it would most likely be the last time I saw him until the States next summer. 

Then we had a week of service.  On Thursday, we painted the Herman Adrianas house.  It needed it.  Sadly Paraguayan painting is terrible.  It’s always way too watery, and this time was no exception.  It was quite frustrating.

Then on Friday, service was canceled as we had to have marriage counseling with the Fernandez family.  That basically amounted to terrible news.  They were supposed to get married and baptized this weekend.  Well, now that is off.  They had a fight last Thursday night.  He called her a “p” word, and she has gone ballistic about it.  She swears she won’t marry him.  We believe it is an issue with cold feet and Satan working his hardest to stop this, but we are optimistic that we can fix it.  Pray for us and for them.

Then on Saturday, we had a sick day.  Nothing is worse than having a fever in a Paraguayan summer and then losing power and air. Horrible.

Sunday became a recovery day, and now we are here.

I love you guys and have a great week.   Soon I will see you face-to-face.

Love ya!

Elder Frost

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 96

I had a really good week. There were definitely moments that weren’t, but as a whole it was a good week.


It started on Monday when I was finally able to get my haircut. I’d wanted it cut for awhile, but due to some circumstances (zone meeting) I couldn’t get it cut until last Monday.  We went to this guy in a warehouse which isn’t as sketchy as it sounds, ha ha.  He does a good job.  Well, while we waited, I looked at all the signs on his shop.  A big thing at haircut places in Paraguay is to plaster famous people’s faces all over it.  Well, he had one of Beckham and you all know I’m a big fan of Becks, so naturally I choose that one. Ha ha.  He cut it well and it looked good, but it was just missing some of that Latin American flash.  So I got steps, Ha ha.  Now before anybody freaks out, technically it is not against the rules. It doesn’t touch my forehead, ears or collar, and it’s not shaved or spiked. :)  Plus, I look dang good with it.  The compliments came raining in during the week. 


After that we went out to Aregua to play soccer out there on the sand.  Well, that was the plan.  We ended up getting on the wrong bus that dropped us off in the middle of nowhere, so we had to wait for another bus.  We ended up being 2 hours late, but we played for a bit.  I love sand soccer. 


Then Aregua is famous for its clay stuff, and they were having a nativity sale so I wanted to look and shop.  So we did that.  While I didn’t buy a nativity, I did buy a painted shingle and a scene of the last supper.  Both look pretty legit.  I’ve been trying to take my dad’s advice and buy things that I’ll actually be able to put up in my house in the future instead of having to hide my treasures in a box. (Note:  Some of Anthony’s dad’s souvenirs are in a box – they are too funky to display.) 


At night we had an FHE with the Fernandez family where we taught lesson 3 of the gospel to them.  Each missionary took one of the parts and taught it.  It went well.  I drew a picture of a gate and a path and a star symbolizing eternal life.  It’s an image I always draw in the back of the pamphlets.  But since I didn’t have any, I drew it in the sand.  It was funny because after I did it everybody else took some time drawing in the dirt ha ha.  Just like kids in a sand box.  After that we did a 3-legged race where we had to run sit and pop a balloon and run back.  I took dead last and fell on top of my kid ha ha.  It was ugly.  But everyone else just picked up their kid and ran, so they cheated. Ha ha.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


On Tuesday I finally got to do the district meeting I had been planning.  I wrote gladiator quotes on the board picked some of my favorite scriptures to share, and finally we had arts and crafts time.  It was awesome!  We were talking about lesson two -- the plan of salvation -- and it’s a long lesson.  People always forget parts, so I took something I really liked about Elder Anderson and turned it into the lesson.  He had these circles with pictures of the parts of the plan and when we explained it, we put each circle on the ground.  It was a great teaching tool.  So I cut out circles and we all drew and colored our plan.  It went really well.  Sadly our brunch of omelets still didn’t happen as we couldn’t get the stove to work.  It’s been nothing but a pain ever since I decided to do it.  So we scratched that idea and moved it to lunch on Thursday for Thanksgiving.


So on Thursday we went and ate in the chapel and played ping pong while we waited.  I made my dad’s hash browns, and we all brought stuff for omelets.  It was a good time and even though some omelets turned into scrambled eggs, everybody ate plenty and left full.  That’s the whole point of Thanksgiving, right?  The turkey doesn’t matter. Ha ha.


Then we had canceled service plans on Friday, so that became a normal day.


Then on Saturday we spent all day in the church helping the Hermana Acosta prep for her daughter Patricia’s 15 (Quinceanera).  We showed up at 2:30 like she asked, but of course, she doesn’t get there until 4.  Then we help her cut buns and put sauce and hamburgers and lettuce and tomato on them.  Then we got one to eat.  But she was worried about the number, so we couldn’t have two.  Naturally 4 hungry missionaries all snagged seconds that we hid in our pocket before sneaking outside to eat them. Ha ha.  It turns out we didn’t need to worry as instead of 100 people as she thought, there was less than fifty.  It was still a good time, and we ate and drank our fill. 


Although people really wanted us to dance, nobody did.  We did sing and bob our heads a bit as they played some 50 Cent.  Good times.  Elder Turley was the star of the show as he kept crashing photos (photo bombing) when posing with people. They loved it!  Not all was good for him though as one mother freaked out on him when Elder Turley and Elder Garner were swinging her daughter back and forth.  The girl loved it, the mom…not so much. Ha ha.  Another funny moment for Elder Turley was when he pulled down the decorations early, and they landed on top of the Hermana Acosta. 


Sunday was a pretty normal day; although, we did lose water and power again. 


And one more week is down.  Almost home.


Love you guys and take care.


Elder Frost

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


So I recently re-read my Thanksgiving blog from last year and…spoiler alert…there is no way this one is better. Last year’s Thanksgiving blog was a work of art. haha  But tradition is tradition, and so without further ado… my Thanksgiving list for this year.


So I’ll start out for the reason this list even exists - my family. I am so thankful for everything they have done for me in my life, all that they have sacrificed, all that they have withstood without so much of a complaint (I was a jerk), and for teaching me the core that has come to define my life. I am thankful for all of them for always being there for me and supporting me and allowing me to find my own way.  For allowing me to do things my way even if it isn’t the smartest idea. I’m thankful for Sunday finger foods, board games and naps.  For long car rides and terrible playlists for car music. For showing me so much of the world and letting me see some cool places.  For helping me out financially when I needed it.  Well, need it. Haha. All in all, I’m just so thankful and love my family. They are the best!


I’m thankful none of my family has died while I’ve been out here. I couldn’t imagine how hard that must be, and I give my props and sincerest condolences to anyone who has had to deal with that.


I’m thankful Ebola doesn’t exist in Paraguay.  This country is rough enough on your health -- don’t need that on top of it.  Plus, I really don’t want to die. haha


I’m thankful for my companions out here, for Anderson being the best trainer anybody could ask for and making the start of my mission exactly what I needed. It’s still been the best part of my time.


For Elder Menchaca teaching me to box and being a good friend. 


For Elder Stopper for countless hours of watching and talking soccer and for being a big teddy bear.


For Elder Beus for getting my off my butt and making me a working missionary again.


For Elder Alvizures for being a good friend and great talks about childhood shows and the World Cup.


For Elder McClelland for getting me back to the balance I needed in my mission and for having one heck of a good time.


For Elder Singer for giving me a purpose as I come to a close and for being a funny dude.


I’m thankful for the rest of my mission friends I’ve made along the way, from the MTC to these final weeks. Some of these guys are my closest friends, and I can’t wait to be able to kick it stateside with them.


I’m thankful for all the people who read this. This has been way more successful and read than I ever imagined.

I’m thankful for all my experiences out here. I have some great stories and some spiritual ones and some that are both. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s been worth it.


I’m thankful for the way the mission has opened up my eyes to what I needed to get back to and the bad habits I needed to leave behind and have left behind.


For making me realize I need to improve myself and get better all the time. For teaching me patience and hope and every other Christlike attribute.


I’m thankful for my childhood; it was truly a good time. Every time I think back I have nothing but fond memories.


I’m thankful for more than one chance. I’ve screwed some things up in my life and some things more times than I’d care to count, but if I’ve learned anything, you can always have another chance with the Lord and with people if you try hard enough.


I’m thankful this is my last one of these, as it’s a lot of writing.


I’m thankful in one month I’ll be home. I’ve missed it.


I’m thankful for America and everything it stands for and being the greatest country on earth, yes I’m biased, haha, but really.


I’m thankful for cars. No more buses! I’m thankful for roofs that don’t flood, buildings that don’t lose power, hot showers, and pizza.


For video games.


For couches.


For holidays.  Nothing better than that time with your family.


I’m thankful for all my friends I’ve made along the way in my life. 


And I’m thankful for the ones who have stuck with me through it all and always forgiven me. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy.


I’m thankful for the mission and how it has helped redefine me and improve me in ways I needed even if I’d never admit it.


I’m thankful for soccer, the beautiful game, and for rediscovering my love for it.


I’m thankful that Chelsea is unbeaten, the special one and the fabregas costa connection.


I’m thankful for Anahi and teaching me how to be a better friend and listen to what people truly need and helping them get there.


I’m thankful for Yuquyry, for the great friendships I’ve made here, and the way the people respond to our calls for help. 


I’m thankful for Jesus. Without him, my life means nothing and has no purpose.  I’m thankful that he was willing to sacrifice it all so that I might live. I’m thankful for his atonement and his love for me and for forgiving me so many times. I’m thankful for his gospel and the way it improves our lives if we only believe and live it. I’m thankful for finally having a real testimony, and I’m thankful for the path that led me there. 


I’m thankful for Game of Thrones teaching me the importance of trust and not getting killed, Arrow for teaching me how to survive trials and then come back as a billionaire vigilante.  For Sportscenter and the countless hours of highlights I‘ve seen.  For the Walking Dead preparing me for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. For Mad Men and the power of advertising and marketing. For Will Smith for saving the world over and over and over again. For Russell Crowe for teaching about leadership, showmanship and getting the job done.  For David Beckham for well being David Beckham. Dude is an icon. For Reggie Bush.  Still the best football player I have ever seen and a good guy. 


For girls. For the ones in the past who have taught me things, and for the one in the future who will change my life.


For haircuts and style.  I’ve learned an appreciation of both out here.  For faux hawks and steps and beards and chains. OK, maybe I’m still not stylish. haha 


For the geniuses who invented quesaritos, chicken and waffles, and BBQ.


For being happy, and not letting anyone or anything stop you from being that.  For you guys again for the support and reading this thing.  You’ve been amazing.


Love you all and take care,

Elder Frost

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 95

Just a short blog this week since I’m going to have my Thanksgiving one as well. And because nothing remarkable really happened this week.  Well, at least not for me. I know every day there is something that would blow your minds, but after two years of it, something’s got to be out there to get attention.  


The week started on Monday like always. We played soccer, and it was way better than last week. First off, I played way better.  I also looked super sexy with my black Sneijder jersey.  I hadn’t worn it in awhile. Also, I’ve decided me wearing my chain was the difference between good and bad Frost.  So the chain is here to stay. 


After a couple hours of fun soccer, we headed off to Asuncion to a market to buy stuff.  Well, we got on the wrong bus and got way lost but eventually made it after walking a couple blocks through a ghetto.  Now this market is what people think of when they think of South America.  It’s pure craziness, but it’s got great deals.  I personally didn’t buy anything, but it was a fun trip regardless.  Also, it was super funny -- as we were walking, a lady reached out and grabbed/rubbed my arm and shoulder and said how cute I was and how short. Haha. It was hilarious, but it’s a fact, especially when I’m walking behind Elders Garner, Singer and Turley. Also, a crazy guy pinched me. It freaking hurt. It bruised up even. I have no idea why, and the other people in the street just explained it by saying, “He’s crazy.” Nice.


Then we had an FHE at night where we watched part of 17 Miracles and taught a principle of the gospel off of it. Then a little karaoke. All four of us gringos sang together. It wasn’t good, but it was funny. We sang Linkin Park’s “In the End.”


On Tuesday, we had to get up bright and early for zone meeting. To be completely honest, it was one of the most bearable zone meetings I’ve had. I didn’t hate it. It was set up in stations. One was going through the area book. Then the baptism commitment. Then tithing. Then solving doubts. Interview with Pres., and scripture mastery stuff. It all went really well; although, the poor sister who taught the scripture mastery had to hate us. Hint -- I don’t know them, so I just guessed wildly and vaguely. It was funny, but she probably didn’t think so. My interview with President went really well. We just kind of looked back at my mission and how I’ve changed. I’ll do a more in-depth one when I do my last one next month.


It also rained a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday. And sadly a man in the ward died. His name was Benito. He was one of the nicest guys. Apparently, his heart exploded or something like that. So on Tuesday, we stopped by his wake, which I hope was a good gesture because I had no idea what to do at a wake.


Then on Wednesday, there was more rain and his funeral. I was asked to do the opening prayer. It was a little weird doing a prayer for a funeral. Hopefully I said a good one. Then a pretty normal rest of the week. Two service projects fell through as they cleaned up all the blood from his house without us and then the Hermana Lopez had to cancel again.


On Saturday, we had a mix-up as we were invited to a stake choir thing only for it to be on the 21st of December, not November, so that was what it was. Another bus ride. Haha. That’s basically it for this week.


Love you guys. Take care. And…one month.


Elder Frost

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 94

Another week down. I really don’t know where the time has gone or where it is going, but it’s going fast. In only a couple more weeks, I’ll be home.  So weird.


This week was busy.  It started off with a fairly normal pday.  We played soccer in Luque, but a bunch of people got invited so there was a ton of people there meaning we didn’t get to play as much as we would have liked. On top of that, I played terrible. My body just couldn’t give 100%, and a lazy Frost is a bad playing Frost.  Oh well, one day I’ll be good again.


After the games we went to lunch at The Patio. It’s where you weigh out your food.  I ate there a lot with Elder Alvizures. After lunch we just kinda stayed and talked and hung out before heading off to cyber -- only problem was our normal guy was closed and all the others were full. So we called him, and he said 15 minutes. Didn’t show. So we called again, and he said 15 minutes.  We ended up calling him 5 times over a 2-hour period before he finally showed up.  It was a pain, but we ate ice cream while we waited, and that’s always a plus. 


That night it was stormy; in fact, our power went out during the night.  So I woke up early since I couldn’t sleep without our fan going. So I spent all morning preparing for district meeting.  It was going to be awesome. I had quotes, scriptures, arts and crafts all prepared and then we were going to make a district brunch after of omelets. So I got all that stuff together.  Well, we get to Luque and the stake center all excited only to not be able to open the electronic gate. Well, no problem -- we just jumped the fence. I got all dirty, but it’s Paraguay, ha ha.  So we got the keys and went inside annnnd…no power.  That’s when we realized why the gate wouldn’t open -- the building had no power.  Unfortunately, this meant no district meeting and no brunch as the kitchen is run on electricity. Bummer. So we all went and ate together at a restaurant. It was a good time.


When we got home that night, we had a surprise guest as some bird had managed to fly into our house during the storm through the bathroom window, so we had quite the adventure before finally getting him out. I also had problems with my credit card pulling out the rent as there was a problem with the connection to Visa, then a problem with the ATM, and finally I was trying to take out more money than I had in my account. It was annoying. So several trips back and forth to Luque later, I was finally able to pay my rent.


On Wednesday, we also had an activity night in the church. We played volleyball (I’m terrible) and handball (which I was a lot better at although the star of the show was definitely Elder Turley).  It was a fun night and good to see the ward starting to do activities again. We also had experiences running this week as for one reason or another we ran to catch buses or evade storms or what have you. I panted so hard. Terrible. My lungs were in open rebellion after a couple blocks.


On Thursday, we did a visit with the Hermana Acosta to talk about her daughter’s quince and to make her really good key lime pie. I’d had it before, but the others hadn’t, so we went and made it -- only a slight problem as she expected us to double the recipe but we really didn’t have enough ingredients to double it. So she got fancy, and we managed to make it work. It was still really good.

Then Friday was Elder Ballard’s birthday, so we got together and ate Lomitos to celebrate.  Also on Friday in the morning, me and Elder Singer went to an old lady’s house to help move stuff.  We moved a fridge and a dresser and a bed and swept and cleaned the whole house while she was gone. It needed it to say the least. I’ve never seen so much trash in one house. We’d open drawers and find trash. It was insane. 


Then on Saturday, we had lunch with the Lopez family, which was cool since the Hermano was back for the weekend after moving to Ciudad del Este. They are an awesome family.


Sadly, on Sunday, our attendance went way down for no real reason. Me and Elder Singer also had to improvise a lesson on marriage for Gospel Principles. It went well. Then after church, we did some less active and recent convert visits and made some real progress with some of them. It was really cool to see and finally get that breakthrough.


This week, we have interviews with President and a zone meeting, so it’ll be a quick week. Love you guys and take care. And all my thoughts and prayers go out to the Drishinski family in this time of tragedy. 


Elder Frost