Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 85

The big news this week was changes.  And to end all suspense, I’ll just let everyone know that I don’t have any and I’m happy about it. Ha ha.  I get to stay in Yuquyry for another 6 weeks at least and continue the work I have going.  Hopefully I can help some of the best people I’ve met be baptized.  And the fact I get to do it with Elder McClelland, one of my good friends in the mission, is even better.

We found out late Sunday night that we wouldn’t know changes until Tuesday, which is always annoying and stupid since everyone is stressed and just wants to know.  But it is like that.  Mine had even more drama than normal as the president called us and asked for our thoughts about being put in a trio.  We gave our answer and basically said it was up to him.  As you know now, it didn’t happen, and to be honest, I’m relieved. Trios are hard to work well as I learned in the MTC.

On Monday we didn’t have much to do, so we hung out, and then headed out to a shopping area.  The shopping area is basically a black market.  It was cool to see and everything, but I didn’t buy anything.  That was about it for our pday.

Then nothing all Tuesday morning.  They even made us sit through district meeting without telling us about the changes, all so they could do some big reveal in front of everyone.  It was stupid, poorly organized and executed, so it fits in with mission leadership. 

I also had to deal with a drunk beggar who came into the building and wanted food money, anything really, and told me I didn’t believe in God because I didn’t give him handouts.  So we argued, and finally he took some water from the fountain and left. 

We lost power later in the week, so that sucked.  We continued teaching Brian and are now teaching his girlfriend. She answers and asks questions, so hopefully we can get them progressing and at least get him married.

We also had the fundraiser for the family that needs to be married as well.  They sold hamburgers, so naturally we bought a couple.  They ended up making enough money to start their paperwork, so hopefully they get married as well. 

Also during changes we found out Elder Turley, another friend in the mission, is coming to our ward but in a different area.  So that’s exciting -- unlike this blog. Ha ha.

Sorry this one wasn’t great.  Hopefully next week’s is better.


Love you all and have a great week.  Be safe.

Elder Frost

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