Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 30

So I don’t think I told you guys about this yet, but if I did I’m sorry. Last Monday I bought a belt buckle.  It’s freaking legit. It’s a Brazilian bull riding one. It’s huge and awesome! I can go to the rodeo as a legit cowboy now. haha This shop was awesome and had anything a cowboy could want including boots made of alligator, ostrich, elephant and anaconda.  Nuts, right?

Belt Buckle

Wearing buckle in front of western store

We also ate at the Brazilain BBQ place again.  And it was glorious!
So this week was pretty uneventful as far as awesome stories to tell.  But I got a couple.

First off, Hector, Griselda’s husband - the drunk one, is sincere about his desire to change.  We had the most amazing visits with him this week. I’ve known him for 6 months and never seen him this excited and focused on listening to us. I’ve got high hopes for him now.  One visit with him was just a hang out, as he needed a non-drinking friend on Saturday night.  That was cool to actually get to know him.

We also played soccer on Wednesday for the activity.  I played terrible.  I’ve lost a step...or 3.  It’s sad.   It makes me hit my morning workouts harder though. We played with Nefi, and for the first time he really tried. And, dang, that kid's good.  The best I’ve played against or with since high school.  I’m getting too old for that. haha  

We also went and got one last gelato run in us, and it was amazing.  I got a 4d especial which is Doce de Leche, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Cream.  It was so good!  I got that and a Mint Chocolate Chip.  Super legit.

Gelatos - at Burger King?

I also found a tiny, like travel sized, thing of Crest toothpaste.  So of course I bought it.   I can’t find good toothpaste down here. 

I also got 2 new ties.  The Ricalde family is one of the kindest, most awesome families in the branch.  They had us over for lunch, and we asked the Hermana Selva about the ties she gave us for friendship day, and if she had more if we could buy them.  She said yes and no.  She wouldn’t take any money, but instead just gave them to us.  Then we have been using crazy knots in our ties these last couple weeks. Ya, we’re that bored.  Anyway, he wanted us to show him one, so we did.  He had a sick purple tie he didn’t want, so I snagged that too.  Y’all know I’m partial to purple.  Color of royalty baby. haha

Speaking of clothing, we had a huge sigh of relief and excitement on Sunday when Rafa came to church.  Rafa is one of the guys I baptized right at the start of my mission.  But, he had become a little inactive, and he said it was because he didn’t have any clothes.  So we got one of the bigger elders to send us his clothes.  Well, they didn’t fit.  So we were up a creek.   Then on Sunday, he showed up in a white shirt, dress pants, nice shoes and a tie.  Looking fresh to death!  We were so excited.  So naturally we took a picture with him. Rafa and us in our bowties from Friendship Day.  We were obviously the 3 best looking dudes in the place. haha

Yes, you read that right.  One of our recent converts gave us these pieces of fabric in the shape of bowties.  We hadn’t worn them yet, so we strapped them on and went to church.  Not quite James Bond, but dang near close.  I kinda want one now.

Wearing Bow Ties with Rafa
That’s about it for the week.  Sorry I don’t have much to say.  My mind is a little preoccupied.

We should be getting the news about changes soon.  I’m kinda focused on that.  I’m pretty nervous.  It will be my first new comp.  Hopefully he’s chill.  I’d rather not hate a kid I have to spend 24/7 with.  haha  

The mission is getting easier, but it’s still a struggle. The struggles make you stronger, changes make you wise, and happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time.  Beautiful tears will fall sometimes.  Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.

Thank you all for supporting me and know I’m praying for you. Email me or write me.  I like both.  


Elder Frost


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