Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 42

So I promised to talk about Elder Christofferson, so that’s what you guys will get… eventually.

So anyway, we got to Asuncion early Monday morning.  Basically we were completely out of it as it’s dang near impossible to sleep on those big buses. So I decide, heck with getting on a street bus, crazy packed and really un-fun, so we grab a taxi.  No big deal right... well he took us on the longest way possible and then tried to drop us off at the Catholic church.  Yay nice try buddy.  Finally we get there but it’s a little - ok a lot - more than we were expecting.  Luckily we had suitcases and therefore could get it reimbursed.  So that was nice.

Then as always we had to wait outside the office as it was locked.  So we talked and tried to kill time. Eventually we went to a gas station and got breakfast.  Nothing like a hot dog out of a gas station for breakfast.  I did buy a Paraguayan brand sports drink, and it was surprisingly delicious.  Who knew?  After that, back to the office for more waiting for the office elders to arrive.  

As we were doing so, the President decided it was a good time to lecture us all on using our time better. Talk to me when you were on a bus for 7 hours, didn’t sleep, and it’s P-day. Ok, I’m a little grouchy in the mornings, haha.  But he had a good point. So we went and studied for awhile, then the office elders came and we took care of business. Then it was off to the city of Capiata to see some families of Elder Menchaca’s.

Well Capiata is like an hour away on a bus, so no big deal.  Except for when you take the wrong bus... Elder Menchaca didn’t remember the buses to take, so we bus hopped for a while.  But we finally made it.  He had some really cool families and converts in that area.  Every visit we did was awesome.  It was even cooler to see him in and around his old area and how he changed.  He got super happy and you could see and feel the love between him and his old families.  Pretty cool.  He showed me around; we visited people.  Then it was back on a bus to Asuncion. 

Once there, we grabbed some dinner at Burger King.  Chicken nuggets have never tasted so good.  And then it was off to the Hermana Fuller’s house to sleep. So ya, 20 dudes in one house is always gonna be rough. Luckily I took my bed last, so I got a room to myself even if I slept in the kitchen.  The bad news was I got kicked and stepped on anytime anybody went to the bathroom for the night. Oh well.  Finally I woke up and successfully dodged morning yoga, again a bunch of dudes in their underwear stretching, not for me. Haha. We got ready and then back to the office for studies and such.  Eventually we got free and went to lunch.  We went to Burger King again. Gotta get it when you can.  And who should happen to be there... well  Elder Anderson and Anderl and their comps.  What a kawinkydink. ;)  So that was legit, seeing everybody by chance like that.  We had a good time there.

Then we walked across the street to the temple and the conference. We had to sit in our chairs forever, but it finally began.  Then we all got up and were able to shake his hand, and he read our nametags.  It was pretty cool.  Then the actual conference began.  There were some really good talks and then Elder Christofferson.  That is one funny man.  He made lots of jokes and shared a good message while also opening up for questions and telling us about blessings we will receive for being here. Always good to get that locked down as I figure the word of an apostle has to mean something. Haha.  After that, we had some lunch, but it was not good. Then it was off to the office for practices before going to the bus terminal.  We had a really funny practice as Elder Valladares came in and pretended to be Elder Wall’s wife.  Hahaha.

 Ok, so after that we took a bus to the terminal and then a bus back out to my home in PJC. 

So Wednesday night, there was a baptism for a grandson in the ward.  So naturally, we had to set it all up.  And of course in keeping with my lousy tradition… out goes the water.   It is always something bad on a baptism night.   But they made snacks, and they were heavenly.

Thursday I did a division with Elder Worsham.  During the division, we looked for menos active (less active) people.   Well the records are bad, or really old, since we didn’t find a single one.   Basically we knocked on doors all day looking for people who don’t exist.  We did visit some insane old ladies.  Like literally insane.

Then Friday there was nothing big to report , except we made pizzas for a fundraiser, as well as for my stomach, with the Hermana Benitez.  It was soooo good!

Then nothing exciting until Sunday night when we got hassled by some drunks.  We were just sitting outside Hermana Blandina’s house chatting after a visit when some drunks came.  No problem.  Talked about the church for awhile, and then they left.  As we got up to leave, they came back with an old lady who started going off about us being in Paraguay to trick people into giving us money and that we are possessed by devils.  Ya…they were pretty hammered.  So we explained.  Then she got angry and next thing we know the dudes start throwing punches.  Luckily Hermana Blandina stepped in and broke it up.  Then she took us back inside to her house.  It turns out the lady was her sister and is just a mean lady.  So that was exciting.

Finally I got changes news today.  I am finally leaving Pedro Juan Caballero.  It feels weird.  I’ve lived in this house, in this city longer than I have lived in the house in Fairfield I will go home to.  It still hasn’t quite hit me.  I’ll never walk these streets or see these people again.  It’s gonna be strange. I’ll give you guys a full rundown on my new comp and area next week.  But for right now, I’m going to Anahi which is a part of the city of Capiata.  Capiata is pretty close to Asuncion.  So ya, there ya go.  I gotta go pack and start getting ready to say goodbye to people tomorrow.  So weird.  Well that’s my life -- take it or leave it. Take care of yourselves.

Love you all and miss you.  Email me.


Elder Frost

Note:  Anthony's new program is in the City of CapiatáCapiatá is a city in Central Department, Paraguay. It is the only city in Central that borders seven cities: Aregua, Itaugua, Juan Augusto Saldívar, Luque, Ñemby, San Lorenzo and Ypane.

It is about an hour southeast of Asuncion.  It is also located near the border with Argentina (the Rio Paraguay separates the 2 countries).

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