Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 69

(NOTE:  On May 15th, we were sent an email from the mission office stating that Anthony had been made a Zone Leader.  When we wrote Anthony about it, he had no idea what we were talking about.  So we sent him a copy of the letter we received.  He checked with his district and zone leaders, but they knew nothing.  About a week later, Anthony had a scheduled interview with the mission president.  They discussed the letter.  Anthony discusses it below.  About a week after the discussion with the mission president, on May 28, we received a letter from the office apologizing for the mistake.)

So first of all, sorry to any of you that got the letter last week about me being a zone leader. Anyway that bit of mis-information definitely made for an interesting week.

It started last Monday when I got the surprise emails congratulating me on becoming zone leader, news that I had not been given.  So I did some searching, and nobody knew anything.  So I ended up waiting until Friday when I had my interview with the mission president.  Needless to say that kept my mind a little occupied all week.  Well he laughed when I asked him - definitely not a good sign, ha ha.  So ya,  I’m not a zone leader. But I’m ok with it. 

Other than that, it was still an interesting week.  On Monday after our pday, and buying a rubiks cube for my companion (those things are impossible), we had a family home evening with the familia Acosta.  We were hoping that her grandchildren would be there so we could start prepping them for baptism.  Well due to waiting for buses, we were running late and didn’t have a chance to make the brownies we wanted to.  But we traded the raw ingredients with the Hermana for a cake she had made.  Good trade!  Raw food for cooked food, I’ll make that deal all the time. 

We had some surprise visitors, as the elders from Canada Garay were there dropping off their clothes but it went good.  Unfortunately the grandkids weren’t there, but it still went well.  We talked about making Christ the anchor of our lives using Elder Uchtdorfs talk.  I thought it went really well, and the cake was good.

Then on Tuesday we visited her again, and this time the grandkids were there.  But it wasn’t as good.  It turns out the mom is furious at the church right now, and is not happy her kids are talking to us.  Wanna know why... because at church this past Sunday, her son was peed on.  In the chapel by an 8ish year old who pulled down his pants and peed all over her sons face and chest.  Who the heck does that, and what were the teachers doing?  Oh man, this could take some work to get her to calm down.  She wouldn’t even acknowledge our presence. 

Then the week took a turn for the worse as the week wound down and ended.  On Wednesday I made this spaghetti with sausage I was super pumped to make.  Well never again.  The sausage ended up making me ridiculously sick.  So sick in fact, I couldn’t leave the house on Thursday because of my stomach problems.  To make things better, my comp ate the sausage on Thursday saying I just didn’t know how to cook it.  And a little bit later, we were tag teaming the bathroom.  Lesson learned.

It also got cold this week. Yes, I know the temperature says it’s not that cold, but trust me it is.  Remember that there is no insulation and we walk around all day in it and its windy, rainy and a humid cold.  It goes right through any and all clothing.  Luckily our room has a bomb heater, so we sleep well.  Just everything else sucks, ha ha.  Also, it signifies the start of winter, which consequently means a drop in church attendance, namely from 100 to down to 34.  Gotta love it!  But we will get through it with hot chocolate and blankets, ha ha.

Also I had my interview with the President like I said.  It went really well.  The news about zone leader, figuring out if my dad can come to pick me up, and some deeper stuff that helped me out a lot.  It was a good thing.

Also the champions league final was this weekend and I know people that took off work to see it.  Love it.  Love soccer countries and I’m excited for the world cup. Can’t wait!

That’s it for this week.  Love you guys and take care. 


Elder Frost


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