Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 81

Started the week off right, with a great p-day! We went into town and met up with a bunch of buddies to buy supplies then we went back to the house for a BBQ.  Now it was only some cheap hamburgers and some fried mandioca (Yucca in the U.S.), but it was still a blast.  We ended up having only 5 people come, but hey, more food for me – right? We just kinda hung out and ate and talked football, and it was good.  And that’s the only good thing about Paraguay winters -- it’s still so hot you can have a BBQ.



After the BBQ, we had a pretty normal day in town before coming back out for an FHE with the Fernandez family. They are a family we inherited from Elders Jimenez and Laurente when the areas got combined.  Most of the family are recent converts and the parents are just waiting on some paperwork to be married and then they will be as well.  They invited us and the Arguello family over for the FHE.  And, being the amazing delegator I am, I convinced Natalie Arguello to be in charge of the lesson and the activity.  So we just showed up and had fun!  It is so much nicer and stress-free that way.  It was a good lesson on patience, and then we played a game where we had to change seats and stuff.  It was a good night and a good p-day.


Then on Tuesday, we had no water.  So we went to district meeting nice and smelly and with some 5 o’clock shadow.  I can’t wait to have my facial hair again.  We also have had problems with our sink not draining, but we’ve temporarily fixed that.  This house just keeps giving us fits.  It’s kind of annoying.


This week was also Día del Niño (NOTE:  In Paraguay, Children's Day is celebrated on August 16 in remembrance of the Battle of Acosta Ñu.  It is said that 20,000 men from the Triple Alliance [Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina] during the Paraguay war (from 1864 – 1870) were stopped by a Paraguayan force made up of 3,500 children ages six to fifteen.  They protected the escape of President Solano Lopez).  Children's Day is a national holiday, used to remember an event which happened during the five-year war. That is where they celebrate kids since kids fought and died in some war they had forever ago.  But it’s more annoying as a missionary than anything since like every holiday buses don’t run and everybody just gets drunk.  The ward threw a party, but we weren’t invited.  So it was just kind of a downer all around.


Then we did some service on Saturday by helping a guy build a foundation for his house. Basically he dug trenches then filled them with a mix of rock and cement.  Didn’t look great to me, but hey, it’s Paraguay construction!  We spent the whole morning moving rocks for him.  I felt like a mix between Fred Flintstone and a member of a chain gang in prison.  But we helped, and it felt good to do something…even if it killed me.  My muscles literally don’t exist. 


Then on Sunday, we had a good meeting in church when we decided to go to the family history/temple prep class with a family we are teaching.  It turns out I don’t know nearly as much family history as I thought.  For example, I know most first and last names up til great grandparents.  But I only know the first name of 1 of my great grandparents. I have no idea on birthdays for aunts, uncles, grandparents, or even my mom.  Well, in my defense, her’s is in April, but it’s tricky. Ha ha.  (Note:  It is not that tricky since his Aunt Liz (15th), Mom (16th), and Grandmother (17th), are all in April).  So that was cool to realize I have some work to do there. 


Then we had a birthday party for Luis Alberto, one of the recent converts of that Fernandez family.  It was fun.  It turned out to be like the whole ward was invited, so it was just a big party.  We had fun talking and kicking it with the youth there.  Then a visit with Rodrigo went awesome, as he asked us to pray for him so he could get the Melchezidek  priesthood this weekend.  Later that night, he found out his record had been found and he was going to be able to receive the priesthood.  He says it’s all due to our prayer.  So that’s legit.


That’s about it for this week.  Take care and have a great week.


Elder Frost

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