Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 91

We had quite an interesting Monday last week as we went to the Paraguayan myth museum.  It was something. Ha ha. 


We started off by going to Elder McClelland and Elder Turley’s old area as they wanted to visit somebody.  So we split and Elder Aquino and I went to shopping in San Lorenzo and just hung out til everybody else got there.  Then we hit McDonalds and then it was off to the myth museum.  It was more of a house.  But it did have statues of all the Paraguayan myths mixed with some old catholic stuff and some old Paraguayan stuff.  But it was interesting. I also bought their book to learn a little bit more about the myths. I now understand why Paraguayans are the way they are.  Their origin story has evil beating good and kidnapping a woman.  Strange stuff, ha ha. 


Then we had an FHE where we watched a movie and I prematurely said goodbyes and took photos.  The next day we got changes and found out that I would in fact be staying and Elder McClelland would be going to Itagua, with Elder Singer coming to be with me. 


Before that though, we had a district meeting which turned out to be quite funny since McClelland tried to make us all feel bad and act mad. Which he doesn’t do well.  I argued with him during his act and basically destroyed his whole plan.  It was hilarious.  Then McClelland said some goodbyes.


Wednesday we had changes.  It was weird being there for the changes since 2 of the people from my group went home, Elder Menchaca with his knee, and Elder Sanchez for stress.  So we took a goodbye photo with them and a couple others from our group. 


NOTE:  Another result of the changes, Anthony was made a District Leader.


Then we had a visit with Rodrigo which was awesome since he wants to know how to be a good home teacher.  That is unusual, since most don’t even do their visits.  


Then we did service for a lady moving bricks all day.  It was hot and boring, but it helped and we are gonna go back to finish next week.  We then had our dinner hour slash missionary meeting at a Lomito restaurant.  Best idea ever.  


Then we did a fundraiser to get the rest of the money for the Fernandez family. (Note:  The Fernandez is raising money so that they can get money to get married)  We sold and ate hamburgers again.  Now that the money has been raised and they have the paper work, they should be able to be baptized in November.  So that’s exciting. 


Sadly we’ve lost Brian as a possible convert.  He went to his mother-in-law to ask if his girlfriend could move back home with her so he could get baptized.  She freaked out and now he can’t.  Super sad.  I’m hoping to get through to them, but we will see.


Well that’s it for this week.  Love you guys and take care.


Elder Frost

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