Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 98

Wow, another week down and another closer to the end.  I don’t have a ton to say this week as Paraguay is refusing to let me go quietly and promptly made me sicker than I have been since the beginning of my mission.  We couldn’t even really leave the house from Monday night til Saturday.  It was bad. 


The start of the week was quite an adventure though as Monday was the Virgin of Caacupes birthday. What this means is basically the entire country shuts down.  Grocery stores, restaurants normal businesses, everything.  All the catholic people do a trek of sorts to Caacupe to worship the virgin there.  It’s nuts.  It’s also quite a pain when you are trying to have a normal day.  In fact we couldn’t find anything open or anything to do in Luque.  So we got together with a couple other missionaries and played some basketball.  It was fun but we are all terrible.  Apparently the ability to shoot a ball is one of the first things to go.  We started shooting threes but no go.  Then free throws.  Not better.  Finally we just chose teams.  It was fun but quite sad to watch I’m sure.  After thoroughly wiping yourselves out, we decided to go eat. 


The only place we could think to eat that would be open was shopping Pinedo so off we went. It was pretty packed since it literally was like the only place open.  But we ate and it was good.  I got a sandwich at Quiznos and fries. I enjoyed it.  I’m so ready for states food all the time. 


After we ate we sat and just hung out for awhile and then we started wandering around the mall since there was nothing better to do that day.  We found some cool shops and checked out the new additions they had done.  And we had a funny moment as our group got split up into two groups.  And only one group had cell phones.  So we each wandered around looking for the other for awhile.  It got to the point where I stopped by the grocery store and asked the checker lady if she had seen a group of gringos like us.  She said yes and everybody laughed and pointed us in the right direction.  Eventually we found them did some last minute stuff before heading out. We went back to Luque and managed to find an open cyber and that was about it. 


Our FHE got canceled which was probably a good thing since we had some drama getting home. It turns out Elder Singer had left the keys to our house at the basketball court so we were screwed.  We called the elders over there and they found our keys but it’s was too late to go get them.  So we had a problem.  Our dueno (Note:  a “dueno” is translated as the “owner”) managed to create a makeshift key out of an allen wrench.  It was impressive and also kinda sketchy to see just how easy someone could get into our house.


After that we played poker and called it a night. 


We had a zone meeting on Thursday and I had to get our keys so we canceled district meeting and went and got our keys.  It was such a relief to have them again. 


Then like I said we were super sick so we just alternated trips to the bathroom and tried to survive when the electricity and therefore fans went out every so often. 


On Thursday we managed to pull ourselves together to go to the zone meeting where we talked a lot about obedience.  Then a surprise - a new way of doing numbers starting in January. It’s a change I’ve been wanting my whole mission, so it figures it would start right after I leave.  Basically what happens is now we only report the church attendance how many recent converts are still active and how many people we are reactivating.  It gives more freedom to work how you want as long as you get the results for those numbers. I love the idea.  I think it’s going to help a lot. 


Then some recovery days before priesthood conference on  Saturday.  It was good.  Nothing too fancy.  There was a big focus on missionary work.  Then on Sunday we had testimony meeting, since we didn’t the week before.  They called the new bishopric as well.  I bore my testimony as well since I figured it would be my last time in Paraguay.  It went good and all the members congratulated me on going home.  What part of 2 weeks is a long time didn’t they get, ha ha.  But I hope it does go fast.


I’m ready to be home and see all of you again.  Love you and take care.


Elder Frost



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