Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 94

Another week down. I really don’t know where the time has gone or where it is going, but it’s going fast. In only a couple more weeks, I’ll be home.  So weird.


This week was busy.  It started off with a fairly normal pday.  We played soccer in Luque, but a bunch of people got invited so there was a ton of people there meaning we didn’t get to play as much as we would have liked. On top of that, I played terrible. My body just couldn’t give 100%, and a lazy Frost is a bad playing Frost.  Oh well, one day I’ll be good again.


After the games we went to lunch at The Patio. It’s where you weigh out your food.  I ate there a lot with Elder Alvizures. After lunch we just kinda stayed and talked and hung out before heading off to cyber -- only problem was our normal guy was closed and all the others were full. So we called him, and he said 15 minutes. Didn’t show. So we called again, and he said 15 minutes.  We ended up calling him 5 times over a 2-hour period before he finally showed up.  It was a pain, but we ate ice cream while we waited, and that’s always a plus. 


That night it was stormy; in fact, our power went out during the night.  So I woke up early since I couldn’t sleep without our fan going. So I spent all morning preparing for district meeting.  It was going to be awesome. I had quotes, scriptures, arts and crafts all prepared and then we were going to make a district brunch after of omelets. So I got all that stuff together.  Well, we get to Luque and the stake center all excited only to not be able to open the electronic gate. Well, no problem -- we just jumped the fence. I got all dirty, but it’s Paraguay, ha ha.  So we got the keys and went inside annnnd…no power.  That’s when we realized why the gate wouldn’t open -- the building had no power.  Unfortunately, this meant no district meeting and no brunch as the kitchen is run on electricity. Bummer. So we all went and ate together at a restaurant. It was a good time.


When we got home that night, we had a surprise guest as some bird had managed to fly into our house during the storm through the bathroom window, so we had quite the adventure before finally getting him out. I also had problems with my credit card pulling out the rent as there was a problem with the connection to Visa, then a problem with the ATM, and finally I was trying to take out more money than I had in my account. It was annoying. So several trips back and forth to Luque later, I was finally able to pay my rent.


On Wednesday, we also had an activity night in the church. We played volleyball (I’m terrible) and handball (which I was a lot better at although the star of the show was definitely Elder Turley).  It was a fun night and good to see the ward starting to do activities again. We also had experiences running this week as for one reason or another we ran to catch buses or evade storms or what have you. I panted so hard. Terrible. My lungs were in open rebellion after a couple blocks.


On Thursday, we did a visit with the Hermana Acosta to talk about her daughter’s quince and to make her really good key lime pie. I’d had it before, but the others hadn’t, so we went and made it -- only a slight problem as she expected us to double the recipe but we really didn’t have enough ingredients to double it. So she got fancy, and we managed to make it work. It was still really good.

Then Friday was Elder Ballard’s birthday, so we got together and ate Lomitos to celebrate.  Also on Friday in the morning, me and Elder Singer went to an old lady’s house to help move stuff.  We moved a fridge and a dresser and a bed and swept and cleaned the whole house while she was gone. It needed it to say the least. I’ve never seen so much trash in one house. We’d open drawers and find trash. It was insane. 


Then on Saturday, we had lunch with the Lopez family, which was cool since the Hermano was back for the weekend after moving to Ciudad del Este. They are an awesome family.


Sadly, on Sunday, our attendance went way down for no real reason. Me and Elder Singer also had to improvise a lesson on marriage for Gospel Principles. It went well. Then after church, we did some less active and recent convert visits and made some real progress with some of them. It was really cool to see and finally get that breakthrough.


This week, we have interviews with President and a zone meeting, so it’ll be a quick week. Love you guys and take care. And all my thoughts and prayers go out to the Drishinski family in this time of tragedy. 


Elder Frost

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