Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 33

So as good as last week was this week was bad. Ya, sorry to burst all your bubbles, but the mission does have bad days.  This week had more than one. I don’t even know where to begin This week was a train wreck since day one.

Last Monday, for example, one of the missionaries out here in Pedro Juan told me he probably needs to go home due to issues prior to the mission.  Well that sucks.  Especially when he had quickly become one of my best friends out here. So I spent all week trying to help him get ready for what was to come, as I know better than most exactly what he is in for, as have done what he is going to do.  And honestly it sucks.  There is nothing good about it until the forgiveness part.

Anyway after that bombshell on Monday we had a visit with Diego, our investigator that was going to be baptized on Wednesday. Well that went to crap as soon as he told us “ya, I don’t really know a lot I’ve just memorized answers.  So we pushed the baptism to Saturday to try and scramble and save it. Oh ya this kid doesn't speak any Spanish only Guarani so that’s fun.

Then we had a really weird lunch on Tuesday.  Only because the Hermanas made us do a lesson at that house with them.  Cuz the daughter tried to kill herself after her boyfriend started beating her, and she dumped him. Ok I get why you want us there. But she just got out of the hospital and was passed out on the couch she didn’t hear a dang word we said.  Sometimes Hermanas, just give it a break and be a normal person and think.

Then we played volleyball on Wednesday.  That was a nice change of pace from playing soccer every week.   Yes I still suck for anyone who has ever been in one of my gym classes.

Then we played a little soccer.  During the game, I got called some name in , which was something about knowing how to play soccer.  So that was cool.  The members also found my YouTube video, and loved it.  So, that’s pretty cool.

We are going to interrupt this broadcast for some good news. Roni is progressing, awesome and should be baptized soon.   And we talked with Rocio, who dumped her boyfriend, and now can be baptized soon, as well. Now back to your original programming.

Not much else to report except for things regarding Diego’s baptism. In short, it was the worst baptism of all time. So, we go to fill up the font on Friday right.  And well, in short, we lost water.  And nobody answered their phone.  So, I had no idea what to do.  Oh and we were on a small division, do I was with Elder Walton, a new kid, while Elders Menchaca and Wall were doing a visit.  So,  they can’t help.  Basically I just waited it out for as long as possible before going into the pump room and randomly flipping levers and switches hoping it would work.  It did.  Yay.   But then, we were late for our interview with Diego.  So all 4 of us rushed there, only for him not to be there.  So we wandered around trying to find his house.  His uncle told us he couldn’t come, because it got late.  No luck.  Finally we go back to get better instructions. Oh, P.S. Paraguayans cannot give directions.  So, another mini division as Elder Wall has to go and Elder Menchaca speaks better Spanish.  Well anyway long story short, they found him and did the interview.  But it was nervewracking.

Then Saturday - baptism day.  I’ll just skip straight to the point.  The baptism.  Nobody freaking came.  There were 4 missionaries, Diego, and his two brothers, 2 members, and some random little girl that wandered in.  That’s it.  It frustrates me beyond reason, as they had nothing better to do.  And I know they had nothing to do, because they all told me they would come, but nobody did.  The branch president, who should be there, just decided he didn’t want to come. Fine, whatever, be like that.  But at least bring me the keys, so I can give him baptism clothes. Oh… nope you can’t do that either.  Ok good for you.  So we used a suit 10 times too small and taped it to him.  And it still draped off him.  And bless his heart,  he was still happy.  Iin fact, he was overjoyed to be getting baptized.  So ya, pretty pissed at the ward.  Especially since this wasn’t the first time.  It’s been like this for a while and they’ve all promised me they’d be better.  Oh ya, I also burned the brownies ridiculously bad,  as I forgot I’m in a P.O.S.  3rd world country that uses Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.  Ya, it was a train wreck.  Oh ya, and nobody had towels.  What I’ve told you doesn’t even do it justice.  But since I can’t swear or myldsmail will block my email.  And I’m getting fired up, so this is where that story ends.

After that, we went and got some pop, some food and hung out in our hammock.  I breathed a sigh of relief and frustration, then partied the night away.

Well the next day is Sunday.  I was ready to go off on some fools, but luckily Rafa came and got the Priesthood.  That was awesome and saved my day.  I told him I’d make him some Italian food this week to celebrate.  So, that should be fun.

To wrap up my terrible week, my friend did go home out here. But I wanna make this clear to everyone out there, going home from a mission does not make you a failure as a missionary.  It does not even mean you’re a bad person. In fact, if you’re going home for the right reasons, its better than being out. Everyone freaks out about saving souls as a missionary.  Well sometimes, you gotta save yours first. So everybody calm down. Going home saved my life.

I just wanna end this mini rant with a big shout out to my boy Elder Walton. Dude you’re the best. Don’t let anybody get you down.  Remember why you went home, and own it.  You’re one heck of a kid, and you’re gonna do fine in life.  Take care of yourself man.   I’m here for ya.

Last bit of news I’m still learning to box.  But I know now why boxers hands look terrible. My hands got beat up this last week so I bought some gloves today.

Love you guys. Take care of yourselves.

Elder Frost


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