Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 27

So the week after a baptism always feels like a letdown.   It’s really rare to go back to back with baptisms. But luckily for me this week had some highlights. First off though, I had to run some errands and had a lovely encounter with the bus people and have a story about a package.

So, the Hermana was still sick on Monday last week, so we had to run around and do some errands for her.  It was not a big deal and ended up paying off big on Tuesday.  Anyway mostly we changed out money for her so she could buy meds.  Then we bought the meds and talked with the nurse to help get everything taken care of.  But it did take most of our p-day. Anyway a lot of the medicine she needed, we couldn’t get or afford in Pedro Juan, so the office elders sent us some.  Elder Anderson and I were charged to go pick it up Tuesday morning.  So we got up, then had to cancel Elder Anderson’s district meeting and walk to the terminal to get it from the bus people.  Well, on our way walking there we pass the drop off point - lucky right.  Nope.  They had no record of the package and were not helpful at all.  So we went to the actual bus station. They said, nope all packages go to that station.  So back to the station we went.  Then they said nope.  Well, I looked through the packages while Elder Anderson looked through their records.  And…nope.  So we called the office to see if they had a package number.  Well they didn’t, so we just assumed it was jacked.  But we went back to the actual bus station again and basically refused to leave til they let us talk to someone else.  So, they sent us to a driver who said nope nothing.  Until finally the driver said, “Wait do you mean this box?”.  Ya, go bus dudes.  They literally pulled it off a bus pulling out to return to Asuncion.  Ya, fun stuff.  Anyway that meant we completely missed district meeting.  But then we went to the hermanas and dropped off medicine.  Then the day got good.

This is the package that caused all the problems

So the zone leaders decided to treat us to lunch for all our hard work for the hermanas.  Well lunch was a Brazilian BBQ.   It was like Tucanos status.  Freaking legit.  I was the best I’ve eaten since I left home.   I ate a ton.  The grilled pineapple is sooooo good.  But of course, I did have enough room for some gelato.  I loooooove that stuff.  

Also July 30th is friendship day (Dia de la Amistad).  It is an awesome, made up, holiday where friends buy each other stuff.  The ward did a secret friend activity that we had to buy presents for.  I had Roni, who is a guy in the ward so I gave up a tie.   Elder Anderson bought some bracelets for his person but then traded the name to her boyfriend so he could give the bracelets to her -  smooth move, right.  

Dia de la Amistad at Rama 5

Anyway, the rest of the week was pretty normal.  We did climb some water tower thing and look over the city which was way cool. 

 Climbing a water tower

So then the activity (Dia de la Amistad) came Friday night and that really was fun and exciting.  So we all had our gifts and stuff ready to go, when the girl who told me who Roni was, came and said she was wrong - it was a different Roni.  Ya, it was the investigator boyfriend of a girl in our ward.  Oops.  And I gave him a tie.  That is such a terrible gift.  To make things worse he had me and gave me a big box of candy and a bag of candy.  Yaaa - who is the worst secret friend... well actually it was the lady who gave Elder Anderson a pair of socks.  Ha ha.  We also both got ties. They were wannabe bowties that are really just fabric in the shape of a bowtie.  But it’s a cool memory.

Gift exchange

The activity went really well; gift exchange, open mic night, joke telling, music, food, drink a play about visiting teaching and some dancing.  It was way legit.  That was really all that happened this week.

Yes there was teaching and contacting and all that, but you could hear about that every week so I’m trying to keep these blogs to only awesome events.

Anyway, I’m doin’ it, I’m livin’ life right now man, and this is what imma do til it’s over.  But it’s far from over.

Miss you guys.

Elder Frost


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