Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 32

I want to start off by saying, this was one of the happiest weeks of my mission. I had a ton of really legit moments this week .  It all began last Monday.

So, we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) that was way legit. We went to the Familia Canteros house because a member of Rama 1 has a boyfriend that lives in our area. He is really cool and I think wants to progress towards baptism. It was also really cool to have his girlfriend help us and a former missionary, Hermana Cantero helped as well.

Then Tuesday was a district meeting, which was fine.  I learned some good stuff, you know the drill.

Then, we started doing our normal visits during the day.  Then, the night happened and it was legit.

It started with Diego, our 10 year old investigator that is being baptized this Wednesday.  He is super legit. He gets to church at 7am on Sundays and we start at 8.  He stays after and grabs all the hymn books and all.  He’s awesome!  So that was legit.  Then we saw the Ojedas. 

The Ojedas are a less active family that truly has a special place in my heart, as I feel they are a reason I’m in Pedro Juan.  I know the guy who baptized them, Jake Gertsch, and I’ve been trying to reactivate them, and I feel we finally had a breakthrough this last week.  A month ago, President McMullin taught us a method to reactivate less actives found in the book of Alma.    So we used that, and it was the most amazing lesson of my mission.  And yes, they did come on Sunday.  I was so pumped! 

Then Hector, Griseldas husband, who is progressing like a champ, had to cancel, so that coulda killed our night.  But instead, we contacted a reference and it was legit.

It was the neighbor of an old investigator.  So, we met them together and as we taught more and more people came and listened.  I felt like Jesus in the New Testament, when the people stood around and listened.  It was crazy.  The 4 main people we taught were 2 old investigators the reference and her niece.   All 4 accepted the baptism challenge and seemed generally pumped to listen to us. So legit. 1 lives in a different city so that was a bit of a bummer, but still it was a way legit night.

Then, another thing that usually kills me, a division happened Wednesday.  And while I’m still not ready to jump on the bandwagon and say I like them, I can’t deny I felt the spirit that day. During parts of other divisions, I wanted to shoot the other Elder in the head.  Anyway, the coolest experience of the day was walking to a lesson.  I took a path I never would have taken and a guy whistled at us.  So we went over and he had a beer.  So we thought, oh here we go.  But the guy must have just opened it up cuz, he was sober as we were.  He was amazing.  He talked about how he had problems and he had been praying to God for some help, and then we walked by so he whistled.  So cool. 

Then we had a zone meeting, and learned about the importance of using the Book of Mormon.  So that was legit.

Then we had an Obra Misional ( Missionary Planning) meeting where he actually wants to help us.  So, that’s exciting.  The ward council meeting was really good this week as well.

Things are just going awesome here.  We have a ton of amazing people we are teaching that are progressing.  In fact, we should have at least 1 baptism in each of the next 3 weeks.  Starting with Diego this Wednesday.  It’s so exciting.  I love baptisms.

Also that Thursday night, we went and saw Mercedes, a recent convert and one of my favorite people out here.  When she came to the door, it looked like she had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.  Her face was a mess.  Come to find out, she wrecked her moto hard, and that is why she was all messed up.  It was really sad, but good to talk to her again and see what is going on in her life.  We tred and help her come to church again.

And just so all you people that are gonna say, oh look Anthony has changed, and he’s all weird and crap, can relax. I still had fun this week.  Elder Menchaca and I are going hard out here. He used to box in Mexico so he is teaching me.  Its freaking legit.  That’s right everybody, “and in the red corner Anthony Frost”.  I’m coming to a local fight night near you.  It’s actually been really cool learning to box.  One thing I learned is I box southpaw.  Which is really, really weird, since I do everything else with my right hand.  As Elder Menchaca put it, it just looks natural when I punch something hard with my left hand. Haha. 

Another cool story, real quick, about the boxing stuff.  So he has a heavy bag and needed to get sawdust.  So, we went to a carpentry shop and we joked with them about paying for some sawdust.  They just laughed and gave us all the sawdust we needed.  They even gave us a bag to put it in. Super nice people. We decided that we are gonna go back and clean their garage someday I think.  Anyway, good times.

Baptism Wednesday.  Loving life.  Ate Brazilian BBQ and gelato again today.   Life is good.

Is the good life, better than the life I live, when I thought I was gonna go crazy.

Love you guys, take care.


Elder Frost

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