Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 24

So this is probably the last week that I will be with Elder Anderson, and honestly that blows. I hate change. I still have shirts that I got from soccer tournaments 7 years ago. I don’t get rid of anything until it is beyond the point of broken. So dealing with all this change is not my favorite thing to do. Definitely my least favorite thing to do, especially when I highly doubt I will get a comp that I like more or get along better with than Anderson.

So we made sure we had fun this week along with the work. We did an awesome activity night with Blanca and her family where we made cookies with them and did this cool activity where we put 2 mil in a box and asked one of the kids to give us a mil and we’d give him whatever was in the box.  The catch was that he didn’t know what was inside the box.  So, he had to have faith in us telling him it was better.  It was way cool.  

As cool as that was, sadly we lost Sister Macfarlane from our area.  She was bitten 2x in a week by dogs and got special changed to Asuncion for rabies shots and better medical attention. We need all the cool Americans as possible.

Speaking of American things, well maybe it’s better to call it food things, Elder Anderson and I  did well in that regard this final week. We found a gelato place.  Yup, way worth the cost.  I love that stuff.  I may move to Italy later in life, so I can live on a beach and get fat on gelato and pizza and pasta. Ya, the more I think about it the better that sounds. Also we made tacos with actual hard shell tacos, taco seasoning and Cholula (hot sauce). Yum!  We finally ended the week with chicken alfredo where I seasoned the chicken and made some bomb parmesan garlic breadsticks.  I may not be Channing Tatum in The Vow, or Zac Efron in the Lucky One, or whatever that dude’s name is from A Walk to Remember, but I’m getting there and I guarantee I cook better than all of them.  So ladies, remember that. ;) hahaha

Anyway moving on, we played soccer for a ward activity night.  And, hopefully we should do Griselda’s baptism this week as well.  That’s really exciting as we’ve baptized two of her kids and have worked with her since I got here, seen her get married, and quit smoking.  Just to be able to see her get to this point is incredible.  And it’s only going to get better for her!  We still have some good work to do here though, and that’s exciting as well.

Oh yes, for my weekly health update -- I have overcome strep and then a cold and am now on antibiotics for my sinus infection.  Apparently, some of the residual effects of dengue is a very weak immune system and my hair may all fall out. Yay for South America.   Anyway, I am getting better.  Although I am ridiculously tiny at this point and, yes, I’m sure you’ve noticed in the pictures I’ve lost like 30 lbs already so I’m pretty skinny.   The good news is I can’t lose much more without dying.  The bad news is I’ve lost all the muscle tone, and it’s incredibly depressing.

Finally, my original group from 2 years ago goes home this week and that is even more depressing -  as that should have been me. Yay for poor life choices.  It’s weird that all my friends from freshman year in college are back or getting back.  But I’m glad I made it here even if it took a year and a half.

Love all you guys.  Take care and I’ll talk to you next week with news about changes and most likely my new companion.


Elder Frost

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