Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 46


So first of all, sorry about the blog last week. It was hot and the cyber sucked so I just kinda didn’t have it in me to write anything.  And even if I did… I couldn’t have, because of the aforementioned fact that the cyber sucked. I thought about getting in my time machine and grabbing my dial up computer from 2nd grade - that woulda been faster.

But luckily for you guys this week was much better.  It started off Tuesday night with a delicious BBQ. We had talked about doing a BBQ with the bishop and his family the week before and made it a time and place that his kids could bring their friends as well and we could teach a little lesson. So Tuesday we made a run to the store and bought some pork. The bishop and his wife provided some sides and a drink. The bishop’s wife did this rub or seasoning with an orange and it was way good. It was a very good night and one investigator did come so we were able to talk with him and hopefully start something there.

Wednesday didn’t feature much of anything exciting as Tuesday, but it still had its moments. Mostly in the morning we helped a less active family out with some service. I got to put to use my ability with a shovel.  A shout out to the Pearson’s for that one.  Although, sadly my muscles have deteriorated so bad that I can no longer rotate it. We had to shovel dirt into a wheelbarrow and put it in their yard as the rain had basically put a pond where their yard used to be. No problem.  Except for its really hot out here and my comp isn’t exactly used to doing physical labor.  So it turned into me doing all the shoveling and him pushing the wheelbarrow. By the end of the day I was dead.  My back hurt and my arms and shoulders hurt as I pushed the wheel barrow at the end as well. All-in-all, a sad day for the state of my body.

The next day we were supposed to do a division, but my comp was sick.  So that got canceled.  I found out later that my companion being “sick” meant - holy crap my body hurts from working yesterday.  But oh well, I’m not gonna lose sleep over canceling a division.  I hate those things.

That next night we had a sick FHE planned again at the bishops house with some of his son’s friends.  It’s pretty cool being able to use members like this.  It is definitely a blessing.  So Elder Stopper had a movie he wanted to show, ironically it turned out to be about an American football coach who was having a really hard time in life but put his trust and faith in the lord and he received blessings. It was a chance for me to teach about American football but also and probably more importantly showed a story of how to put faith in action. So we talked about that with the 2 kids and they both seemed to enjoy it and we planned more visits with them. One of them has expressed interest in being baptized before, so hopefully Elder Stopper and I can push him over the edge.  

But of course any family home evening is not complete without some food so we did another BBQ.  This time, my comp also made something out of lentels - which was surprisingly good and more marinated pork.  I’m gonna get fat eating here.  Luckily, I sweat it all out, as it is way hot here. It was a very good night though and I’m looking at it as a definite positive in the week.  I’m trying to be more positive. Ha ha.

Then Friday night, we had our ward activity night, Since there was no power on Wednesday night. So we played soccer like usual. I played a great first 5 minutes with a goal and an assist. After that I played the worst game I have played in years. I actually walked off the court I was playing so bad. My touch really has gotten terrible. I’m gonna start practicing though.  I love playing! I really have missed it since high school ended. I understand now why professional athletes retire and then un-retire.  Although I will never forgive Michael Jordan for those years as a wizard. Just wrong!

Then we had a good hard work day Saturday.  We took the bishop’s son around with us on visits.  It was really cool to do work with someone prepping for a mission.  It’s something I should have done.  Although to be honest…I wouldn’t have. Ha ha.  

We also ran around Saturday telling people to come to church on Sunday so they could get the details about the ward Christmas dinner this week.  which I am really looking forward to.  I mean its free food!  It should also be a good night as they want to do a karaoke night and a dance as well.  So that should make it better and different than every other Christmas dinner where you eat and then leave.

We also unfortunately had another singing practice Sunday after church.  Apparently it is for this service choir thing.  We are singing this Friday in a plaza in the middle of town.  Yup, sounds like me, right!  Ha ha.  We are singing 4 songs.  I don’t know the names in English, though.  So, I’ll get on that for next week. I’m slowly but surely going to be able to tell you guys what songs we are singing.  Anyway that should be well…exciting isn’t the right word, but neither is fun.  But it’s something.

Also next week is Christmas.  So that’s freaking awesome!  I get to Skype with my family.  And…ya that’s basically all I can think about right now.  Not gonna lie! Ha ha. It’s been a long time since Mother’s day.

I also put up my Christmas decorations and am sending some pictures so hopefully you guys get an idea of what it’s like. Sadly I couldn’t think of a way to email 115 degrees and humid and smelly mission clothes to you guys but you’ll probably thank me for that.  

I just like I want to thank my Grandma and Grandpa Hadley for sending me some Christmas ornaments that smell nice.  Like Elder Anderson said today, I can’t wait to have a women’s touch in my life again and things can look and smell better.  Ha ha.   

Love you guys.  I wish you all luck if your still taking finals.  I am not sure if I’m jealous of you or not.  Also enjoy your Christmas break - if your already done.

Be safe and take care.


Elder Frost


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