Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 26

So I was in the hospital again this week.  But for the first time it wasn’t for me.  One of the Hermanas (Sister Missionaries) in Pedro Juan is sick, so we had to go show her the hospital and stuff.  So that was an interesting experience. 

Inside the hospital chapel
But I will now go back to the beginning of the week.  It started off weird as we had our first p-day without the missionaries in Rama 5b.  We literally spent like all day together on Mondays it was strange. But we eventually got over our loss and had a typical p-day. 
That night we did a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with the Familia Morinigo, which went really, really well.  We did a lesson using the proclamation to the world about families, ate food and had a good time.

Then Tuesday was Elder Anderson’s first district meeting as our new district leader.  It was cool to see, as he has been my comp forever, and I wanted to see how he’d teach missionaries instead of locals for a change.  I really liked it.  First of all he brought the great states tradition of bringing food to any church meeting when he brought doughnuts for us.  Then instead of hearing the same stuff we always do, he talked about ward council and how we can improve it and use it better.  It was nice to not have to sit and listen to somebody tell me to do something that I already know I need to do and he actually gave us ideas on how to improve.
Also it was ridiculously cold this week.  I need to give a huge thanks to my mom for overriding my stubbornness and making me take my thermals, as I actually used them this week.  Thanks mom for being a mom.   Also, I managed to mooch some heaters off the zone leaders so that helped but dang it was cold. I swear I’m turning into a South American or humid cold is way worse than Montana cold.

Anthony on some giant steps
Also huge news on the soccer front this week, as Olimpia played in the second leg of the Libertadores Cup final.  Well, Mercedes is a die-hard Olimpia fan, and as a recent convert, she is struggling with church attendance.  Mercedes swore that if she went to church, Olimpia would win.  She didn’t go to church.   Well karma sucks.  Olimpia was celebrating a 2-1 aggregate goal advantage with 30 seconds left before the other team scored meaning a tie breaking shootout.  They lost.  As a missionary I can’t serves her right… buuuuuut. 
Anyway, I had to do a division with the zone leaders this week.  Now if you’ve been reading this blog, you know I hate divisions and think they are a waste of time.  But for once, this one wasn’t that bad.  I was with Elder Bennett from Canada.   Sidenote:  his family lived in Choteau, MT for a little while.  That day, I wore my 3 Rivers black jacket, so that was ironic.  Anyway it was a good division and I learned a lot about what I can do to improve as a missionary.  It was awesome.

Griselda, her friends and family at her baptism
And finally, we had a baptism.  Griselda finally got dunked.  We’ve been working with her forever and you all know the story, so it was a huge relief when it finally happened.   We had to scramble at the last minute to just have enough priesthood holders there to do it.  Elder Anderson did the baptism and I confirmed her on Sunday.  It was my first one of those and while I butchered it linguistically, it’s the thought that counts, I believe.  Baptisms are one of the best things about the mission, as it’s a tangible result.   It’s weird how that is something I miss.  I miss having a job where I can see what I’ve done at the end of the day. It’s kinda driving me crazy out here.

Anyway, love you guys. Talk to you next week.


Elder Frost


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