Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 28

So something I forgot to write in last week's blog was that I was terribly depressed and homesick.  I really didn’t have a desire or motivation to do anything or to be here. Ya, not all missionaries are these perfect robots, so sue me.

Anyway, I bring it up this week because I’d like to give a big shout out/thank you to Brontay Dickson who really helped me out of it by asking me a question in an email last week.  She asked me why I decided to go on a mission.  And I thought about the answer and responded.  That really helped this week. So thank you, Brontay.  You have a huge part in my mission story.   You asked the question or made the comment rather that helped me commit to coming on a mission and asked the question that got me out of my first real funk of the mission. I owe you some ice cream when I get back.

Anyway, back to the week.  Not much happened extraordinary, so just picture a normal week as a missionary -- taught people, dealt with their problems, found new people, and prayed people kept their commitments.  So I had a lot of time to think.  So mostly I’m going to share what was going through my head this week.  Ya, it’s a scary thought, especially when I have an open forum like this and don’t have to be filtered.  Ha ha, but you’ll see.

Oh, before I begin my thoughts for the week, I do have some missionary news.  Andrea came to church.  I believe I wrote about her a while ago.  She is an awesome girl, but at first we had to stop visiting her because her mom said no. We overcame that issue, only for her to never come to church.  So, eventually we stopped visiting her.  We were visiting her neighbors this week and she saw us and went out of her way to be noticed and waved.  And then – boom, she came on Sunday with the neighbors, who are a less active family in the branch. So we are visiting with her this week and hopefully can get that rolling again.

Ok thoughts time. So we are going to start off with how grateful I am for my companion. I like how much we get along and just have fun - while still remembering our purpose as missionaries. We had a lunch this week with some other missionaries, and it was the most awkward, painful thing I have ever been a part of.  They didn’t talk to each other at all.  And when one of them talked to us, the other either glared or laughed at the other.  Ya, it’s a terrible companionship. So I am very thankful for Elder Anderson, and it’s going to suck when he leaves.

Oh ya, one of the crazy things, for me at least, has been how in both South American countries I’ve been in the wild dogs just roll the streets all day, everyday.  And there’s a million of them! So for the most part they’ve just been wild dogs to me. But this last week, we saw several people who had puppies, which led to me remembering how much I love dogs and want one.  So one of my thoughts of the week is that I want a puppy.  I’m not sure what kind yet but I have some ideas.  If anybody has any suggestions, email me.

Also along the same lines, I have a thought about kids. Now if you ask anybody that knew me before the mission, I’m about as kid friendly as a knife.  I have never really been a kid person and don’t really enjoy being around kids.  Well, my thoughts about kids have already been changing and this last week kind of made me kid crazy.  Haha. Weird, right? 

Anyway, during the week we went to the birthday party of a less active girl. Long story short, we just were going to share a lesson and some brownies.  But she apparently thought we were her invited guests and her face just lit up when we came.  So we stayed for a while, left our brownies and did some other visits. This is the moment that started my kid craze as it made me think about my future -- family, kids and birthday parties. Remembering her face when we came was amazing. And I want that, so ya - kids.

Then literally right after that, we contacted a reference.  She came and sat with her almost 2-year-old son and me.  Basically, I just played the whole visit, and it was awesome!  So there ya go, who woulda thunk it... Anthony Frost is a kids guy. Oh well.

I’m going to end with some other mission news as we had to go and do the first baptism interviews since Anderson became district leader. Jenson and Sosa have a family they are working with and the 2 boys are both ready with the mom and sister close behind.  So we went and did them and they are an awesome family. It just shows what can happen when you work.

Just going to end with my last thought of this week. I’ve already noticed a lot of changes for the better about myself so that’s going to be a goal I have for my mission - to come out of it the best I can be.  So if you have any suggestions for things I should work on out here, email me. I’ve already got a list so I’ll just add it on.

I ain’t no angel.  I’ve still got a few more dances with the devil.  But, I’m cleaning up my act little by little.  I’m getting there.  I can finally stand the man in the mirror I see; I ain’t as good as I’m gonna get, but I’m better than I used to be.

Take care of yourselves.


Elder Frost


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