Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 25

So first off, I want to apologize for not recognizing my pops bday last week.  On July 20th in the age of dinosaurs, my dad was born. (or does it just seem like he’s that old), haha.  But for real, I wanna give a shout out to my dad for his bday and hope everyone treated him right. Your definition of right can be whatever you think he deserves, haha.

Anyway, moving on to my life out here in the mish. So last week we got changes and the news straight blew our minds. So in Rama 5, Elder Plasencia has been here for 4 changes, Elder Anderl 2 changes,  Elder Frost 3 changes, and Elder Anderson 4 changes.  So, we all thought Anderson and Plasencia were gone.  Well… we were half right.  Elder Anderson stayed and Elder Plasencia left.   Elder Anderl also left.   Elder Anderson stayed as district leader. And his comp… well of course it’s me. Haha.  Somehow, someway, we are still together and we couldn’t be happier.  However, there are lots of changes as he is a district leader now and we have all of Rama 5 instead of just half.  So, that was pretty crazy.   

We took the news well, eating at the burger joint one last time, ending with a toast to the ride that was Rama 5.  So, we thought we had to move all the stuff out of their house, but we didn’t.  So that was nice, cuz moving a fridge woulda sucked.   Saying goodbye to them was weird.  We spent so much time together and had such a good time and generally liked it each other.  It was more like saying goodbye to a brother than some random kid you met out here. That just shows how tight we became.  It truly was a brotherhood in Rama 5.

Toast to Rama 5 

Wednesday night was the first half of the Copa Libertadores (NOTE:  the Copa Libertadores is an annual soccer tournament – Similar to the Gold Cup that is going on right now).  Paraguay won, so we had fireworks and yelling in the street all night.  It sounded and felt like I was in a war zone.  Love soccer countries! 

Copa Libertadores

 We had interviews with the new pres this weekend and it was awesome! I am really glad he is my prez.  We didn’t talk about much, I mostly told my story and you all know it, so I’m not gonna rehash it here, but it was way good. 

I had to give a talk on Sunday which is a bummer as I still don’t feel comfortable in public speaking like I do in the states.  I don’t quite have my flow or charm in Spanish.  Oh well it went good.

Also, apparently I have been sleep talking in Spanish.  So I guess all that studying and listening has sunk in somewhere.  Sadly my sleeping self probably speaks better than my awake self.  Maybe I’ll start sleeping in lessons.  Just kidding.  Well maybe. Haha.

Also for hopefully the last time, I’m going to update you on Griseldas baptism.  Due to some crazy events, it got moved to this upcoming Saturday.  And barring a hurricane or something else, it’s finally going to happen.  Which is awesome, since we’ve been working with her since I got here.  We have baptized 2 of her kids, got her married, and got her to quit smoking.  She is basically my mom out here.  She’s a great lady.
The king on his throne

Anyway I’m outta time for this week, but I hope y’all are doing well and should write me.

Take care


Elder Frost

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