Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 82

It was hot this week.  Like insanely hot, for a supposed winter. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to the cold Montana winter and the snow.  


Sorry about the blog last week as well.  I went to go get ice cream and when I came back the internet had gone down.  Hopefully you all still enjoyed it, even if it was a little later than normal.


We also did one of the saddest things  I’ve ever done in my life. We bought soy burgers.  Now before all my relatives disown me, it was on accident.  We wanted hamburgers to eat and so we just grabbed the cheapest ones.  Well to my surprise when I went to cook them they were soy burgers.  Not very good ones at that.  But with enough cheese and BBQ sauce they were edible.  Never again!


Later on Monday, we had a really fun F.H.E. with the Acosta family, including Nahomi and Ivan the kids we baptized.  We wanted to do a fun lesson, but also teach them about choices and consequences.  So I shared some scriptures and then we had an activity.  We bought some cookies for them.  And then played a game where we put a coin in one of my hands and if they guessed which hand they got a cookie.  Well once all the cookies were gone we pulled out an even better brand of cookies and they all got excited.  Well… these cookies had a catch. They could either walk away with the cookies they had, or gamble it all on the new cookies.  Naturally they chose to go for the good cookies.  Well as any gambler knows the house always wins.  We won since my comp kept the coin therefore ensuring our victory.  They were outraged, but we had won.  So we explained all about choices and how Satan will tempt us and the consequences of our actions and then we all ate some cookies.  We are probably the only companions that would actually teach a lesson while gambling, ha ha.  But it worked.


Then on Tuesday I went on the slowest bus of all time.  I literally could have run faster for most of the trip.  Extremely annoying!   I’m not going to miss the buses at all. 


We also had some really cool things happen this week.  So we’ve been working hard, but not much to show for it until now.  When we got 3 references from families we’d been working with, and all 3 asked us what they need to do to be baptized.  It doesn’t get any nicer or easier than that.  The first one is named Arminda.  She’s 13 and has come to church forever.  In fact I thought she was a member, but she’s not.  She’s really smart and picking it up quick.  We are excited about her.  The next is Brian.  He is a friend of Beto, a recent convert and 19.  He’s come to church twice now and on Sunday, he asked us to baptize him.  So we need to finish teaching him and then he’s good to go.  Then the 3rd is a kid named Kevin who came to church as well.  We are just beginning to teach him.  All-in-all it should be an exciting, good next couple of weeks.


Also this week, Rodrigo did indeed receive the Melchizedek priesthood so he can start preparing to go to the temple and be sealed with his wife.  We are super excited!  We’ve worked really hard to help them get to this point, and he’s a great guy.


Also some sad news, an Hermana is going to get her electricity turned off, and another girl is threatening to kill herself. We are doing everything we can to help, and hope we can turn things around with them. 


We also had a special stake conference this weekend with a broadcast by Elder Bednar.  It was really good and should help a lot here in Paraguay.  It was even better for me as a package from my family came, and I was able to eat good American food during it. Yum yum!


Well that’s it for now. Talk more next week.  Take care, and be safe.


Love you guys!

Elder Frost

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