Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 71

I didn’t know to become a missionary you had to join the Glee club, ha ha. But really with all the choirs I’ve done just in this area, not to mention in other areas, and the karaoke in Pedro Juan I should probably just be inducted into Motab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir). We had another choir this week and it always makes for a good week and its fun, but it does use up a lot of time. That was the big news from this week so I’ll save it for a little later.


On Monday we had a normal day until the night, when we had a family home evening with the Acostas again.  They aren’t doing them, and want to start getting in the habit, so we’ve been helping out.  Last week my comp gave the lesson, and this time I did.  I just used a talk from a Liahona (Spanish version of the Ensign) but it went over well.  Also I made a cake, but since I was lazy, it was just a box cake orange flavored.  Turns out the husband likescake like that, so it was a good choice.  She also cooked us some milanesas and some noodles in a cream sauce super good way to end a pday.


Then on Tuesday I had quite the adventure as I woke up to an upset stomach.  But I didn’t think it would be a problem, so off to district meeting where we discussed a potential big project for us.  Then we went to lunch where I wasn’t gonna ea,t but she had chicken milanesas which she never does so I had to take the opportunity. Bad choice.  We ended up going out to Nueva Asuncion after and that’s the far poor part of my area.  We did some visits and some contacting before my stomach started acting up.  And by poor I mean most of these houses don’t have toilets just a hole in the ground if that.  Well now  I’m worried cuz we are now where near home and I’m gonna need a bathroom.  In the middle of a visit I couldn’t take it anymore and took a chance and asked to use their bathroom. I lucked out.  No door, but it did have a toilet.  I was able to finish out the work day out there before coming a little bit closer to home and my stomach started acting up again.  So hurried through that lesson before going home.  Quite a stressful day.


The big project I talked about is we are contemplating starting up a group or a family unit out in Nueva Asuncion.  There is a ton of baptized members out there, but nobody comes to church again due to the poorness. So in an attempt to get them coming back to church, we might hold a sacrament meeting in a members house out there on Sunday afternoons.  But in order to do that, we have to talk to the bishop, the stake president, the mission presiden, the members who own the house, the people of Nueva Asuncion and so on and so forth.  So we began that work this week and we will see what happens. 


Also we continued our work with our drunk friend whose wife died.  He seemed to be doing a little better this week and drank less but he is still a mess.  Hopefully we can get a breakthrough with him this week. 


Now the choir was for youth and of course missionaries for the ward conference we had on Sunday. Well we sang 2 hymns that almost nobody knew.  Numbers 8 and 9 in the Spanish hymnbook.  So that was a challenge and so is the fact that each time we practiced we were missing some people or some new ones came.  But in the end, it sounded good and the practice paid off.


Also for ward conference there was a deep clean of the chapel which was desperately needed. Our convert Abdon got the priesthood Sunday as well so that was awesome.


And the work out craze has continued as we bought a metal bar and made weights out of cement this morning. Hopefully they work.


That’s about it for this week.  Love you guys and take care.


Elder Frost


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