Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 83 (a bit late)

(NOTE:  This blog is from 2 weeks ago.  My dad and mom were in Hawaii, and so this blog post did not get done previously.)


So I did one of the hardest things of my life this week, and it was by far the saddest, most difficult, thing I’ve done in my mission.  But that didn’t happen ‘til Sunday, so first we start with Monday.


Monday was a good day.  We played soccer in the morning.  And while I didn’t even break a sweat playing goalie, which was annoying, I played well.  My time as a goalie had a crazy long unbeaten streak which only ended when I didn’t really try anymore. 


Then we got together with some mission buddies and headed off to the soccer museum I’ve wanted to go there forever.  But it’s only open at weird times, so it’s a little harder to do.  After overcompensating for traffic, a gift I’ve inherited from my dad apparently, we hung out and took some good photos outside.  Then it was time to enter into the museum.  I really liked the museum.  It had tons of stuff, including copies of all the major trophies, banners for all the club teams in South America, histories of great games, histories of the South American countries in soccer and ended with a movie talking about it all.  I loved it! I just wish it wouldn’t have been a guided tour.  They really moved us along and I didn’t get to read or really look at half the stuff I wanted to.  But I loved it!  I do miss the beautiful game.


Then we ate Burger King, which was good.  Although I made a poor choice on my burger as it had more patties, but was way smaller than what Elders McClelland and Singer got.  We had a nice leisurely walk home since it was rush hour and the buses suck at that time of night. 


Then we were late for our FHE, but luckily nobody else was on time either.  We got together with all the neighborhood families and even 2 investigators.  One of which was Brian.  We wanted the longer Joseph Smith movie but  we didn’t have it and we discovered the Emma Smith movie, which isn’t nearly the same.  So we settled for the shorter Joseph Smith one.  It went really well.  Our investigators really seemed to enjoy it.  If only we were in the states watching it on a TV instead of a tiny portable DVD player.  Lucky guys.


Nothing really big happened until service on Wednesday.  We went to the elder couples house and helped them build a bed for their garden.  But first they gave us some breakfast of hot chocolate and bread.  But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.  Then we scrapped away and dug little trenches where they wanted the garden.  Because the ground was so hard and rocky, they built a box and then we loaded and dumped dirt into the box.  It was interesting watching the debate between husband and wife about how it should be done.  Not surprisingly…the wife won.  So we had to scrap up a bunch of leaves and put it down first to somehow keep the moisture in the dirt?  I don’t know it seemed weird to me. Then more dirt. 


This week was awesome, as we continued working with Arminda who is going to be baptized on Saturday and Brian who is one of the most amazing guys I’ve ever met.  He’s 19 and has already sacrificed so much for the church.  He played soccer professional before and had a tryout for a team in the top league, but gave it all up for the church and keeping the Sabbath day.  Just an awesome guy and a good friend out here. 


Also we had an awesome moment on Sunday when a way less-active guy came.  He’s the husband of Hermana Adriana and the guy that gave me my holsters.  I’ve been working with him forever and he finally came.  Hopefully that continues.  Then we had an asado on Sunday which was way fun.  I like this ward.


Now for the sad part.  During the week we found out Brian is living with his girlfriend and she’s pregnant.  So ya, that got more complicated.  We had planned a law of chastity lesson but….now?  In church he heard that someone with a kid can’t serve a mission.  His head literally dropped.  So we had to talk to him about that.  He loves his wife and is excited to be a dad, but more than anything we wants to serve a mission in a year.  It was so hard to tell him that it wasn’t going to happen.  So we sat and talked all about his future and what’s best for him and his family.  But man was it the worst way to end a week - crushing a man’s dreams like that all for something he did before he knew the church.  Hopefully everything works out.  I’ll keep you posted.


Love you guys and have a great week!


Elder Frost


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