Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 41

So first off, some big news and then probably a little later some even bigger news and maybe, just maybe, some even bigger news after that -- kinda like that picture of the fish, eating a fish, eating a fish.

The first bit of news is for anyone who was involved in the infamous PB&J challenge of last year…I’m happy to inform everybody that I can once again eat a PBJ.  And… I still love them. Haha.

Also, Elder Menchaca and I had a sick day Tuesday just talking and loving life. So the day was whatever - a typical Tuesday in the mish.  But at night we ordered burgers and a pop and just kicked it and talked about after the mission plans. It was pretty legit. We basically decided that unless I make the soccer team, highly unlikely considering my current physical condition, then I’m gonna continue to learn how to box. It’s on my bucket list to be in a boxing match. I love the sweet science - always have. Anyway, I gotta find a gym in Provo and train.  But then, during the same conversation, he invited me down to live at his house for a while and train there.  Then we can both fight the same night. It would be freaking legit.

Also, he has his own chickens for cock fighting so that’s another bucket list item knocked off the list. Heck ya! And yes, before all my family emails me saying these are bad ideas, let’s get real.  We all know it’s very unrealistic - even if it would be awesome. No need to worry about my health. Yet. haha

Then Wednesday leads us to our next big news - Rafa Arguello. All 5 foot 8 300 lbs of him!  He wants to go on a mission. So exciting! So Rafa was one of the first people I met in my mission and someone that I was here for his baptism. To say he’s been an important part of my mission is an understatement. So he’s kinda been floating out the idea of going on a mission for a while now.  He mentions it in the way of jokes and in things he says, but anytime we’ve seriously asked about it, he plays it like a joke and goes running away.  Basically he says he won’t go, doesn’t want to go.  Like there’s no way he ever could. Well a couple weeks ago, he was really down about his family slowly falling away from the church, or not continuing to progress. So I gave him Lehi’s dream to read and basically challenged him to be Lehi and do everything he could to help his family make it.  He really took that to heart.  And as a result, he has picked up all his reading, praying and is sharing what he is doing with his family.  It’s been awesome! But we never thought a mission was a real option for Rafa. Well, Wednesday that changed. We got a call that he wanted to visit with us. Well,, unfortunately we had run into some unexpected service and couldn’t make it to the visit. Bummer. But we still passed by his house.  Griselda, his mom, told us about how he wants to go on a mission, but she was scared and wanted to know more.  So we talked her all through the mission -- basically how it works -- and helped alleviate some of her fears. Well later that night Rafa shows up to our ward activity and we asked him about it and he confirmed that he wants to go. So we are going to start preparing him for it.  Hopefully, I can be there when he goes to the airport. That would be so cool!

The next day was interviews with the mission president. Well interviews were interviews. Also, as I had the littlest amount of drama in the area, my interview was pretty short.  I did get to ask him about The Miracle of Forgiveness and he gave me permission to read it.  So that should be legit. Unfortunately, my companion had it a little rougher.  He really wanted to get permission to go to the gym, so he could step right back in to his boxing career.  He was…denied. I’m not going to judge that decision - just stating what happened. So he was pretty down.

We found a nice restaurant to eat lunch at. One of the more expensive places to eat in Pedro Juan and yet it still cost the same as like an Applebees.  I’ll take the Applebees for those who are wondering.  It was a good pasta and chicken thing, complete with a server in a tux and everything.  It was pretty cool to feel rich, as we sat in our suits after interviews…until we put on the backpacks and went back to the grind. Haha.  All in all, a cool experience.

Then more good food as Friday night Hermana Benitez was selling pizzas as part of a fundraiser to finish that house we started forever ago. So we ordered one. So good. probably the best pizza I’ve eaten since I left the States.  It even had stuffed crust. Yum.  Anyway, so we bought some pop and ate pizza Friday and just kicked it for another good day.

Saturday we had English class.  At first, the only person there was Camila, who wanted to practice reading her paper in English.  She has an interview this week for a trip to the United States.  So we helped her with that.  Then a couple of other kids came in and mostly wanted to know words they could insult each other with.  But it was pretty amusing. Then I began to teach them the words of some of our greatest writers, namely R Kelly, Nelly, Eminem, and 50 cent. Haha.  No worries, I only taught them church approved lyrics.

Then Sunday we went to church.  Wilson didn’t come, so there will be no baptism this week.

Then after church, we left for Asuncion.  And that brings us to the last big news of this letter. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the 12 apostles was in Paraguay, and we went to go see him. I’ve decided to tell all about that trip in the next blog as it belongs there.  And without it, next week would be pretty short.

So that’s something to look forward to.

Love and miss you guys,


Elder Frost

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