Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 51

Pretty crazy week actually. So hopefully I’m not forgetting anything.

It started out on Monday when I had to go into Asuncion for an interview. And I am proud to say it will be the last interview for me. So it’s not really a secret I had stuff to take care of before the mission, and I thought I was all good but after reading Miracle of Forgiveness I felt bad so I went in and talked with my mission president about some stuff and last Monday was my final interview.  I now officially have a clean slate. Sidenote:  Miracle of Forgiveness is a great book, but I hate how it makes me feel and I vow to never read it again, well… at least for the foreseeable future.

Now on to the week.  So after a wonderful p-day -- well an average p-day but I was feeling high after my interview -- I‘m on my last bus ride home and I get pick pocketed. So that was a downer. I feel like I’m pretty aware of my surroundings so it did come as a bit of a shock that it happened but there was also nothing I could have done as it happened on a bus that was far beyond packed. I couldn’t even breathe without chest bumping somebody. Anyway, on this bus I got pick pocketed or rather they opened up one of the pockets on my backpack and took what was inside. And, yes, unfortunately they happened to pick the only pocket with anything of value. They got my camera. So that sucked. Luckily, I have sent most of my pictures to my dad so those are saved. Sadly my videos of karaoking are forever lost, so you guys will unfortunately not get to see me dancing to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus.  Sorry about that. 

Anyway, after that sucky news, we get home and get a call saying that tomorrow, Tuesday, the Hermanas are coming to live in the other house in our area and are splitting our area.  This after just earlier on Monday we were told we had til changes in February to get the house ready and everything. Well that plan got changed rather fast. So we scrambled and got ready and headed out to meet them at the church. So then we go and help them set up their house as everything was in pieces all over the house and nothing was organized. We finally got them all settled in, more or less, and then we went to lunch.  So we spent most of this week showing the Hermanas the area and introducing them to the members.  Well, we quickly became replaceable as everyone was super excited the Hermanas were here and everyone wanted to do stuff with them. Ha ha. 

Also, some people were worried about their safety, but that won’t be an issue. As soon as they came, I became the third toughest person in Anahi. One of the Hermanas played rugby for BYU and the other has fought Muy Tai. So, ya, no worries there.

Then we finally did the girls’ birthday brownies, and they turned out great so that was awesome. I didn’t wanna disappoint.

Also, our clothes lady is back, which is awesome as I don’t have to wash my own clothes anymore and that is going to be a huge blessing. Unfortunately, she was also robbed while she was away. So we gave her our fan that we weren’t using anymore to try and help a little.

The highlight of the week though was on Sunday night we were visiting a less active member and he was watching the American football games.  So I got to watch part of both games.  So legit. It should be a great Superbowl. So good for you guys, sucky for me.  Anyway, I‘m sure I‘m forgetting stuff, but mostly I got pickpocketed and the Hermanas wrapped up a crazy week. But the people are excited and want to do visits and help us, so that will be a plus for the rest of this change.

Love you guys and take care,


Elder Frost


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