Friday, March 1, 2013

More Pictures from Argentina

Elder Jiatz Coj and myself

Elder Jiatz was by far my favorite Latino elder in this group. He is from Guatemala and is actually the cousin of Elder Hom one of my favorite Latinos from the last group.  He was very funny and also sat us down the night before he left and called us his brothers and said he loved us and much more.  It was one of the most touching things I've ever been apart of. he was just an amazing person.  I am thinking of making a trip to Guatemala sometime just to see him he was that awesome.  He also is considering going to BYU, so that would be sweet.  He is only 18, the first 18 year old elder I've met.

Elder Frost and Elder Bernales
Elder Bernales was a great guy as well.  I didn't talk to him much, except when we played soccer together. He was my defensive partner and we basically shut everyone down. It was airtight defense. He and I were a huge part of Los Gringos dominance in soccer from this group. He was a lot of fun to play with and would always make jokes.  He was just a cool guy.
Elder Frost and Elder Ochoa
Elder Ochoa is not Latino. Haha.   He is actually from Arizona and was in the North American district before us.  He always kept things light hearted and was always joking around.  He was a good guy to have around here, and just a very good person.  He actually cared about people and you could tell in the way he talked and the way he acted.
Elder Hansen, Elder Frost and Elder Hernandez
Elder Hansen is from Utah. If you couldnt tell from the fact that he is whiter and nerdier than me by far.  But, he had 5 or 6 years of Spanish under his belt, so he came in a Latino group.  He and elder Hernandez were our new roommates  in this group.  Elder Hernandez was from Chile and spoke no English, so we didnt talk much.  But, he seemed a to be a good guy. Elder Hansen had a sense of humor that kept night times all fun.  It was good.  He was also able to translate whenever we needed.
(L to R) Elders, Moffat, Diotaiuti, me, Sorensen Jiatz Coj and Moran at the temple in Buenos Aires

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  1. Is Elder Frost in the field now? If so what is the address to write him?