Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 93

This week reminded me how lucky I am to be an American and live in the United States.  It seemed just one thing after another happened this week.  Well, at least in the middle. 


First was a rather enjoyable pday.  We had cash, which you know means we go out to eat.  And it was a late celebration of Elder Luke’s b-day.  So we went to TGI Fridays.  I got my usual -- my Jack Daniels steak with onion rings and cheesy mashed potatoes.  It was awesome!  So delicious, like always.  It was just a good time to eat good food and hang out with friends.  Then a funny moment --  since we told them it was a b-day, they got all ready to sing.  But then Elder Luke left, so when they came out we had to give it to somebody.  So it became Elder Turley’s b-day.  It was quite funny to see him dancing around and doing all the birthday stuff.  I then tipped a little since I know how important tipping is.  She was so excited for a 2 buck tip.


Then we had a pretty awesome FHE.  It was supposed to be with the Arguellos, but Hermana Acosta called and asked if we could go there since her grandchildren (my recent converts), her less active daughter and the daughter’s new boyfriend would be there.  So we changed our plans.  We taught a lesson about obedience, and it went well.  The guy seems really cool, and it was good to teach him in that environment.  He doesn’t live in mine or Elder Turley’s area though, so we turned the reference over to Elder Ballard.  Hopefully something comes of it.


Then I had my district meeting.  I’ve made it very clear that  I’m going to be my own district leader and do things my way and help my zone in whatever I can.  So today that included quotes from Fight Club on the board and a list of scriptures that I have used to get people to church.  That is something that is really bothering Elder Martinez, so I focused the lesson to help him out.  I heard it went really well, and hopefully it helps in the future.


Then afterwards, as a district we went to the store and bought stuff for tacos then went back to the church and made tacos together. It was way good; I miss Mexican food.


Then the disaster days.


On Wednesday we had no water. Thursday we blew a fuse in the house, and Friday it was a downpour all day and my shoes got soaked so I had to wear boots the rest of the week.  It rained most days this week actually.  It makes the mission so tough since the whole country just does not respond well to rain. 


On Saturday, we got up early to go help clean the church and empty out water since there is now a hole in the roof and there was water up past our ankles inside the chapel.  On the bright side, we got some cake from a member’s baptism.  At night we went to the Arguellos for another hamburger fundraiser -- this time for their daughter Natalia.  She needs cash for her graduation party.  So we ate and played some volleyball before calling it a night. 


On Sunday, we got invited to the Hermano Gimenez’ birthday party so we had a BBQ and ate well and had a good time with the members there as well.  The members in this ward are awesome.  And on a mission note, we had 10 less actives in church, so hopefully we can bring them all back.  I like teaching them.  They always let you in the door, ha ha.


Well, that’s about it.  We have a zone meeting and interviews with the mission president tomorrow, so we will see how that goes.


Love you guys and take care,


Elder Frost

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