Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 29

So as much as last week’s blogs was about random thoughts that came to me during the week, this one is about food. Well, in part.

First off, I hope to silence all the people who are wondering about my health and my loss of weight/eating right. Yes, I have lost like 30 lbs since the MTC.  But I was a little chubby after that, and I have lost a lot and I mean A LOT of muscle. So that is where it all stands. I am still healthy and am eating well. I eat bacon and eggs almost every morning. And this week we found this awesome cheesy sauce at Maxxi (Maxxi is like Walmart – in fact Walmart owns Maxxi). So we made homemade mac and cheese.  We had it 3 times this week. We also got a pizza from some members and ate at a Brazilian BBQ place similar to Tucanos today. I actually feel like I’m gonna explode right now, but the grilled pineapple is worth it. And finally the members here feed us really well, and I love their food for the most part.  Now drinks, on the other hand, I do miss from the States.  And, ok yes, I miss States food too, but I try not to think about that.  


Now I will get on to the events of the week. This week we had a zone conference thing which was a highlight and lowlight of the week: a highlight because I loved the message our mission president gave.  I really like him as the leader of my mission. A lowlight because I came this close to knocking out one of the leaders in the mission because he is an arrogant, stuck up (insert swear word here).

Anyways, I managed to refrain myself from seriously injuring this kid and merely muttered stuff and looked generally pissed off for most of the meeting. Any of you who know me knows what look I’m talking about. Anyway, luckily the week salvaged itself from there.

I felt super rich, as I paid some kid to shine my shoes as I waited for the bus.  Ya, it only cost 50 cents, but he did a good job.  And realistically, I was never going to do it.
Kid shining shoes

So after that trip, we were told we were doing a division with the zone leaders and the visiting AP (Assistant to the President) on Saturday.  To my surprise, I was paired up with the AP and it was the best division I’ve been on. His name was Elder Hanks and he has lived a mission like I would like to.  He also managed to save mission leadership in my eyes.  After 6 months I finally found one I cannot only stand, but one who hasn’t forgotten his place or his job as a missionary.  He has the same thoughts as the average missionary, like me. He also would actually listen to my thoughts on stuff.  It was just a really good experience. Anyway, that went really well.

We found some really cool people with potential and did an awesome visit with Andrea, the girl from last week’s story.  She now has a baptism date for September 7th - the same day as is set for Diego. So that will be sweet.

We did have a minor hiccup this week as Griselda had some ridiculous drama. Ever since her baptism, her husband has been getting crazy drunk on Saturdays.  Well, I saw him this last Saturday, and to say he was drunk is an understatement.  I’ve been around a lot of drunk people in my life, but this dude topped them all.  It was amazing he hadn’t passed out. Anyway, he did some crazy stuff that night that I’m not going to get into, but Griselda basically said you need to change or get out. And we went and saw him on Sunday.  He seemed to truly understand and want to change, and so he has set up visits with us.  Hopefully that leads to a baptism as well.  Then next year I can go through the temple with them.  It would be legit.

Another thing from Sunday is Gustavo came to church.  He’s a recent convert that moved to Argentina and has lived there since January but just moved back.  This is only noteworthy because he speaks Argentina Spanish.  It does make me remember the MTC.  It’s pretty crazy how different it is, honestly.

The last bit of news is that I’m pretty strongly considering a career change for after the mission.  So if you want to know what I’m thinking or want to impart some advice, it would be much appreciated.

I love all you guys and miss you a lot.  But, I know I’m in the right place right now for me.  As much as I miss stuff and want to be living my life back in the States, I needed this.

Take care of yourselves.  I hope you miss me as much as I miss all of you. You’re always in my heart and prayers.


Elder Frost 


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