Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 86

It’s always weird when a missionary goes home.  I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, but it makes things weird. It doesn’t seem possible that anyone can actually leave this place or that one’s time will end.  And then out of nowhere, people just disappear. It’s even weirder when it’s unscheduled.


That’s what happened this week when Elder Jauregi went home. He had only been out for 2 months or so, and we didn’t really get to know him until recently when Elder Turley became his new comp.  He quickly became one of my friends out here in the mission.  Until out of nowhere, he left.  Someone stole his identity in Peru, so he had to go back home and resolve that problem.  And this week was the week he left.  But he didn’t leave until Thursday.  So back to Monday for now.


On Monday our leaders had the great idea of doing a zone activity - bowling in Asuncion.  So we never go to zone activities because they usually suck.  But we decided to go.  So we got up early and headed up to Asuncion.  We got there a little early, so we hung out in the food court and watched some of a Man U (Manchester United) game.  As we were watching, there was a news report about ISIS and them cutting a guy’s head off.  Dang that’s intense.  The things you miss in the mission without news.  Dang. 


Anyway, it opened up at 2:00 so we got ready to go over, when a guy went inside, only for him to lock the door behind him.  Weird, right?  So we waited, and he came and told us they are closed for maintenance.  Niiiiice.  So that was a fail.


We lost most of p-day for no reason and didn’t really do anything fun other than talk and chill with some of our buddies in the mission.  Luckily we had that or the beginning of the week would have been terrible, since on Tuesday we had a zone meeting bright and early. 


So by now you all know my thoughts about these, and well, sadly, this one was no different.  It was just an utter waste of time.  We spent sooo much time talking about what to do in the case of a natural disaster, and none of their ideas will work.  First, there’s never been an earthquake in Paraguay or a tornado or a tsunami or really anything.  So the odds are pretty slim.  Secondly, if any of those do happen, the entire country will shut down.  So talking about using the buses -- that is stupid.  We would be trekking it on foot.  But hey, let’s live in rainbow land.


Then pres talked to us about all the bad things about the mission and how we need to get better.  Although, we are good missionaries.  It was decent, but no way to come back from 2 hours of emergency prep. 


We also saw Brian, and I feel for the kid.  His situation sucks.  He wants to be baptized so bad but can’t, and his girlfriend won’t marry him or move out.  So he’s living with his brother.  But we still can’t baptize him because it’s in the same complex as her.  So now he or she has to rent a place.  And, it’s just a mess.  I hope we can get it resolved.  He’s the greatest investigator I’ve ever had. 


Then on Thursday,  Elder Jauergi went home.  So we hung out with him and did a mini goodbye party with snacks, pop and cheap Paraguayan energy drinks, ha ha.  So worth it.  I’m gonna miss that kid.


It rained a bunch this week too, so that’s always a downer.  And finally, on Saturday night we had to do this kiosk thing.  Basically, the mission has made a big advertisement booth kind of thing, and we are all taking turns manning it and contacting the people around there.   I’m not a fan of it since most of the references don’t come back to me, but I guess I have to share and be a team player.  But we did find one guy who belongs to us.  So that could be legit.


Well, I gotta go.  Talk more next week.

Love you guys and take care,


Elder Frost

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