Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 87

We had a crazy start to the week, and then it turned into just another week.  But still, some interesting things happened.


Monday was quite chaotic to say the least. I had an interview scheduled with President McMullin to talk about my ecclesiastical endorsement. No biggie, in and out and good to go.  So we set up a soccer game for that afternoon.  Well, while I’m waiting to do my interview Elder McClelland decides to show the nurse his foot, since it has been bothering him. It turns out he has pique. Pique is some weird foot bug thing in Paraguay.  Not only does he have it, he has it in 3 spots.  One of them is under his nail.  So he can’t dig it out himself.  So he has to go to the hospital and get it done.  


I do my interview and find out that I didn’t fill out all the paperwork and stuff needed so we couldn’t do it all the way.  I did pass the interview though.  Pretty simple stuff …be a good person, don’t cheat, keep the commandments, and shave. Three guesses as to which part I have a problem with -- Ha ha. 


I leave the interview and find out about McClelland, so I brace myself for a long day.  It turns out instead he is going to go with Elde Lubomirsky, who also has to go to the doctor.  So I’m going to go with his comp, who is at immigrations.  So we wait for awhile, but he doesn’t show. So we go to lunch.  We come back from lunch and find out his comp has come and now left to go to Dominos.  Well, they have to go to the doctor, and I have to get back to Luque for the soccer game.  I do have my priorities!


So luckily Elder Singer and Vasquez were there, so I did a trio with them.  So it was off to their house for a change of clothes for them and finally down to Luque.  We played, but it wasn’t anything special. 


Then there was a mix up where all 3 groups were meeting before the mini division ended and we got with our comps. 


They ended up cutting off a bunch of  Elder McClelland’s skin, but he seems to be doing better. 


On Tuesday, Elder McClelland did his first district meeting as a new District Leader, and he talked about lesson 1.  I liked it.  He did a good job, and he let me be an investigator in the practice.  We did a good cop/bad cop kind of thing, and I excel at being the bad cop! I was a super knowledgeable Catholic and made them work, but they taught me well. 


My cousin (Josh Baumbach) is in a Spanish speaking mission in Salt Lake City (East Mission), and I’ve decided I’m buying a rosary and going to give him a taste of what real Spanish Catholic people are like.  It’s going to be awesome!


Sadly, nothing is really progressing with Brian, our awesome investigator.  That is frustrating, but they are going to talk to her parents about her moving back in or he might move in with his sister.  So we still have hope. 


We also worked this booth kind of thing to get references. I don’t like it, but apparently it works.


I also worked out for real for the first time in months.  Normally, I just go through the motions. Oh boy, am I in trouble.  I barely did anything, and I still can’t move my arms without my triceps hurting.  A real gym is going to be brutal, but so needed.


Also, general conference is this weekend so that’s exciting. It’s like our vacation as missionaries.  And of course we have the chance to hear the prophet. Ha ha.

Well, that’s about it. Love you guys and take care.


Elder Frost

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