Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 70

This was a pretty normal week. Started the week off with a good ole soccer game. I’m so outta shape it’s sad. But we played.  And after the first couple games where I shook off the rust and warmed up I could move again without wanting to die.  We ended up getting the dream team together again and ran the court for most of the day.  It does feel good to play again.  One of the other elders has gone to calling me a Latin and asking to see my birth certificate and other such jokes. Glad to know I can still play a little bit. 


After that it was just a normal pday.  Ate lunch, did cyber.  And ya, normal pday. 


Our Tuesday was a little bit different though.  Ok a lot different.  It started off with district meeting which went on fine. I actually really liked it, as Elder Jimenez talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it and having a testimony of it.  I really like him as my district leader.  He does a really good job of teaching without being boring or annoying.


Then after district meeting we usually eat together, all 4 of us from Yukyry, at this little restaurant.  But somewhere along the way we lost Elder Jimenez and Laurente and they never showed up.  So a nice quiet lunch with Elder Alvizures and I before going back to the area. 


We had a good work day in our area although we discovered it is really hard to teach old people as they either don’t wanna change, or can’t walk anymore. 


Then we went to the Arguellos house to pick up a cat. The Hermana Acosta has a rat problem and apparently the Arguellos cat is a heck of a hunter.  Anyway we got asked to carry it from one house to the other.  Originally we were going to have a bag to carry the cat in.  But once we got there, Hermana Arguellos said not to worry, the cat would be fine, we just needed to love it and be gentle on our walk.  Elder Alvizures drew the short end of the stick, as he got to carry it.  No way was I going to do that.  Anyway we are walking along and all of a sudden my comp drops the cat and it gets away.  Apparently it stretched and he panicked about it attacking him and dropped it.  Well now it takes off into the woods and the weeds where we can’t even see it.  We can’t tell the family we lost their cat!  Luckily, we finally find it and manage to scare it all the way home a block or 2.  Long story short, we didn’t take the cat to the Acostas.


Also while at the Arguellos I had the weirdest coffee.  Yes, I drank coffee as a missionary.  Now it’s not the coffee bean kind. It’s a coffee made out of dried cereals.  Anyway,  I’m not a fan.  But apparently everybody else really likes it.  I’ll stick to my hot chocolate to survive the winter months.


Later on in the week I had another interesting moment as I helped a member lady with her English homework.  It was actually really hard.  Not because the English was challenging, but because the assignment was stupid, Ha ha.  She had to come up with 2 things for ever letter of the English alphabet.  Ok not so bad.  But they had to be school related items. Ok, a little harder.  And finally she couldn’t just write them, she had to cut and paste a picture of them into a notebook.  Are you kidding me?  How am I or anyone else supposed to come up with 2 things for the letter “X” that are school related, have a picture of them, and then paste it.  Well, we did our best and I promise we did better than anybody else.  Luckily there was a loop hole.  We couldn’t find 2 things we could use anything with that letter.  So this is a nice school with water skiing and a yacht, ha ha.  It was fun to use English though, and to teach her some new vocab as well.


On Thursday we went to Nueva Asuncion and had a really good experience out there.  Out there we are always worried about time, as the last bus leaves at a certain time.  If we miss it we have to walk an hour in the dark through the woods where the rapists live and the people that steal missionaries clothes.  So we always make sure to grab the last bus.  Well we were heading over to the bus stop when this drunk guy yelled at us.  We said no.  But he kept persisting, and at the same time we felt like we should go talk to him.  So we did.  It turns out he was drinking to forget.  His wife died 2 months ago and he’s just a wreck.  He can’t even talk without bawling like a baby.  We had a really good lesson with him explaining how he can see his wife again and how he is never alone and Christ will always be there to comfort him and help him. It went really well.  I can’t wait to see him again this week.  Hopefully, we can help him.


On Friday I found out just exactly how heavy ten pounds can be.  I’ve wanted some dumbbells for forever, since I need to do some exercise besides pushups.  Well we visited Valdeer, a member, and he gifted us his.  They are only about ten pounds, but it’s something.  The only problem is he lives at least 3km from our house.  So we walked home with me carrying one and my comp with the other.  My arms were exhausted by the time we reached the house.  I’m excited though. 


Last exciting bit of the week was a Quince.  Basically a Quince is a huge party where a girl becomes a woman. Due to weather, nobody was sure it was gonna happen.  But luckily, it cooperated and she was able to do it.  We stopped by to help set up and eat, of course, ha ha.  We were really early so I didn’t take any pictures or anything, but it was the place to be Saturday night.  Apparently it went til 3 am and a lot of people were late to church.  Then they slept once there.  Gotta love the way Latin’s party.


Well that’s about it for this week.  Love you guys and take care of yourselves.


Elder Frost


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