Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 84

Well y’all should be thankful there is even a blog this week. At one point, I was so mad at the events of this week, there wasn’t going to be a blog entry.  But I am wiser and more patient. 


So here it is. 


The week started fine.  On Monday we went to Shangrila, a Chinese restaurant in Asuncion.  We met up with Elder Turley and some other friends and had a good time.  It had a Mongolian grill type part, and then a bunch of other Asian dishes.  It’s all-you-can-eat in the whole restaurant for 60 mil or like 15 bucks.  I ate a bunch of chicken with sweet and sour sauce, rice, Mongolian grill and some bomb key lime pie and chocolate mousse.  I ate so much, I was full.  That is something that hasn’t happened since I left Anahi.  Maybe that’s why I’m losing some weight.  But it’s a good thing.


After that, we went to go look at some Nike stuff.   I went to the bathroom, where we happened to cross paths with Elder Wolfgramm, who was bowling.  I only make note of this because he told us he had interviews all day and couldn’t meet us for lunch.  You should have seen his face when we showed up. Ha ha. 


Then in the middle of the week we were consumed by service.  Tuesday night we went to the Hermana Racquel’s house to cut weeds.  Well, we ended up waiting for other missionaries, who never came.  So we started late, and we cut until we couldn’t see anymore.  Then we went back in the morning and finished the cutting.  It’s not even weird using a machete anymore.  That can’t be good, ha ha. 


Then on Thursday we had to go to Asuncion for immigrations.  Well, that went fine.  Then, I was just minding my own business in the office and talking to Elder Luke while he waited for Elder Yumar’s interview.  (sidenote: Elder Yumar decided to go home and end his mission).  Well, I decided to ask the secretary about my go home date, just to check and make sure I was still set for the 17th of December.  Well there was a problem.  So you can bet your bottom I stayed in that office until Pres was free to talk to him about it.  Well… things got palpably awkward when the secretary tried to shoo us out of the office.  The secretary said that the Pres might have changed his mind.  Well, it got awkward due to my response, ha ha.  I’m more patient and wiser, but I’m still frosty.  So finally I get into the President’s office, and we talk about it.  And I will have you know I handled it very maturely and professionally.  I didn’t even raise my voice.  But I left defeated and without what I wanted.  He explained that he messed up and couldn’t give me the 17th anymore.  But he would see what he could do. 


Then we went with Elders Luke and Yumar to BK (Burger King) to eat lunch before heading back.  Well on the trip home I got a call from pres.  The best he can do for me is December 26th, or the day after Christmas.  This time I lost it a little.  But only because of the way it all went down and the fact he told me he did all he could for me, but wouldn’t let me fight for my right to go home early with the general authorities.  After our heated conversation, I may… or may not have… thrown a temper tantrum and called it a day.  I was pretty mad all through Friday as well. 


Luckily, we had a baptism interview for Arminda to get me out of the house.  As we filled the font, it practically boiled from how hot I was.  I called pres, and once again I remained composed and asked for an interview. 


Then on Saturday we did some service for Rodrigo.  He has some of the weird Paraguayan brick with holes for his house.  There were some places the cement didn’t seal, and mice had been getting in.  So we went and basically threw mud at the walls to seal the holes.  Paraguayan construction truly is something else.


Then we baked a cake and headed to the baptism.  But of course, right at 4:00 it opens up and starts dumping rain.  But the baptism went well; she was happy.  Elder McClelland did the service, and I gave a talk.  It was also the moment I felt the spirit strong enough to let go of my anger, which is good since President McMullin called me early Sunday morning for our interview. 


He came down to Luque to handle it. I was glad to know a pissed off Frost still gets some respect.  I was afraid I’d gone soft.  Once again I was the perfect gentleman and once he explained the hows and whys of everything.  I was able to move on.  But I am still not his biggest fan though.  So my new date for coming home is December 26th.


Then after church we went to a BBQ lunch birthday party for Rodrigo - which was way fun.  So all-in-all it was a good week.  Even if I did spend a good couple days foaming at the mouth.  I hope your week was better and will be better.


Take care and I’ll see you guys someday.


Elder Frost


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