Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 73

I had a great week in more ways than one.  I’m sure some of you have been waiting for that, ha ha.  You’re all tired of the sad depressed Frost, I’m sure.  So here’s to a happy good week.

We got changes last week and it was definitely a shock.   We all assumed that Elder Laurente would be gone since he’s been here 5 changes,  and that Elder Alvizures and I would stay for one more.  But nope.  Elder Alvizures has left and I got Elder McLovin.  Yes, ha ha that’s, how it was pronounced to me.  I’m super excited about this change as Elder McClelland, not McLovin, was one of my good friends from Capiata when I was out over there. And, Elder Laurente has stayed put. 

So after a normal pday, except for that news, we get to Tuesday. 

Now most… ok, every missionary I know says goodbye to people when he leaves his area.  But in true Elder Alvizures fashion, he doesn’t like saying goodbyes.  So he just doesn’t.  We watched a little of the world cup with our landlord and packed and cleaned the house and printed off some photos but he didn’t even want to deliver them himself.  So, I’ve got to do that.  Then we set up our taxi for the next day, and off to sleep we went.

Change days are still some of the weirdest most exciting days of the mission. Today was no exception.  After a nice nap in the back of a cab, we get to the office and it’s just craziness like always.  But I feel this time especially was nuts since so many people were there.  It turns out I’ve got some more mission friends than I knew.  Even some Elders I don’t know came up to talk to me.  Apparently I’m still pretty famous in PJC and a lot of kids are reading this blog so it’s been cool getting to know and talking to everybody.

I took one last picture with Elder Alvizures and talked to Elder Durand who is going home for awhile.  Then I took care of
some money issues and picked up a pillow for Elder Richardson.  I found my new comp, and jumped back in the cab.  Not too crazy, but always hectic.

Once in our area, we unpacked, reorganized the room, and took our dirty clothes to the clothes lady.  Then it was time for lunch.  We went around and visited a bunch of the members and I introduced them to Elder McClelland.   It
was interesting to see his response to the area, since like me he was coming from a fairly city part of the mission.  Every time we’d take one of the cow paths or come up over a hill he’d make a comment about how campo (rural) the area is.  But people liked him and the day went well.  Then we went into town for supplies and day 1 was done.

The next day I took him out to the swamp that is Nueva Asuncion to show him that.  But we did an actual work day and he loved it out there.  I did too, as we found some cool new people to teach and some old ones that are showing signs of progress.  The work has been great with my new comp.  He’s younger in the mission and he has really revived me.  We are working harder and better than I have in awhile.  It makes things so much easier when your happy as well.  We found several new promising investigators and have a baptism set up for 2 weeks so things are going great in that regard. 

It is also nice to be able to speak in English again after several months with nothing but Spanish.  Like I said, we are really excited and we expect a good change.

If only Bradley hadn’t had one of the worst soccer moments I have ever seen, costing us 2 points, and an automatic advancement, my week woulda been dang near perfect.  I’m praying for a tie against Germany.  Then we advance.  Go team USA.

Love you guys hope you are all enjoying your summer.  Take care and well talk again real soon.

Elder Frost

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