Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 31

So, I finally lost my companion, trainer and brother -- or whatever you want to call him. He was awesome! He got changed last week. We had a crazy, anxious Monday night waiting for the call - only for it not to come until 9:00am Tuesday morning. It was terrible. Anderson went to a city in Luque, a part of Asuncion in an area I can't say or type so you’ll have to settle for Luque.

I am staying here in Pedro Juan Caballero with Elder Menchaca.  He is an elder from Mexico who came to Paraguay from the MTC with me. So I knew him a little before the mission, but that was back when I still didn’t speak Spanish at all, compared to my baby speak now. Anyway, after a terrible day of watching Elder Anderson say goodbye to everybody and seeing tons of members cry, we got on our bus at 11 pm.  The worst was saying goodbye to Griselda.  Elder Anderson means so much to her and she just lost it when it came to an end.

We slept like crap as always -- those collectivos (buses) aren’t the best. Then I experienced the craziness of changes, as all the missionaries who have changes roll-in in taxis and drop their bags off, meet and hang out with missionaries they haven’t seen in a while, and then meet their new comp and then leave. So naturally, I hung out with Elder Anderson and saw Elder Anderl and a bunch of Elders from my MTC group.

I also finally met Elder Osbourne.  He is a friend of Elder Anderl and Elder Anderson, so I wanted to meet him. He was super cool.  I spent most of the day hanging out with him since Elder Anderson and Elder Anderl had to leave earlier.

We went to Pizza Hut, where they have an all-you-can-eat pizza thing for like 5 bucks.  It’s awesome! Haha.   Elder Osbourne was just a really cool kid.  Unfortunately, he is going home due to sickness.  So that sucks, but it was awesome hanging out with him for the day. I had to wait around til 10 at night for a bus, so I hung out at the office with him.

Then at the terminal I hung out with Elder Wolfgramm, another really cool kid I met that day. Then our bus didn’t show.  But, the next one did, and it was the nicer, more expensive bus and they put us on that one.  Score!  Finally, we got to Pedro Juan.  

Two other elders came out to Pedro Juan Rama 5 to take Elder Anderl and Elder Plasencia’ s old area.  I had to help them find their house and move their bags.  Their names are Elder Wall, who ironically was Elder Anderson’s comp in the MTC, and Elder Walton, who is being trained.  I want to share my experiences with Elder Walton about PJC (Pedro Juan Caballero) since I love it here and was “born” here.  And now he is.

That first day, I decided to go see Griselda to do it like a bandaid.  It was the most emotional thing I’ve done in forever.  It was horrible. I almost cried.  She did cry.  All she did was talk about Elder Anderson.  It was really amazing how much we can be loved and remembered by people down here.  I want that in my mission.  

It’s also been cool being the old guy here and showing everyone around.  It has made me realize that this is basically my home.  I know it better than I know Fairfield.  It’s pretty strange, but cool at the same time.

We are continuing to work with Hector, Griselda’s husband, and he is progressing really well.  He even came to church by himself on Sunday.  He is for sure going to be baptized, and then in a year I’ll go through the temple with them both.  It’s going to be amazing!

We celebrated the Hermana Blandina’s birthday, and she loved it!  She is our chipa lady and the most giving lady I’ve met.  So, we wanted to return the favor.  It was really cool.  We talked and told jokes, ate brownies we had made, and sang happy birthday in Spanish, Guarani and English.  It was legit! 

Oh, I also got a package.  Dad, I love you!  You’re the best!  For all you people out there with missionaries, send them a package.  We love it!  This one was filled with all sorts of goodies.  Seeing a Panda Express fortune cookie nearly killed me with excitement.  Same for the Skittles and the beef jerky.  Well, basically all the food.  Also super exciting were the toiletries: Crest toothpaste, contact lenses, and deodorant.  What more could I ask for?  But for real, those things are a blessing.  Those products just aren’t as high quality out here. I also got some toys and stuff.  It was legit.   And I got an awesome shirt.

Come on, come on.  That’s just the way it is.  Things will never be the same.  That’s just the way it is. Aww yeah.  I see no changes.

Take care of yourself. 

 Elder Frost

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