Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 35

So I don’t even remember how I started last week’s blog, so this one is starting like this. Haha

Anyway, the week was good and it went pretty fast which is definitely a blessing as I need a change in my life.   I’m hoping this next change will give it to me. I’ve been in Pedro Juan Caballero for both general conferences, a time change back and forth, I’ve finished a 3rd of my mission and I’m still here. I shoulda just bought a house and started farming. I probably coulda got some crops before I left.  I’ll have to check with Spencer on that one. Haha

Anyway, now to this week. I don’t have a whole lot to share, but there still were some really cool and interesting things that happened this week. The first happened on Tuesday. So the Hermanas (sister missionaries) being Hermanas wanted to do a visit in between district meeting and our lunch cita (date), which is technically possible.  But I mean, come on, you gotta relax a little. Anyway, so we went with them as they wanted our help. On the walk over there they tell me the person is schizophrenic. Yup.  So that was weird. Then I had to explain to them what schizophrenia is. And of course it didn’t faze them at all that they were teaching somebody that could literally be hearing and seeing things as they taught. Nope their response was, “I hope one of his delusions tells him to be baptized.” That’s Hermanas for ya. Anyway, the visit went fine and life moves on.

Nothing really memorable happened Wednesday before karaoke at night. It actually had a decent turn out and we all sang along and had some fun. Not to sound cocky, but I’m pretty sure I was the highlight of the night. Haha.  The Paraguayans all sang the typical slow Spanish love songs.  Elder Menchaca sang something from Mexico that was pretty funny. Camila sang “Someone Like You” by Adele.  So that was cool seeing a Paragayan sing in English.  And then little Aricely, maybe my favorite little kid in PJC, sang the Titanic song in Spanish.  It was legit.  But me...I sang a duet with Rafa of “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Greenday.  Then to top the night off, I sang and danced to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”.  Yup pretty epic night!

 Karaoke Night

Rafa and Aricely singing

Once again, we are looking for a new house. This time I think the missionaries will actually move. (1) because it’s starting to get hot and this house has no air conditioning, which will actually kill you here.  And (2) we only have one functioning light in our house, so we wander around with flashlights.  Or for me, yesterday it was a candy lightsaber that lights up that my dad sent in the last package.  Super legit! 
Using a candy Lightsaber

A really, cool spiritual thing happened this week.  We decided to crash an FHE from the Hermana Blanca Rojas. So me and  Elder Anderson baptized her like right when I first got here and she is now the Relief Society president and just super legit.  Since the church is growing so fast in South America, many of the wards and branches are dysfunctional, but she runs it just like in the States.  It’s awesome!  Anyway, in this FHE she did an object lesson with turning out the lights and Christ being the light in our life and stuff.  Super legit. Then she made bomb bread that we ate. Haha.  Yup, I’m a missionary, always thinking with my stomach.

Some other cool things were lessons with Mercedes and Griselda who are both struggling with coming to church due to some outside problems, but we were able to connect with both of them and that was legit.

Also, we baptized a little 8-year-old girl named Tatiana.  As we were prepping and teaching her, the family started to reactivate.  We can now teach her dad, which we couldn’t before.  So that’s tight.

Baptism of Tatiana

Also we are going to baptize Roni this Wednesday and that is helping reactivate his mom.  So, life is good - workwise in PJC.

Also we are helping Lucia prep for her mission, so that’s interesting.

Also the youth sold hamburgers for an EFY fundraiser, so of course again thinking with our stomachs, we helped out and bought some. Haha.

Last bit of news--I’m running on like 2 hours of sleep, since it hailed last night and hail on a wannabee tin roof is terrible. But it’s better than the people in Asuncion whose roofs fell apart last week when they had hail. Look for little blessings. Haha.

Love you guys.  Hope you have a good conference weekend, and we will talk again next week. 

You shoot me down, but I get up, I’m bulletproof nothing to lose, fire away, fire away ,you shoot me down but I won’t fall.

Love you guys,


Elder Frost

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