Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 5

So this last week has been crazy for all sorts of reasons.

First of all, last p-day after returning from the temple we found out that Elder Moffat was transferred to a Latino district because his Spanish is better but he didn’t know that had happened.  Subsequently our trio was broken up as Elder Sorensen left to become Elder Running’s companion, leaving me and Elder Diotaiuti as companions. It has definitely been nice to only have 1 companion it is a lot easier to plan and teach and just work when you only have to cooperate with 1 other person.

Next, we got a huge group of new missionaries as we got a new Latino group and new North Americans. These Latinos are a lot better than the last group.  They are a lot more fun and more like the first group. Although, the second group was definitely the best soccer playing group. There are a bunch of Latinos from Peru and Colombia in this group.  There is also like 20 something Latinos going with me to Paraguay on Tuesday.

 Some of my favorite Latinos are Elders Fernandez and Elder Santa Maria. They are just really funny.  They are always giving me nicknames too.  So far I’ve been called Wolverine, Harvey Dent, Tom Cruise, Landon Donovan, and a bunch others. It’s just a good time. We also had Elder Durand rap the other day and it was highly entertaining and surprisingly good.

The new North Americans are cool but you can tell they are nervous about the mission.  But that’s expected, it’s a strange thing.

We had a testimony meeting for fast Sunday and for the first time in a very long time I got up and bore mine.  Basically I just talked about atonement and my story and God has a plan and that I don’t really believe in coincidences anymore and I told them that there are days that are going to suck in the CCM and in the mission but that the mission is the right thing to do and the right place to be.

On Saturday we did proselyting again (eventually I’ll spell that word right). Ha ha. Anyway, we went back to the same area and so we went and taught I guy for the second time.  We gave him our first Book of Mormon.  It was awesome.

One crazy story from Saturday though.  So, we were street contacting when we approached a guy and he offered us his beer.  Very funny.  Anyway, then his friend comes over and tries to trade the shirt he is wearing for my tie.  The shirt he is wearing is a blue cutoff Boca jersey that is full of holes.  Obviously, I say no.  He then tried trading it for my white shirt, again no.  We keep talking and he tells us he is evangelical and doesn’t want to talk religion because of our other bible and other doctrine.  But, we can go to his house if we want.  We say sure and so we go into his house.  He shows us pictures of his family and his bible and gives us coke to drink.  Then he says he just wants to be nice, hoping that if he was in the U.S. someone would do the same for him.  Anyway, we teach him about the Book of Mormon.  But, he is still not interested. 

Eventually he gets back to trying to trade his shirt.  We say no, but he says he has another one.  So we ask to see it.  He takes us to another house like the first one and pulls out a nice white Boca jersey.  He tries to sell it for 300 pesos.  We say no, but for 100 I would buy it.  He says no, 100 for the blue one, which I say no.  Anyway, then he takes the blue one off puts the white on.  Then he hands me the blue one and says give me 100 pesos.  We say no and are laughing and joking.  The next thing I know, he pulls the shirt over my head and pulls my arms through the sleeves.  Then takes his hat and puts it on my head.  Weird, right?  Remember, this is the shirt and hat that were just on him.   He tells me it looks good one me and that I need to buy it because he needs the money to buy milk and bread for his son.   Liar.   


Anyway, we finally get back to the street with some help from his wife.  But once there we decide to give him a Book of Mormon.  I also gave him 20 pesos for his kid.  20 pesos is like 4 bucks American.  Oh well.  Anyway, he says he might read it.  Then takes his hat and gives it to me as a "gift from his heart".  Ha ha.   It was insane.  Anyway, that was proselyting.

We are all excited to get out of the CCM and into our mission fields. I leave Tuesday, so the next post you will get will be from Paraguay. I don’t know when that will be yet.  But p-day is Monday in the field, so it will be on a Monday.  So, please write me there and not here from now on.

The mailing address is posted below and should be on Facebook and Twitter, so you can find it.  Lastly, I just wanna say, don’t you forget about me.  And if I could, I would do a huge "Pitch Perfect" musical number.  But I can’t, so just write me. Ha ha.

Anyway I love you guys and hope that you enjoy these messages.


Elder Frost


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