Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 43

So like I said last week, I finally got changes. That change has been to Anahi 1st Ward . It’s part of Capiata district or kind of close to Asuncion, the capital, and the Argentine border.  I basically traded one border for another.

And my new comp is Elder Stopper from Ecuador. He just finished his training from Elder Fernandez. Elder Fernandez was one of my best friends from the MTC, so that should be pretty cool.

We got the news of the change last Monday as we were waiting for some people to show up for our soccer game. Not gonna lie, my emotions were pretty all over the place. I basically knew I was leaving Pedro Juan - one way or another.  Either the pres was going to move me or I would go completely off the reservation and move into Brazil, buy a house and a car, and get a job at a BBQ place -  since I was never going to leave.  

Also, there were a lot of rumors going around that I was going into the office to become the new Financiero or Financial Clerk.  And…it’s not really a secret that going into the office was something I wanted to do.  So I was secretly pretty jacked for changes.  Well, I didn’t go into the office as you now know.  So I was pretty bummed about that and some other stuff made me pretty upset actually. 

Anyway, we played soccer; it sucked.  Then I made one last run to the shopping China Food court. I got a bomb chicken parmesan, a strawberry banana juice, and one last thing of gelato.  I’m seriously addicted to that stuff. Then off to the cyber café.

On our way there we stopped to buy something to drink as it is really hot here. Well surprise, surprise, this place had Pepsi. I hadn’t seen or drank one since I left the States, so naturally I bought 2 and drank them both.  It was so worth it.  My Grandma Frost would be proud! That basically wrapped up my p-day.  We bought some burgers as part of the tradition of leaving Pedro Juan and then home and I packed.

It’s weird how nothing fits in my bags anymore.  Ok, not weird - 2 hammocks take up a lot of space.  It just made packing more of a hassle than I wanted. 

Anyway, the next day was weird as I was saying goodbyes. I hate goodbyes.  And they never seem real until after the fact.  I just hate them.  Anyway, I started the day off strong with the Familia Arguello.  Digna lost it.  She even bought me a tie. Ha ha.  It’s weird saying goodbye to people that have had such a big impact on your life and you’ve had on theirs.  After them, we went into town for lunch, which was awesome!  She made milanesa and her patented sauce, which I decided to go for broke and ask for the recipes.  Got them.  Heck ya!

Then it was off to the terminal to buy tickets.  It still didn’t feel real.  Then I tried to buy some stuff for Elder Anderl, but that fell through.  So then it was back to goodbyes.  Next up was Selva, and yes she did cry.  She also talked about all we’ve been through together and a lot about the day I almost died in the hospital.  Apparently it was worse than I thought. I guess my lips turned blue and I started convulsing.  The doctor told her she couldn’t leave the room and had to change my towels every so often or I would die more or less. Ha ha.  She said she was scared I’d get sick again and die.  Well, isn’t that lovely.  I’m like one of those athletes with an injury risk tag, except mine says sick and die. Ha ha.  Anyway, she cried and I gave her a tie and some pics she wanted.  And then we went our way.  I visited a lot of people. Unfortunately a lot of people weren’t home, so I missed a lot too.  I did have dinner with Blandina, which was pretty good.  I gave Lucia crap about not getting me my Paraguayan flag which I ordered like 2 months ago.  But they gave me some cool gifts and then off I went again.  Then we ran to Hermana Benitez’s house and said bye there before running back to the house, loading up Hermano Miguel’s van and going to the terminal. 

It was just me and Elder Worsham going on the bus as Elder Menchaca and Elder Wall are staying together in PJC.  We loaded up our stuff, and I fell asleep.  It still did not feel like I was leaving forever.  It finally felt real when I dropped my bags off outside the office and everyone else started showing up.  I waited a long time as my companion was one of the last ones to show up, and then we had to wait for the other elders in Anahi to get out of their training meeting to show them their house. 

So I had a good chance to get to know my new comp.  He’s pretty legit.  His name is Elder Stopper from Ecuador, and he played on Ecaudor’s U20 National Soccer team as a goalie.  He’s super funny, and we get along great.  So it’s gonna be a fun 6 weeks, if not more, together. We hung out for awhile in the office.  I got my copy of Miracle of Forgiveness from President McMullin.  And then off we went.

There were way too many suitcases and 4 elders in one car.  Finally we got there, and first thing I noticed about my new house is that it has AC.  Second, I have a place for my hammock.  It’s gonna be a good time.  Also, I received a package while in the office.  And like I promised, any time I get mail or a package, I’ll give you a shout out.  So thanks Brontay and Hilary for the package.  You guys are amazing!  I owe you one.  The Halloween candy was amazing!  It was the highlight of the month.  

So far, after only a couple days here, I love Anahi.  It might just be a high from being something different, but the people are awesome here.  They all want to help us, and the ward is great.  And yes, it is a ward and works like one which is so nice after basically doing everything myself in Pedro Juan Caballero.  I’m really excited about the area, and I know I have to work hard as there are no investigators right now.  But I’ll make it happen, cap’n. I’m sure I’ll have more to tell about Anahi next week.  But for right now, I love it.

And one last thing, if you all could pray for a couple of people that I am close to that would be awesome. First is my Grandma Hadley.  She has breast cancer.  The second one is Brontay Dickson - one of my best friends from college.  Unfortunately, her life is in complete meltdown right now.  Her boyfriend was in an accident and has since lost his leg.  AND, she was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and had to go to the E.R.. I love both of these people a lot, so all the prayers you guys can give would be great. Get better you two!

Take care of yourselves. 

Love you all,

Elder Frost


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