Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 72

Not a terribly exciting week but a good week nonetheless. Especially good since the world cup has finally started.  The countdown had been killing me! But before I get to the best thing every 4 years (sorry olympics but the world cup is better), I gotta get through the beginning of the week.


It all started on Monday which was a completely normal Monday except for the morning. So as I’ve been commenting to you guys Elder Alvizures and I have been trying to get in shape.  Slowly but surely, we are building our little home gym.  First the dumbells, then the bar, then the buckets and finally last Monday morning we made the weights.  Yup, that’s how ghetto our gym is.  We made our own weights out of a mixture of gravel sand and concrete.  Our landlord owns an ace hardware kinda place, we actually live above it, so we met up with him in the morning and bought the concrete and dug up some sand from a riverbed by our house and he gifted us the gravel mixed it all up and weighed it out and then just had to wait for it to dry.  It’s gonna end up being just over 80 pounds.  Not too shabby, but we would like one a little lighter and one a little heavier to get an actual good work out so we might do that as well.


Then a normal p-day of cyber and eating and grocery shopping before Tuesday when we had to get up early and go to Luque again for a zone meeting.


It basically wasted 6 hours of my life, but I guess there had to be some point to it.  I mostly disagreed with everything that was talked about but I’ll give you a rundown anyway.  It started with our zone leaders being too lazy to plan their own meeting so they asked us for ideas and that was a bust for a good 20 minutes before finally talking about how to get poor lazy people to church.  There was actually some good ideas there so we are gonna try that out in Nueva Asuncion.  Then it turned into a really long time about cleaning and eating good.  Things, I don’t have a problem with.  It even included a cooking segment from the Hermana McMullin which was interesting and slightly foolish, since we don’t even have a third of the cooking supplies she used.  And her assessment on cost was hysterical.  But, the part that bothered me the most was the fact all the office elders were involved.  They even had time to make a blooper reel.  Why does that bother me you might ask?  They are, simply put,  terrible at their jobs. I receive a fourth of the letters sent to me, and I haven’t gotten several packages.  And, the money guy still hasn’t taken care of my rent problem and it’s been 5 months.  Way to go boys, more cooking less work, I like it.


Then we had a lecture about how to use our planner, again.  Kind of annoying.  It’s a stinking planner.  And finally a lesson about needing to know the doctrine better which turned into a scripture mastery kinda thing from seminary.  Not a fan.  Who decides what scriptures are important?  But in the end, I decided to not fight with anybody, be obedient and try to be better.  And who says the mission hasn’t changed me, ha ha. 


Then in the middle of the week once our weights were dry we fabricated a bench out of a stump a bookcase and a piece of wood we found, ha ha.  Only in the mission.  But it works and it feels good to have a workout of sorts.  


It was rainy and cold this week as we continue into the winter but it’s been better this year so far and people are hoping for a warm dry winter, me included.


Then on Thursday the world cup started.  It’s awesome being in a soccer crazy country even if they aren’t in it.  Everybody watches the games.  The games are on huge screens in some areas.  Everyone talks about it and just be contacting or visiting people I can see parts of games.  I’m gonna miss it!  It is strange though how everybody cheers for the other Latin America countries to win every game.  It’s strange how they absolutely hate each other but when it comes to soccer pride, they hope a Latin country wins. There is just an energy in the country during the games – it’s super legit. I thought  I’d be bummed I was missing games due to being a missionary, but it is really awesome to experience them in a soccer country.  Their main channel like ABC or NBC or FOX for us is 24 hours of games commentary replays and a little local news thrown in - so awesome!

For example on Thursday we went to do a visit with the Hermana Adriana, and she invited us to watch part of the opener with her family.  She made a bomb dessert. Gotta love that!


Then on Saturday we had a ward activity. We got assigned to bring this giant cake from the Hermana Acosta.  But she didn’t trust us to carry it there, even though it was really light.  So we waited and waited and waited for a bus that never came.  So in the end, she called her daughter to come pick it up in a car and we lucked out.  A little more drama, as it was supposed to start at 11, but none of the leaders or food showed up until 2.  So it was our job to keep the youth entertained.  Luckily there is a soccer field in the church.  So we played soccer in the mud and rain.  It was awesome!  A little tough though, as one less active member didn’t have a belt.  So I gave him mine to use and my pants and shirt was flopping all over the place.  And to top things off, I blocked a shot which left a nice muddy ball print on my white shirt.  The clothes lady is gonna kill me! 


After that, we ate to celebrate Mother’s day and Father’s day.  The food was alright.  Then there were games before the activity was over.  But it was fun.


 A normal Sunday. 


Today when we got changes news.  I am going to be staying here with Elder McClelland, one of my good friends from Capiata.  I’m really excited for this next 6 weeks.


Love all you guys and hope all is well. Take care.


Elder Frost


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