Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 52 - 1 Year!

Pretty slow week compared to last week, but it still had its moments.

So probably the highlight of my week happened on Monday when I ate lunch. So I’ve been craving Mexican food like a pregnant lady craves weird stuff.  So we went to lunch at a food court type place, and they had Mexican food. So obviously that’s what I got.  I got 2 beef burritos and a huge bowl of nachos.  Not nearly worth the money, and not nearly as good as Taco Bell even, but so worth it to eat. I miss Mexican food a lot. I even had a Mexican companion but we never cooked Mexican food.  How sad is that?  Anyway, after a fantastic start to the week with that scrumptious meal, not much else happened Monday.
Tuesday I had to do a division with the district leader and his kid.  But first we had to have district meeting and the zone leaders ended up showing up way late but of course we had to wait for them and then our practices went long so we didn’t end up starting the division until like 12:30.  I went with the new guy, Elder Tauilili from Utah.  He has been out almost 2 changes now (Note:  changes are every 6 weeks).  We went to lunch and then back to the house for language study and then into the street.  We did some contacting and visited some less active families before meeting up with their ward mission leader to do a visit.  It turned into this guy talking for an hour and a half and saying how we don’t need to learn everything at once but he touched on every subject of the lessons you could imagine and didn’t let us get in a single word edge wise.  So that was something.  Then while we were waiting to go visit another investigator, Elder Stopper and the district leader rolled up as it was time to change back.  So I ended my division a little early, and by 8 o’clock I was back with my companion. One of the nicest, easiest divisions I have ever done.  We grabbed some food and then went home.

Unfortunately I got a little sick later that night, nothing stomach related, but I had a terrible sore throat and sinus pain again.  I have it at least once a month, if not more, ever since I got really sick last summer. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I still had my tonsils. It just sucks more than anything -- nothing too serious.
Wednesday we had lunch with the Bishop and my comp was ecstatic.  So ever since I got here, he has been going on and on about this Ecuadorian dish, Patacones.  And on Wednesday, he finally got the chance to make them. The issue was he needed platanos (Note:  a type of banana) and he couldn’t find them here, but there is a member from Peru and he grows them and they were finally ready so he gave some to my comp and we ate with the bishop.  What you do is peel them like a banana and then cut them into slices and fry them a little bit and then dunk them in salt water and finish frying them.  It’s kinda like an Ecuadorian french fry I guess.  It was pretty good.  Although I’ll stick with my potatoes.  

Later that night we had a quite unusual ward mission meeting as we got locked out of the church and nobody could find the keys so we sat outside on these fire hydrant looking things and talked and cut up paper to use as invitations to our movie night on Friday.  Recently our ward mission leader has decided that to get more members involved and coming to church and to reactivate less-actives, we need to do activities.  So its soccer on Wednesday nights, movie night on Fridays, and English class on Saturdays.  Unfortunately, they didn’t go so hot this week. For the first time since I’ve been here, soccer didn’t have a lot of people and ended early.  Movie night only one family came, and English class was planned for the same hour as the huge soccer game, so that was poorly attended as well.  We are hoping for more success next week.
That about wraps up this week. This upcoming week I hit my year mark, and my trainer goes home.  So that is a little weird. I’m getting old in the mission, even if I don’t feel it yet.  

We also have interviews this week, so it’s gonna be quite something.  I’m sure I’ll have some things to write next week.
Well, I love all you guys and hope that you have a great week.

Take care,

Elder Frost

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