Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 95

Just a short blog this week since I’m going to have my Thanksgiving one as well. And because nothing remarkable really happened this week.  Well, at least not for me. I know every day there is something that would blow your minds, but after two years of it, something’s got to be out there to get attention.  


The week started on Monday like always. We played soccer, and it was way better than last week. First off, I played way better.  I also looked super sexy with my black Sneijder jersey.  I hadn’t worn it in awhile. Also, I’ve decided me wearing my chain was the difference between good and bad Frost.  So the chain is here to stay. 


After a couple hours of fun soccer, we headed off to Asuncion to a market to buy stuff.  Well, we got on the wrong bus and got way lost but eventually made it after walking a couple blocks through a ghetto.  Now this market is what people think of when they think of South America.  It’s pure craziness, but it’s got great deals.  I personally didn’t buy anything, but it was a fun trip regardless.  Also, it was super funny -- as we were walking, a lady reached out and grabbed/rubbed my arm and shoulder and said how cute I was and how short. Haha. It was hilarious, but it’s a fact, especially when I’m walking behind Elders Garner, Singer and Turley. Also, a crazy guy pinched me. It freaking hurt. It bruised up even. I have no idea why, and the other people in the street just explained it by saying, “He’s crazy.” Nice.


Then we had an FHE at night where we watched part of 17 Miracles and taught a principle of the gospel off of it. Then a little karaoke. All four of us gringos sang together. It wasn’t good, but it was funny. We sang Linkin Park’s “In the End.”


On Tuesday, we had to get up bright and early for zone meeting. To be completely honest, it was one of the most bearable zone meetings I’ve had. I didn’t hate it. It was set up in stations. One was going through the area book. Then the baptism commitment. Then tithing. Then solving doubts. Interview with Pres., and scripture mastery stuff. It all went really well; although, the poor sister who taught the scripture mastery had to hate us. Hint -- I don’t know them, so I just guessed wildly and vaguely. It was funny, but she probably didn’t think so. My interview with President went really well. We just kind of looked back at my mission and how I’ve changed. I’ll do a more in-depth one when I do my last one next month.


It also rained a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday. And sadly a man in the ward died. His name was Benito. He was one of the nicest guys. Apparently, his heart exploded or something like that. So on Tuesday, we stopped by his wake, which I hope was a good gesture because I had no idea what to do at a wake.


Then on Wednesday, there was more rain and his funeral. I was asked to do the opening prayer. It was a little weird doing a prayer for a funeral. Hopefully I said a good one. Then a pretty normal rest of the week. Two service projects fell through as they cleaned up all the blood from his house without us and then the Hermana Lopez had to cancel again.


On Saturday, we had a mix-up as we were invited to a stake choir thing only for it to be on the 21st of December, not November, so that was what it was. Another bus ride. Haha. That’s basically it for this week.


Love you guys. Take care. And…one month.


Elder Frost

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