Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 96

I had a really good week. There were definitely moments that weren’t, but as a whole it was a good week.


It started on Monday when I was finally able to get my haircut. I’d wanted it cut for awhile, but due to some circumstances (zone meeting) I couldn’t get it cut until last Monday.  We went to this guy in a warehouse which isn’t as sketchy as it sounds, ha ha.  He does a good job.  Well, while we waited, I looked at all the signs on his shop.  A big thing at haircut places in Paraguay is to plaster famous people’s faces all over it.  Well, he had one of Beckham and you all know I’m a big fan of Becks, so naturally I choose that one. Ha ha.  He cut it well and it looked good, but it was just missing some of that Latin American flash.  So I got steps, Ha ha.  Now before anybody freaks out, technically it is not against the rules. It doesn’t touch my forehead, ears or collar, and it’s not shaved or spiked. :)  Plus, I look dang good with it.  The compliments came raining in during the week. 


After that we went out to Aregua to play soccer out there on the sand.  Well, that was the plan.  We ended up getting on the wrong bus that dropped us off in the middle of nowhere, so we had to wait for another bus.  We ended up being 2 hours late, but we played for a bit.  I love sand soccer. 


Then Aregua is famous for its clay stuff, and they were having a nativity sale so I wanted to look and shop.  So we did that.  While I didn’t buy a nativity, I did buy a painted shingle and a scene of the last supper.  Both look pretty legit.  I’ve been trying to take my dad’s advice and buy things that I’ll actually be able to put up in my house in the future instead of having to hide my treasures in a box. (Note:  Some of Anthony’s dad’s souvenirs are in a box – they are too funky to display.) 


At night we had an FHE with the Fernandez family where we taught lesson 3 of the gospel to them.  Each missionary took one of the parts and taught it.  It went well.  I drew a picture of a gate and a path and a star symbolizing eternal life.  It’s an image I always draw in the back of the pamphlets.  But since I didn’t have any, I drew it in the sand.  It was funny because after I did it everybody else took some time drawing in the dirt ha ha.  Just like kids in a sand box.  After that we did a 3-legged race where we had to run sit and pop a balloon and run back.  I took dead last and fell on top of my kid ha ha.  It was ugly.  But everyone else just picked up their kid and ran, so they cheated. Ha ha.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


On Tuesday I finally got to do the district meeting I had been planning.  I wrote gladiator quotes on the board picked some of my favorite scriptures to share, and finally we had arts and crafts time.  It was awesome!  We were talking about lesson two -- the plan of salvation -- and it’s a long lesson.  People always forget parts, so I took something I really liked about Elder Anderson and turned it into the lesson.  He had these circles with pictures of the parts of the plan and when we explained it, we put each circle on the ground.  It was a great teaching tool.  So I cut out circles and we all drew and colored our plan.  It went really well.  Sadly our brunch of omelets still didn’t happen as we couldn’t get the stove to work.  It’s been nothing but a pain ever since I decided to do it.  So we scratched that idea and moved it to lunch on Thursday for Thanksgiving.


So on Thursday we went and ate in the chapel and played ping pong while we waited.  I made my dad’s hash browns, and we all brought stuff for omelets.  It was a good time and even though some omelets turned into scrambled eggs, everybody ate plenty and left full.  That’s the whole point of Thanksgiving, right?  The turkey doesn’t matter. Ha ha.


Then we had canceled service plans on Friday, so that became a normal day.


Then on Saturday we spent all day in the church helping the Hermana Acosta prep for her daughter Patricia’s 15 (Quinceanera).  We showed up at 2:30 like she asked, but of course, she doesn’t get there until 4.  Then we help her cut buns and put sauce and hamburgers and lettuce and tomato on them.  Then we got one to eat.  But she was worried about the number, so we couldn’t have two.  Naturally 4 hungry missionaries all snagged seconds that we hid in our pocket before sneaking outside to eat them. Ha ha.  It turns out we didn’t need to worry as instead of 100 people as she thought, there was less than fifty.  It was still a good time, and we ate and drank our fill. 


Although people really wanted us to dance, nobody did.  We did sing and bob our heads a bit as they played some 50 Cent.  Good times.  Elder Turley was the star of the show as he kept crashing photos (photo bombing) when posing with people. They loved it!  Not all was good for him though as one mother freaked out on him when Elder Turley and Elder Garner were swinging her daughter back and forth.  The girl loved it, the mom…not so much. Ha ha.  Another funny moment for Elder Turley was when he pulled down the decorations early, and they landed on top of the Hermana Acosta. 


Sunday was a pretty normal day; although, we did lose water and power again. 


And one more week is down.  Almost home.


Love you guys and take care.


Elder Frost

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