Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 80

It was a pretty decent week.


It started on Monday when I finally started doing some of my recuerdo (souvenir) shopping.  I’ve resisted buying souvenirs up til now, cuz I didn’t want to carry my stuff around with me the whole mission.  But now that I’ve got 4 months left… it’s time to start.  So I started asking around and found some really cool things to buy.  The first purchase was this handmade chessboard made out of palo santo wood.  That wood is legit!  It’s actually illegal right now to cut down the trees, but once it’s made into something it’s not.  So, I’m safe.  But it’s all hand carved, and there is a map of Paraguay on it.  He wrote in my name and my mission areas so it’s pretty cool. 
























After I ordered that from him on Monday, we headed out to shopping pinedo to eat at Pizza Hut and meet up with some buddies. It’s interesting how my friend circle has changed throughout the mission.  I was the young guy searching for friends and now and I’m the old guy and people seek me out.  But it’s cool.  I’ve met a lot of really cool guys out here.  Right now it’s me and Elder McClelland, Elder Wolfgramm, Elder Luke, Elder Yumar, Elder Turley and Elder Alves.  It’s been fun.  Most of us made it to pinedo.  It was good laughing and having fun while eating pizza. 


After pizza we got some frozen yogurt, which was dope.  All in all, it was a fun, good p-day. 


Tuesday was an interesting day, but not for us.  Tuesday was the day one of our member friends, named  Axel, had a doctor’s appointment. It’s an important appointment cuz he’s been sick for a really long time.  The week before, the doctor was pretty pessimistic, saying that it probably wasn’t going to get better.  So over the weekend, we fasted for him.  Not really notable until you realize that I’ve only really fasted a handful of times in my entire life.  Even here in the mission I skip it more often than not.  I definitely didn’t have a testimony of fasting going into it.  Well, this last week probably changed that.  We fasted for him.  Then on Sunday we talked to him, and he said out of nowhere he felt better.  Then at his doctor’s appointment, the doctors said he is getting better.  They just don’t know how or why.  So that’s really cool!  One of the most spiritual moments of my life.


Also, we had a division this week which was interesting.  I was going back to my old area.  I had to show Elder Barillas around Nueva Asuncion.  It was weird being back there.  But I showed him around and it went really well. He’s got some really quality people out there if he can only get them to come to church.  My comp had an interesting day as well, since one of our members came out of the closet while he was there so that’s intense. 


We also had  a zone meeting and interviews this week.  I hate both of those, but these weren’t terrible.  My interview went well, just a check up on my happiness and such.  Then we did lots of practices.  We dominated!  I got to use one of my favorite scriptures about the apostasy in Job.  The AP loved it and said he didn’t even know it.  Ya, that’s right, I’ve got more scriptural knowledge than the AP, ha ha. 


We also did service this week.  We cut down some trees for the Lopez family.  It was intense.  We got up high in a tree, like straight up like a Paraguayan monkey.  It was nuts!  But we did a good job.


Not much else awesome happened, so I guess this is where I’m gonna end for the day.


Take care, and love you guys.


Elder Frost


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