Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 49

So I had an interesting week. Mainly cuz it was my birthday and then New Years and well… the holiday season is just weird in a foreign country. So I’ll start with my birthday as it was Monday.

So the original plan was to eat someplace and then go bowling.  Well, come to find out bowling is expensive!  So we decided to just eat some place nice. Well the nicest place we could think of is TGIFridays. Ya ha ha. But hey it was really good. So it was Elder Anderson, Elder Bailon, Elder Mejia, Elder Anderl, and myself. It was a really good time just laughing and hanging out with your buddies and eating some good food. Elder Anderson bought me some wings as a birthday present. Well if you can call them wings they were the saddest little things I’ve ever seen.  Definitely not bdubs (buffalo wild wings). Then I ordered a fat steak in Jack Daniels sauce. SO good.  I’ve missed steak. Texas roadhouse…. I’m coming. 1 more year!

Anyway and then Elder Anderson and Elder Anderl told the waitress we were there for my birthday like 10 times and they didn’t do anything… so I ordered dessert.  I got these 2 giant ice cream Oreo sandwiches.  So good!  Now I’m full and have spent way more than I should have.  But now, the waitresses decide to come for my birthday.  They made me stand up, dance and sing.  It was funny.  Then they gave me ice cream and a brownie.  That was still good, but I was so full.  

I finally rolled my way out the door and we got on a bus and went to the cyber.  Then we just hung out at Elder Andersons house to end the night.  It was about as good of a birthday as you can have in the mission. I got lucky my birthday fell on a p-day and the day we got money.  Well lucky in the short term.  I’m feeling pretty broke right now actually. Ha ha.  But so worth it.

The next day we had to go to the office for an interview.  So that day went pretty quick.  It was also New Year’s Eve, so we partied that night.  But a couple other things first. I ate gummy bears and donuts for lunch.  Who said you couldn’t eat junk food for every meal when you were a kid.  Then we saw a girl get robbed on the bus ride home. 

So instead of homeless people begging for money like in the states, in Paraguay you have people who get on buses and try to sell stuff, or just ask for money and give you a piece of paper explaining why you should give them money.  Well one of these guys did and he looked sketchy.  In the end, as soon as the bus stopped he grabbed a cell phone out of a girl’s hand and ran off the bus.  Elder Stopper and I both almost jumped off, but our door was closed and I don’t know if beating up a thief is the most missionary thing to do. Ha ha.  But we thought about it.

Then we went back and bought supplies for the New Year’s Eve party.  We just did a BBQ and watched fireworks with our neighbors and landlord.  Anyway, it’s was just Christian, a recently returned missionary and his sister.  It was a lot of fun!  Good food and some laughs.  It honestly wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

The next day the world was literally a ghost town.  Not even the dogs that normally attack us were in the street. Nothing was moving at all.  We went to lunch at the bishop’s, and they were just waking up.  So while we were waiting for them to cook something I saw part of the rose parade on the TV - just keeping tradition alive.  In our house tradition (which was started by my grandparents) is, we get up, eat donuts and watch the rose parade on the 1st.  It was pretty cool to watch it thousands of miles away. I had to explain the parade to the Bishop’s family and I apparently didn’t do a good job.  Because they weren’t as impressed as I thought they’d be.  Who knew it was broadcast in Paraguay? 

Anyway, later that day we played soccer with our ward for the holiday and it was a good time.  Then we had some pretty slow days.  But we had some good visits visited some of our favorite less actives and some new less actives as well.  We planned a movie night, to hopefully excite them and get more people in church.  Unfortunately, the attendance is barely touching 30 after 60 something for months.

Also, we got stuck babysitting a youth.  We were visiting his aunt, who he lives with, and then she had to go to work.  Well the kid has had some problems with bullies and she didn’t wanna leave him alone.  So, we watched him til his cousins showed up.  We watched the Simpsons, ate sandwiches and drank pop.  This kid and his cousins are crazy.  They started punching me, and tackled my comp, but it was good ole fashioned rough housing.  It was fun!

The only other big story of the week was our fighting the biggest butterfly I’ve ever seen! Ha ha.  So there is a big black butterfly that lives down here, and if it lands on you, it pees on you, and somehow lays eggs inside of you, and well it’s just nasty.  We thought it was one of those.  So naturally, we didn’t wanna get hit.  So Elder Stopper threw his shoe at it, and hit it like 5 times.  But it didn’t die.  So, finally I maned up, and smashed it with my flip flop.  But even then, it didn’t die until I knocked it on the ground and stepped on it.  It was crazy. Literally, like a 30 minute battle.  But the superior species won. Ha ha.

Well that’s about all I’ve got for this week. I’m feeling much better and smiling and laughing again so stop worrying if you were. 

I love you guys and take care of yourself. 


Elder Frost


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