Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 89

We had a good week. 

It was quite the week in the ward as 6 baptisms happened.  Unfortunately none of them were mine, but it’s still great to see that kind of success in the mission and especially for this ward.  It’s a great ward.  It’s going to be tough to leave either at changes next week or at the end of my mission.

On Monday we went to Shangrila again.  And while it may not be the actual place, it does taste great every so often.  It’s just nice to have something different than the typical Paraguayan food. 

So we went on Monday, and I ate my fill of Mongolian BBQ -- sweet and sour chicken and pork along with some spring
rolls.  I left full and probably significantly heavier than when I went in. 

Then we had a crazy night, as while we were in the cyber, we got a call from a number we didn’t know, very upset and animated with us that he still hadn’t been paid for the paperwork for the Fernandez wedding and stuff.  We wrongly thought it was the Hermano Fernandez.  So we dropped our plans and went to the Fernandez house.  We got there and they seemed surprised, so instead we taught a lesson before calling back and finding out it was the lawyer who is working on the case.  Well, I’ve never dealt with him so I had no idea what was going on.  But we figured out that he has all the paperwork and just wants his money.  So we set up a meeting with Elder Laurente to make the exchange.  We met him on Tuesday, and he gave the money to the lawyer on Tuesday night.  The paperwork is now done and as soon as he gets the other half his money, next Monday we are hoping, we can finally do their wedding. That has been a work in process since I got to the area.  So that is really exciting. 

We are doing another charity BBQ this Friday to raise the rest of the money.  Also Tuesday was Elder Luke’s birthday, so he met us up in Luque as well.  We ate empanadas, and Elder McClelland gave him a present of a pen tie and belt. Mission birthdays suck. Ha ha. 

Then we had a zone meeting on Wednesday.  It was terrible. I honestly fell asleep at one point.  In my defense, I was up all night with stomach problems.  Apparently there was a funny moment when I refused to give one of the assistants a hug.  I don’t see why I have to hug somebody I don’t like.  Anyway, everybody around me thought it was hilarious. 

Then we lucked out of the kiosk by having service for the Hermana Adriana.  It was good to be able to do something for her.  She is so awesome. We also ate with them, which was fun since it had been awhile.  We mostly cut down trees and removed trunks. I got blisters again.  Man, my hands are girly.  I’m also starting to wish I’d invested at work gloves at the
start of my mission. 

Then we had a full day of baptism interviews for all those baptisms.  We even played some soccer there were so many
interviews to wait for.

Then Saturday was a day of baptisms. They all went well. It was cool to be there. 

Then a normal Sunday, and we are here.  Changes are next week. It seems weird.

I hope you guys have a great week and be safe and have fun.

Love you guys,

Elder Frost

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