Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 7 Blog

So ya, I don’t know what all to say since the last week in Buenos Aires has kind or been a blur.  The last week of the MTC was rather pointless.  We didn’t do a whole lot studying wise or language wise.  But we did have a lot fun!  

 All I’m gonna say is that Elder Diotaiuti and I left our mark on the MTC.  Ha ha.  They will definitely not miss the two of us.

 Let me see what else.  The MTC seriously feels like a lifetime ago. It’s crazy. The last day was especially pointless as we sat in a room going over field orientation - only in Spanish.  I definitely slept for a good majority of that.   I said my goodbye to my American friends at like 3 in the morning.  When I left the MTC, I was the only white guy out of the 23 missionaries in my group.

 The airport was crazy as I couldn’t really speak to anyone.   But, I got to fly first class - which was awesome!  Way comfier seats, more leg room, headsets for music and yes I did use those -  it wasn’t bad.  Haha.  I had a nice breakfast, definitely enjoyed it.

My traveling buddy was Elder Alguilar (see picture post) from Peru, which was sweet.  He is way funny and we talked about music and stuff.  It was sweet!  We even got all of first class singing and dancing to some Flo Rida at one point it was hilarious.

 Then we got to Asuncion, and holy crap it is hot.   I sweated through my shirt -  just from walking through the airport, taking one picture and getting onto the bus. 

 Then, I did a bunch of orientation at the mission home.  I listened to the mission mom about health and stuff.  Then I ate some good food.  I watched a talk by Elder Holland and then called it a day.

 I stayed with some of the office elders which was way sweet.  They were chill.  (Note:  one of office elders was in the MTC in Provo with Anthony).   I slept on a mattress on the floor with 6 other elders.  It was nuts.  But, they had a nice house so something to look forward to if I ever get called to the office.

 I woke up the next day went and took pictures at the temple.  We had a testimony meeting.  Then it was back to the office to get assigned our trainers.

 They had all the trainers line up on side and the newbys on the other.  Then they would show one picture at a time on the projector.  And that’s how you found out who is your comp.  Mine is Elder Anderson from St. George.  He is legit. He is absolutely awesome and definitely the kind of missionary I wanna be, caring more about the people and teaching the gospel than solely about following the rules and numbers.   He also helps me a lot with my Spanish which is nice.

Although in my area, Pedro Juan Caballero, the people speak Spanish, Portugeuse and Guarani.  So, I’m pretty lost when they switch into jopara - or a mix of the languages.

Everybody in the office was jealous of my area though.  Apparently it’s the best in the mission. It’s right on the border with Brazil so it has a lot of Brazilian influences.  Also it is always overcast and kind of windy, so it never gets hot.  But, it was rained everyday I’ve been here.

When I was in the office, we had to wait around to get my fingerprints.  So, we missed our first bus, which meant that we had to wait til 10 pm for the next one.  So, we just hung out in the bus terminal for hours.  I got a hamburger.  Then about 8 hours later we arrive in Pedro Juan Caballero. Then, we went to our house and slept for a couple hours.  Then we got up and went and met some people.   

Oh ya, Elder Anderson when he was describing the mission, said we have a lot of progressing investigators.  And, maybe 15 baptisms and 3 weddings in the next 6 weeks.  We have to work out some marriage issues for some of the others. Sweet, right!

Oh… there is a serial killer that escaped prison in Brazil that has crossed the border into Paraguay.  He is running around somewhere carving crosses into peoples chests. Haha.  Crazy, right!

Anyway, I met a lady named Mercedes that was just baptized.  She’s awesome!  Then I met the Familia Aguello, which is all investigators and progressing. So, we could end up baptizing the whole family.

I met some more people the next couple days.  Mostly, I got used to Paraguay and the weirdness of seeing monkeys in the streets as well as being woken up by 100s of roosters in the morning.

I eat good here though, so that’s nice. I haven’t gotten sick yet, but I’m sure it will come.  I saw a kid with dengue, which looks as bad as it sounds.  So hopefully I don’t get that.  Apparently that is also a way to get sent home. I ate empanadas today, which was sweet!  Also I had Chipa and Mate Dulce this morning, which isn’t bad (Note:  Mate Dulce is VERY popular in Paraguay.  Mate is served with a metal straw from a hollow calabash gourd.  "Maté"  literally means "I killed" in Spanish). We eat a lot of chipa, I guess (Chipa is a cheese bun.  In Paraguay it is usually round with a hole in it – like a donut.  It is really popular around Easter).  I also eat lots of rice and meat things.


We also have some ghetto concrete weights that I can use so I won’t be super skinny when I get back. Since today is p-day, I played some soccer.

Sunday I had to give a testimony in Spanish and I did alright, but it was tough though.  My priesthood lesson was all in Guarani so I got none of that.

But overall, I love my area - minus the rain.  The people are amazing, and I’m happy to be here on a mission. 

I’m sure I’m forgetting something to write, but oh well.  If there was anything I remember I’ll put it in the next one.

I love you guys.

If I don’t write on a Monday, it means the rain knocked out the power.  So you’ll get one a different day and will know I didn’t die.   Remember to use the new mailing address.  You guys are awesome.


Elder Anthony Frost




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